Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bring the Britch Back!

Ladies behave!
In today's episode Liz gets an earful, Molly stands by her father plus Brad thinks Britt needs to channel the Britch!

Here's What Happened - 

Britt listens to Brad's troubles with Lucas at the hospital when she sees Nikolas hug Liz by the nurse's station. When Nik goes to leave, Britt tries to talk to him but he blows her off. After Britt blames Liz. Brad asks what she's going to do about it. Britt decides to confront Liz and accuses her of going after Nik. Liz says that Nikolas will never forgive Britt so she should give it up. Diane interrupts them and wants to know why Liz didn't show for their appointment about Ric. Liz says she thinks Ric has too much evidence against him and it's not worth pursing a defensive for him. Diane tells her that she's going to charge her for the missed appointment. Diane also says that she thinks the evidence is circumstantial in Ric's case. Then she scolds Liz for not standing by Ric because of what happened to AJ. 

Molly and Alexis chat about Ric at Kelly's. Alexis tells Molly about the charges that Ric is facing, but Molly is convinced that he's innocent. Molly thinks Alexis should question everything and tells her not to trust Julian. Then Molly storms out and runs into TJ outside. TJ says he hopes things work out better for Molly and Ric and for him and Jordan. Later Nikolas comes to Kelly's and talks to Alexis. They also chat about Ric. Alexis notes that Ric's trouble clears a path for Nik to get to Elizabeth. Nikolas agrees that the timing is good. Then Alexis asks about his feelings for Britt.

Ric waits impatiently in his jail cell while thinking of Elizabeth. Then Sonny comes to visit him and says he wonders if he should have killed Ric when he had the chance. Sonny can't believe that Ric trusted Julian, but Ric insists that he's being set up. Sonny refuses to believe him and walks out. After Molly comes to see him. Ric is surprised when Molly says she believes that he's innocent and says she won't let him go through this alone. Ric tells her that it means the world to him and thanks her. 

Anna gets a visit from Duke in her office. He's back from visiting Sean and Tiffany and demands to know why Anna released Julian. Anna says that they had to let him go in order to get Ric Lansing. They end up getting into an argument and Duke says that Anna didn't honor her end of their arrangement. Duke says he should go back to work for Sonny now. Anna pleads with him not to, but Duke ignores her and walks out. Then he runs into Sonny on his way out of the PCPD and they talk about Ric. 

At the park, Julian tells Jordan that Ric Lansing isn't his boss. Jordan is confused so Julian explains that it was a ruse devised by his real boss. Julian also shares the strain he was under to comply in order to save his family. Jordan wonders how they can get started with the business again and wants the name of his real boss. Julian refuses to tell her and says the less she knows the better. Then he warns her the dangers of going against the big boss. Jordan tells him that she's in. Once Julian leaves, she immediately calls Anna. Anna comes to see her and Jordan tells her that Ric is being framed. 

At the end, Liz decides to go with Diane to see Ric. Sonny expresses doubts to Duke about whether Ric is guilty or not. TJ tries to call Jordan, but she decides to ignore his call. Nikolas tells Alexis that he doesn't have feelings for Britt anymore. At GH, Brad advises Britt to fight dirty for Nikolas. He says it's time to bring the Britch back!

End of show!

The best part of today's show was Molly and Ric!

Have a great night!

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