Thursday, June 26, 2014


Best buds!
In today's show Sam and Patrick look for answers, Franco gets himself a job and Spencer brings Sonny and Carly closer.

Here's What Happened - 

Spencer waits for Uncle Sonny at day camp. Nearby Carly and Sonny run into each other in the park. She tells Sonny that she promised Franco that she'd stay away from him, because it makes Franco jealous. Spencer walks up to them and interrupts. Sonny surmises that Spencer's having more girl problems. Spencer doesn't understand what Emma sees in Cameron. Sonny advises him to move on while Carly looks on with amusement. Spencer says that if you really love someone you never give up on them. They tell Spencer about their many marriages/divorces and how they moved on okay. Sonny says there are other fish in the sea and then Josslyn runs up to them. Sonny introduces them, but Spencer says he knows what Sonny is trying to do. Josslyn invites Spencer to get a popsicle with her and he agrees to go. At the end, Carly promises Sonny that she is here for him if he needs her and they hug.

Levi and Nathan argue while shirtless at Maxie's place. Nathan accuses Levi again for tattling to the judge. Levi baits Nathan into nearly hitting him, but Maxie stops him. Nathan tries to convince Maxie that Levi is responsible when Anna knocks on the door. Anna asks to speak with Nathan alone so Levi and Maxie leave. They head to the park to do yoga and Maxie vents about loosing Georgie. Meanwhile Anna gives Nathan his badge and gun back. Nathan feels guilty for hurting Molly with their ruse. Anna tells him that eventually Ric will be reunited with his family.

Rafe is guilt ridden at Silas's place when he sees a newspaper article about baby Gabriel. He goes to snort from coke when Kiki walks in. Rafe quickly covers up his powder, but Kiki notices that he's upset. She thinks it's because he still hung up on Molly. Rafe admits that it still bothers him. It leads to a conversation about Steven Clay and the years he spent on the run. Kiki says that many people love him and she mentions Sam. Rafe says Sam won't forgive him when she finds out what he did. Kiki asks what it was so Rafe tells her about stealing money from her. Kiki advises him to come clean with Sam.

Sam and Patrick go back to the scene of the car accident hoping to find some answers. Patrick starts to describe the details of what happened to Sam and wonders if they were hit on purpose. Sam tells him to close his eyes and try to remember any other details. Patrick  does so and then says he remembers the car was black. Later Sam finds black paint on the guard rail. She surmises that the driver probably tried to get their car fixed. She takes a sample of the paint and is hopeful it will lead them to the person responsible.

Alexis waits for Molly at Sam's penthouse. Molly tells her that she doesn't want to see her unless she breaks up with Julian. Alexis tells her that she wants to discuss Ric. She gives Molly his last effects and Molly asks Alexis to stay and open it with her. Inside Molly finds his phone and wallet with a picture of her and Ric together. Seeing it makes her wish they had more time together. Alexis tells her how much Ric loved her and they cry together. Then Molly finds a letter written to her by Ric. She reads it and in it Ric says that her believing in him means, "everything" to him and he apologizes for the time they spent apart. Molly gets hysterical reading it. After Molly and Alexis say that they love each other and then Alexis leaves. At the end, Rafe comes by to talk to Sam and asks Molly to let him in.

Franco meets up with a Dr. Obrecht at GH. She's delighted to meet him and he offers her Heather's "egg salad" painting. Dr. O is very pleased so Franco asks for something in return. Then he asks her for a job. Dr. Obrecht is surprised that he's not pursuing his art career, but Franco says he's washed up. Franco says he thinks he'll loose the woman he loves without a job. It makes Dr. O think of Faison and she gets an idea. Later we see Franco and Obrecht shaking hands, but we don't learn what job she gave him. At the end, he goes looking for Carly in the park and sees her hugging Sonny.

End of show!

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