Sunday, June 22, 2014

Daytime Emmy's - Live Stream Info & Post Review

Team GH
The show beings airing tonight online at 6 EST. You can see it live at The Daytime Emmy Awards

You can also follow along on twitter using #daytimeemmys

Happy Sunday

So I broke down and watched. What a hot mess!

GH got snubbed hand over fist & won almost nothing. (Apparently they won for casting and makeup) Despite being the biggest name in daytime drama, you'd barely know GH exists by watching the Emmy's! Sam, Patrick and Nina announced a few awards. Kelly Monaco sported MAJOR cleavage and threatened to flash. Was she drunk? lol Apparently Nancy Lee Grahn wondered as well. See her tweet below!

Donna Mills announced the award for best drama and thanked GH for her recent role, even though GH wasn't even nominated.

Y&R dominated and won best drama. It seemed forced and political to me. (Despite the Jeanie Cooper tribute)

I can't say I'm surprised; I was just hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

As for Kathy Griffin as the host...a few laughs, but overall tasteless and awkward.

The best past was there was no commercials. Plus watching the actors let their hair down was a hoot!

Enjoy some twitter pics below!

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  1. I watched the first hour and then gave up when it was clear that GH wasn't winning anything. It's sad to see the daytime emmy's plummet into a farce, when there used to be a time when it was a respected show and genre.


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