Sunday, June 1, 2014

GH June 2014 News, Rumors & Spoilers

According to General Hospital Happenings, here's what's on tap for June!

Some News

Ilene Kristen will be making another appearance as Ava's mother, Delia Ryan Coleridge. 

Juan Santiago makes a brief return this month.

Update: The daytime Emmy's will be live streamed this year vs. airing on TV. The show will air beginning at 8:00 PM EST/5:00 PM PST on Sunday, June 22, fans of programming airing between the hours of 2:00 AM and 6:00 PM can tune into for the telecast, which will be streamed live from the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Read here: 2014 Emmy's

Some Rumors

It looks like Patrick and Sabrina's baby will die. Patrick will want justice from the driver who caused the accident. An accusation leads to chaos. Their son's death will lead to Sabrina's exit for Teresa Castillo's' maternity leave.

Kiki takes an instant disliking to Morgan's new female friend.

Kailey Cassadine, the daughter of Katherine Bell and Stefan Cassadine is coming.

After all that has occurred, Bobbie doesn't want Lucas to have anything to do with Julian.

Nina makes a grand entrance (June 3rd).

TJ's angst over his mother wears on Shawn and Jordan, and they try to decide how to handle it. Can they risk telling him the truth?

Danger ahead for Molly.

A few incidents leads Scott to believe someone is out for him.

Wedding bells for one couple (Maybe Sonny and Ava); will another couple reconcile?

Expect Franco to become more Todd-like this summer.

Josslyn does not like Franco. 

What happens when Lucy learns what Kevin was really doing in Seattle all last year?

Don't expect Maxie to regain custody of Georgie any time soon, but she will be allowed visitation.

Levi has a secret; Nathan may end up being Maxie's hero. 

Chances are viewers will know who "Luke" is long before the characters do.

Is there a breakdown of sorts coming for Sonny?

Don't give up on Nikolas and Liz. 

Looks like Stavros will return, and when he does both Liz and Lulu will be involved. Liz may become his target.

With Nina's return, Sam decides its best if she take a step back.

Sam is there for Patrick in his time of grief.

Silas wonders what Sam would do if Jason returned, the way Nina has.

Will Julian take a bullet intended for Alexis?

Some Spoilers

Although Liz will initially support Ric in his legal troubles, when they worsen she realizes that once again she made a mistake and rejects him. In time, Liz may gain a stalker.

It seems Rafe never got over seeing his mother murdered.

Regarding Nina, Carlivati teases, "There's a real mystery here. All we know about Nina is what Silas and Madeline have told us. Is everything that we know about her true?" (SID)

Although Duke just cut his ties with the mob, Julian has other ideas and Duke ends up being pulled back in. Look for troubled waters ahead when Anna learns of it.

Carly and Franco look into finding a job for Franco.

Kiki may begin to feel left out as Michael gets more involved with ELQ.

Julian still wants a future with Alexis, but how can he do that with Luke still in charge?

Carlos may not be behind bars all that long.

Brad continues to pursue Lucas.

Spencer has still not given up on winning Emma over.

Nathan and Levi argue about Maxie and her daughter.

Lucy is not ready to jump back into Scott's arms.

Duke and Anna clash over the mob.

Rafe has an unsettling memory. 

Britt's feelings for Nikolas remain unchanged 
Britt plots to get Nikolas back.

Sam looks into Patrick and Sabrina's car accident.

Levi and Maxie don't see eye to eye.

Rafe is haunted by memories.

Someone is shot.

New Josslyn!
Happy June!

Are you excited for this month?


  1. what about Robin?

  2. I don't think Robin is returning anytime soon, unless it's a recast.

  3. Why in the world would they bring Starvos back?????? Totally ridiculous. Hasn't Nickolas had enough of a deranged father who shoots his only son???? Why not bring back Stefan? Can't stand Starvos and how many times are they going to keep bringing him back stalking Nikolas' sister or his girlfriend it's pathetic. Kill him off permanently and be done with it.

    Glad Spencer isn't giving up on Emma. Cameron belongs with Josslyn and Spencer belongs with Emma. Hope TPTB don't screw that one up too.

  4. None of those kids "belong" with anyone! They are kids not adults, or even teenagers. Let them be kids!!


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