Monday, June 30, 2014

Kangaroo Ken

Miss me?
Today's Recap -

Carly and Sonny wonder if Franco will talk about AJ's murder at the park. Meanwhile over at ELQ, Franco drops by Michael's office. He tells Michael he wants to talk about his father. Before Franco says anything, Carly shows up. She shoots Franco a deadly look, but then Michael gets called away to the Brownstone by Morgan. He leaves and once alone Carly lays into Franco. Carly is furious that Franco was willing to hurt Michael and ruin her relationship with Michael to get back at Sonny. She threatens to dump Franco if he doesn't accept Sonny in her life. At the end, Franco promises to behave so Carly won't leave him.

Ava thinks about her dilemma with Sonny at his house when someone rings the doorbell. It's Delia and when Sonny comes home he finds her and Ava chatting in his living room. Delia introduces herself to Sonny and says she only serves his coffee at Ryan's Bar. Then she says that he, "knocked her daughter up!" Delia continues to talk a mile a minute and then informs Sonny that she's moving in. Sonny plays it cool and tells Ava he knows she's trying to get under his skin. Sonny says Delia can stay, because he thinks she'll get under Ava's skin more then his. At the end, Sonny leaves Ava alone with Delia and frustrated to the extreme. Delia asks her what's really on so Ava tells her that Sonny wants to kill her.

Kiki and Morgan are interrupted during their renovations at the Brownstone by Levi and Maxie. Levi says the renovations will create gentrification. Morgan tells them to leave, but Levi sits down and says their not going anywhere. Later Michael shows up and finds Levi and Maxie protesting. Levi explains his theory on gentrification to Michael, but Michael defends his position. He tells them if they don't leave he's calling the police. Maxie feels torn and Morgan refers to Levi as Kangaroo Ken. At the end, Levi and Maxie refuse to move so Michael calls the cops.

Silas takes Nina to her appointment at GH. They meet up with Rosalee and Nina's new physical therapist. Rosalee snarks at Silas so Nina tells Silas to take off. Nina and Rosalee go into an exam room with the therapist and Nina slaps him when he tries to examine her. Then Nina stands up and shows him she can walk. Nina explains that she's putting on a show for Silas and offers him money to join her ruse. At the end, the therapist agrees to go along with her plans to pay off his student loans.

Rafe tries to pick up more cocaine at the park, but he's out of money. After he heads to GH to see Silas and asks him for $400. Silas wonders why he needs so much and asks what's going on. Rafe says he needs it for a camping trip with friends from school. Silas believes him and then tells Rafe that he wants to be a better uncle. Meanwhile, Sam finds out that it was Silas's car in the mechanic's records. She can't believe it, but Patrick is furious. Patrick says he's going to get answers. At the end, Sam and Patrick find Silas at the hospital and Patrick confronts him about the accident.

End of show!

Levi needs to get rid of his yoga pants...ugh!

Have  a great night!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Watch Your Back!

Who's the driver?
In this episode Tracy puts her plan to reclaim ELQ into action, Levi wants to stop the Brownstone renovations plus Franco throws a jealous fit!

Today's Show -

Levi and Maxie talk at the park about ways to get her mind off losing Georgie. Levi suggests that they work on ridding PC of ELQ. Maxie tries to explain to Levi that the Quartermaine's are good people and he's barking up the wrong tree. Levi shows her an article about Michael trying to renovate the waterfront district and says this will drive out the poor people. Levi thinks they should stop the project.

Michael and Morgan take a look at the dilapidated Brownstone and discuss the renovations. Michael talks about his plans to reinvent the neighborhood and they discuss their troubles from the last year. After Michael leaves Morgan to start work. Later Kiki stops by looking for Michael and finds Morgan working shirtless. Her and Morgan chat about their renewed friendship and Kiki thanks him for helping her with, "Luke the perv!" Then she brings up Rafe and her concerns about him. At the end, Kiki and Morgan work on Brownstone, but are interrupted by Levi and Maxie who say they want to stop the project.

Franco finds Carly hugging Sonny at the park and gets upset. He starts yelling at Sonny to get away from Carly and questions what's going on between them. Sonny gets pissed and lays into Franco saying he's the same freak he's always been. Franco reminds Sonny that he knows he killed AJ and warns Sonny not to mess with him. Sonny isn't pleased and threatens to have Franco executed. Carly gets upset with both of them and Franco walks away telling Sonny to watch his back. At the end, Carly assures Sonny that Franco won't talk to the cops about AJ's murder.

At the scene of Patrick's car accident, Sam takes a sample of the paint from the guard rail. Sam thinks the driver probably lives locally so they start looking for body shops. They end up speaking with a nearby body shop mechanic who tells them he recalls a black sports car with a scrape along the side. They ask for him to look in his records for a name, but the mechanic refuses for privacy reasons. Sam explains that she's a PI and needs the information for a case she's investigating. The mechanic still refuses so Patrick pleads with him. At the end, the mechanic let's Sam take a look at his records and she's not pleased at what she finds.

Rafe goes to Sam's penthouse and talks to Molly. He says he needs to talk to Sam immediately, but Molly tells him that Sam is off investigating the accident that killed baby Gabriel. After Rafe apologizes to Molly for being jealous about her relationship with TJ. Molly tells him that she forgives him. At the end, Rafe brings flowers to the scene of Gabriel's accident.

Tracy sneaks into Michael's office at ELQ and calls Fluke to tell him how she's going to take Michael down. She tries to figure out his password to gain access to Michael's laptop. She notices his plans to renovate the Brownstone, but then Michael walks in. Tracy pretends to be arguing with Luke and after she hangs up, Michael asks why she's behind his desk. Tracy claims that she was looking for a pen to sign her divorce papers. Michael accepts her explanation and welcomes Tracy back to ELQ. After Tracy says she'd be interested in the waterfront project so Michael gives her a crack at it. At the end, Michael sits alone in his office and Franco shows up to speak with him,

End of show!

Did Morgan comb his chest hair?

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Thursday, June 26, 2014


Best buds!
In today's show Sam and Patrick look for answers, Franco gets himself a job and Spencer brings Sonny and Carly closer.

Here's What Happened - 

Spencer waits for Uncle Sonny at day camp. Nearby Carly and Sonny run into each other in the park. She tells Sonny that she promised Franco that she'd stay away from him, because it makes Franco jealous. Spencer walks up to them and interrupts. Sonny surmises that Spencer's having more girl problems. Spencer doesn't understand what Emma sees in Cameron. Sonny advises him to move on while Carly looks on with amusement. Spencer says that if you really love someone you never give up on them. They tell Spencer about their many marriages/divorces and how they moved on okay. Sonny says there are other fish in the sea and then Josslyn runs up to them. Sonny introduces them, but Spencer says he knows what Sonny is trying to do. Josslyn invites Spencer to get a popsicle with her and he agrees to go. At the end, Carly promises Sonny that she is here for him if he needs her and they hug.

Levi and Nathan argue while shirtless at Maxie's place. Nathan accuses Levi again for tattling to the judge. Levi baits Nathan into nearly hitting him, but Maxie stops him. Nathan tries to convince Maxie that Levi is responsible when Anna knocks on the door. Anna asks to speak with Nathan alone so Levi and Maxie leave. They head to the park to do yoga and Maxie vents about loosing Georgie. Meanwhile Anna gives Nathan his badge and gun back. Nathan feels guilty for hurting Molly with their ruse. Anna tells him that eventually Ric will be reunited with his family.

Rafe is guilt ridden at Silas's place when he sees a newspaper article about baby Gabriel. He goes to snort from coke when Kiki walks in. Rafe quickly covers up his powder, but Kiki notices that he's upset. She thinks it's because he still hung up on Molly. Rafe admits that it still bothers him. It leads to a conversation about Steven Clay and the years he spent on the run. Kiki says that many people love him and she mentions Sam. Rafe says Sam won't forgive him when she finds out what he did. Kiki asks what it was so Rafe tells her about stealing money from her. Kiki advises him to come clean with Sam.

Sam and Patrick go back to the scene of the car accident hoping to find some answers. Patrick starts to describe the details of what happened to Sam and wonders if they were hit on purpose. Sam tells him to close his eyes and try to remember any other details. Patrick  does so and then says he remembers the car was black. Later Sam finds black paint on the guard rail. She surmises that the driver probably tried to get their car fixed. She takes a sample of the paint and is hopeful it will lead them to the person responsible.

Alexis waits for Molly at Sam's penthouse. Molly tells her that she doesn't want to see her unless she breaks up with Julian. Alexis tells her that she wants to discuss Ric. She gives Molly his last effects and Molly asks Alexis to stay and open it with her. Inside Molly finds his phone and wallet with a picture of her and Ric together. Seeing it makes her wish they had more time together. Alexis tells her how much Ric loved her and they cry together. Then Molly finds a letter written to her by Ric. She reads it and in it Ric says that her believing in him means, "everything" to him and he apologizes for the time they spent apart. Molly gets hysterical reading it. After Molly and Alexis say that they love each other and then Alexis leaves. At the end, Rafe comes by to talk to Sam and asks Molly to let him in.

Franco meets up with a Dr. Obrecht at GH. She's delighted to meet him and he offers her Heather's "egg salad" painting. Dr. O is very pleased so Franco asks for something in return. Then he asks her for a job. Dr. Obrecht is surprised that he's not pursuing his art career, but Franco says he's washed up. Franco says he thinks he'll loose the woman he loves without a job. It makes Dr. O think of Faison and she gets an idea. Later we see Franco and Obrecht shaking hands, but we don't learn what job she gave him. At the end, he goes looking for Carly in the park and sees her hugging Sonny.

End of show!

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Operation Nikolas

Studying Cassadine Abs!
No official recap today, sorry I'm exhausted! Here's a blurb from the ABC GH Blog:

Dr. Obrecht, being the great mother that she is, presents Britt with a plan to win back Nikolas. Britt is desperate and will try anything...even if that means listening to her crazy mother. 

Enjoy's today's show below!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

No Martinis!

Today's Recap - 

Franco expresses his displeasure to Carly about her spending time with Sonny at her place. Carly tries to explain her reasons for helping Sonny, but Franco suspects that Carly is jealous of Ava. Carly accuses Franco of being the jealous one. Franco ends up walking out. Meanwhile Ava tries to take a drink at Sonny's place. He promptly stops her and says there's no drinking in his house when your pregnant. Ava calls his bluff and makes herself a martini. Sonny gets angry and knocks it out of her hand. They get into an argument and after Sonny calls Carly. At the end, Ava makes a mysterious phone call and asks someone unknown to come to Port Charles.

Silas comes running to Nina's aid when she calls him while he's at the park with Sam. Sam tries to be gracious, but is clearly disappointed when he leaves. After Patrick finds Sam alone with her cleavage busting loose and they decide to have some wine and chat. Sam tells Patrick that she thinks Nina ruined her date with Silas on purpose. Patrick advises her to trust her instincts. Later Sam promises Patrick that she'll find the person responsible for the car accident. He feels guilty for not telling her about Jason. At the end, Patrick takes Sam home.

Over at Silas's apartment, Nina goes over her revenge list and plots with Rosalee. She tells Rosalee that she'll make her rich when this is all over. Later Nina is alone and plants herself on the floor just as Silas is walking in. He helps Nina back into her wheelchair and notices his glass plaque is broken. Nina claims it broke on accident. Meanwhile, Rosalee hits the bar and flirts with Nathan for a minute. Then she returns to Silas's place and promptly blames Silas for Nina's fake fall. At the end, Nina and Rosalee talk alone in her bedroom and Nina says that Sam and Silas will soon be over for good.

Nathan talks to Mac at The Floating Rib about what happened at Maxie's hearing. Nathan tells Mac about the lie he told to the judge and says he feels responsible. After Mac and Nathan chat about Levi and Nathan tells Mac about his suspicions. Hearing it makes Mac irate, but Nathan promises to keep an eye on Maxie. At the end, Franco shows up and asks Mac for advice on Sonny. Mac tells him that women can't resist Sonny.

Maxie comes home looking for Nathan, but finds Levi instead. They get to talking and she wonders how the judge knew Nathan was lying. Mac calls her to express his support and Maxie tells him to tell Nathan it's not his fault. Later Levi decides to tell Maxie about Nathan's suspicions about him. Maxie doesn't believe it, but then we get a flashback of Levi calling the judge. At the end, Nathan comes home and Maxie takes his head off for falsely accusing Levi. 

End of Show!

 Is Nina growing on you?

Have a great night!

P.S. In case you missed yesterday's show you can catch up here --- > GH 06/23/14

Monday, June 23, 2014

Wedding Ring

Take it off!
No official recap today. Here's a blurb from the ABC GH Blog:

Silas takes Sam for a romantic dinner in the park but is annoyed by her wedding ring. Sam realizes that she needs to move forward and that it is time to let Jason go. She removes her ring and kisses Silas. Then crazy Nina calls.

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P.S. Supposedly KM is returning to GH. Read here --- > Robin's Back!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Daytime Emmy's - Live Stream Info & Post Review

Team GH
The show beings airing tonight online at 6 EST. You can see it live at The Daytime Emmy Awards

You can also follow along on twitter using #daytimeemmys

Happy Sunday

So I broke down and watched. What a hot mess!

GH got snubbed hand over fist & won almost nothing. (Apparently they won for casting and makeup) Despite being the biggest name in daytime drama, you'd barely know GH exists by watching the Emmy's! Sam, Patrick and Nina announced a few awards. Kelly Monaco sported MAJOR cleavage and threatened to flash. Was she drunk? lol Apparently Nancy Lee Grahn wondered as well. See her tweet below!

Donna Mills announced the award for best drama and thanked GH for her recent role, even though GH wasn't even nominated.

Y&R dominated and won best drama. It seemed forced and political to me. (Despite the Jeanie Cooper tribute)

I can't say I'm surprised; I was just hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

As for Kathy Griffin as the host...a few laughs, but overall tasteless and awkward.

The best past was there was no commercials. Plus watching the actors let their hair down was a hoot!

Enjoy some twitter pics below!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Nikki Diamond

In this episode Anna gives Alexis unsolicited advice, Maxie gets bad news from the judge and Nina flips the f**k out!

Today's Recap - 

Jordan tells Julian at the art gallery that she needs to speak with the big boss. Julian says no way she needs to go through him. Jordan threatens that if he doesn't tell her she'll quit. Julian responds by saying that the boss will kill her if she knows. Jordan says she'll risk it. He's about to tell her when a guy named, Nikki Diamond walks in. Nikki tells Julian the boss sent him and asks to speak with Julian alone. Once in private, Julian surmises that the art gallery is bugged. Nikki warns him to keep his mouth shut about the boss. Then Nikki tells Julian he's being sent out of town and needs to go say goodbye to Alexis. At the end, Nikki warns Jordan when they're alone to never betray the boss or else.

Anna tells Alexis at her house that dating Julian is a mistake. Alexis questions why she thinks that, but then TJ stops by. Alexis tells him that Molly moved out. Hearing that information makes Anna question why Alexis isn't breaking it off with Julian. Alexis responds by saying it's none of Anna's business and compares Julian to Duke. Anna doesn't agree with the comparison and then decides to leave. However, she tells Alexis not to chose Julian over her daughter before walking out. At the end, Julian stops by and tells her he has to leave town for a few days. Alexis gets suspicious of him.

Sam explains her complicated relationship with Silas to Molly at her penthouse. Then Sam confides in Molly that she has doubts about Nina's sincerity. Later TJ stops by with flowers for Molly. Sam goes to get ready for her date and Molly vents to TJ about Julian's lies. Molly feels Alexis chose Julian over her and TJ feels that Jordan also chose Julian over him. At the end, Sam walks down looking hot for her date and Molly tells her Silas won't know what hit him.

Maxie tries to convince the judge to give her another chance to see Georgie at her hearing. The judge says he needs time to ponder his decision and calls for a recess. After Nathan asks why Maxie didn't let him lie for her. Maxie says she couldn't let him risk his job or jail for her. Later the judge returns and denies Maxie visitation for another 6 months. After Levi promises Maxie they'll get through this and tells her to breath. It annoys her and she walks out of the courtroom in tears. Nathan stops Levi from going after Maxie and accuses him of being responsible for what happened.

Dante comes home to find a messy apartment, Rocco asleep and Lulu passed out from exhaustion. After she wakes, they talk about Maxie and Nathan. Lulu wonders if Nathan has a crush on Maxie. Later they talk about having another baby and agree they're ready for it. At the end, Dante gets called back to work and Lulu tells baby Rocco he'll be a big brother soon. Then Maxie knocks on the door and breaks down crying on Lulu's shoulder.

Nina questions why Sam is still wearing her wedding ring to Silas at his place. Silas gets quiet, but then says Sam will take off her ring when she's ready. Then they talk more about the past again. Later Silas goes to get ready for his date with Sam. After he leaves, Nina looks crazy and stares at the door. Then she stands up from her wheelchair and starts freaking out. Nina cradles an engraved medical plaque she'd given him years ago. Then she flashes back to trashing his apartment weeks ago, revealing it wasn't Madeline afterall.

End of show!

Enjoy Monday's Preview Below!

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P.S. Click here for next week's spoilers - June 23rd Spoilers

Thursday, June 19, 2014


ELQ is mine!
In today's show Molly decides to move out, Maxie pleads with the judge and Tracy makes a play for ELQ!

Thursday's Recap - 

Tracy visits Michael and Kiki at ELQ and says she found out the truth about her husband. She explains that she found Luke getting a sexy massage on their honeymoon and after he took off to Amsterdam. Tracy asks for their forgiveness and thanks Michael for saving ELQ. Then Tracy asks to come back to work. Michael thinks her humility seems to good to be true. Tracy says she can prove her loyalty by annulling her marriage. Michael says okay and agrees to give her a chance once she's divorced. Later Tracy talks to Luke on the phone and says their plan worked like a charm.

Anna and Jordan discuss Ric's "death" at the art gallery. Anna explains how she faked it and put him into witness protection. Then they discuss the drug business. TJ stops by so Anna takes off. Once alone, TJ asks Jordan to quit working for the Jerome's. Jordan says she can't and needs the job. TJ responds by saying they can't have a relationship until her employment changes.

At the Davis house, Molly tells Alexis that she's moving out. She says it's because Ric is dead and Alexis is dating the man responsible. She storms out and sees Julian on the phone on their porch. Molly says, "Who's on the phone? Your real boss?" After Julian wonders if maybe Alexis should dump him. Alexis tells him that he's not going anywhere and it will all work out. Later Anna stops by to talk to Alexis. Julian decides to leave and once alone, Anna gives Alexis Ric's last effects for Molly. At the end, Anna tells Alexis she thinks her relationship with Julian is a mistake.

Nina tells Silas and Sam that she'll be fine while they go out to dinner. However when Sam leaves to get ready, Nina tells Silas it's hard for her to accept his relationship with Sam. Nina says Sam is amazing, beautiful and also mentions that Sam talked about Jason. Nina asks when Jason passed away and then asks if it bothers Silas that Sam still wears her wedding ring.

Meanwhile at Sam's place Molly arrives and says she's moving in. Sam isn't sure it's a good idea, but Molly says if she doesn't let her stay Alexis will involve Sonny, he'll involve Carly and it will turn into a huge, "SonnyCarlyMommageddon!" Later Molly asks about her relationship with Silas. Sam says it's going okay, but getting complicated.

Over at the courthouse, Nathan takes the stand at Maxie's hearing. The judge asks him under oath if he lied for Maxie or really did lose her previous court notice. Levi intervenes and says that he's seen Maxie grow as a person. Levi tells the judge Maxie deserves to see her daughter. The judge listens but still wants to hear from Nathan. Before Nathan can answer, Maxie jumps up and says she lied, not Nathan. The judge asks Maxie why so she explains that she was terrified of the his decision either way. Then she gets teary eyed, makes a monologue about the unknowns of parenting and asks the judge for a chance to be a part of Georgie's life.

End of show!

I love those Davis girls!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I'm Levi Dunkleman

Just because!
In this episode Sonny has trouble keeping his own secrets, Nina, Silas and Sam continue their dance and Nathan gets called under oath!

Today's Recap - 

Carly is disappointed to hear that Morgan is moving out of her place. Then Morgan mentions Sonny and Ava living together. Carly is surprised, but assures Morgan that Sonny didn't move her in because he's involved with her. Morgan asks how she knows that, but Carly won't say. Morgan gets annoyed and leaves to pack. After Carly decides to go see Sonny and leaves Franco alone. Later Morgan returns and talks with Franco. Franco asks if Morgan will consider staying for Carly's sake. Morgan refuses and reminds Franco that Carly will always run after Sonny.

At the courthouse, Maxie paces about her court hearing in the lobby and runs into Nathan. He tells her the judge requested his presence. Maxie gets nervous about why and tells Nathan that Levi is on his way. She asks again about why he and Levi fought, but before he can answer Levi arrives and gives Nathan attitude. Then Diane shows up. Levi introduces himself as Levi Dunkleman, which makes Nathan chuckle. Later the hearing begins and the judge says he has reason to believe Nathan lied about losing Maxie's previous court notice. Nathan assures the judge it's the truth so the judge asks him to make a statement under oath. Levi looks on as Nathan tells the judge he'll do it. Maxie doesn't want Nathan to risk purging himself for her sake, but Diane thinks it's their best option. At the end, Nathan takes the stand.

Sonny gets a visit from Dante at his house. Dante wants to know why Sonny hurt Olivia, but Sonny isn't in the mood to answer questions. Dante demands they discuss why Ava is living with him. Sonny tries to evade him, but Dante pushes and they argue. Sonny finally cracks and says Ava is staying with him because of Connie. Sonny is about to break down and tell Dante the truth when Carly walks in. She defuses the situation by reminding Dante how self destructive Sonny is when he's guilty or angry. Dante doesn't wanna hear anymore and decides to leave. After Carly and Sonny talk about the situation. Sonny feels like he's losing everyone he cares about, but Carly reminds him that she's still on his side. At the end, they agree to work together to dissolve Ava and protect their family.

Olivia and Lulu play with baby Rocco at the park and talk about life, the past and baby stuff. Lulu tells Olivia she's trying to reestablish her friendship with Maxie. Then they discuss what happened between Sonny and Ava. Olivia says she's trying to move forward. After Lulu starts discussing her upcoming doctor's appointment. Lulu mentions the procedure that could correct her problems. Olivia tells her that life is risky so you shouldn't give up without a fight. Later Dante meets up with them and Lulu tells him that she's decided to have the procedure. 

Nina tells Silas that Sam has a problem with her staying at his apartment. Nina also says she understands why Sam feels insecure. Sam is taken aback and assures Silas that she doesn't feel insecure. Nina decides to give them time to work it out and wheels out of the room. Once alone, Silas is annoyed at Sam for making Nina feel unwelcome. Sam feels shut out and that her intentions were misunderstood. Silas tells Sam this situation isn't her concern, but she passionately disagrees. Later they speak calmly and agree to work through it. Nina wheels back in to get her medication and again promises them that she's not here to cause trouble. After hearing that, Silas tells Nina that he's taking Sam out for the evening.

At ELQ, Kiki and Michael try to decipher what's going on between Sonny and Ava. Michael is grateful for the support Sonny gave him after AJ's murder and wants to give Sonny the benefit of the doubt. Then he mentions Franco moving in with Carly and says Jax should know Franco is living with Josslyn. Kiki advises Michael not to put himself in the middle of Carly and Jax. She also tells him that she thinks Franco is reformed. Later Michael shows Kiki his plans to tear down the old Brownstone and put up a high rise apartment building. He says Morgan can live there and Kiki says she wants to live there too. At the end Tracy walks in as Kiki and Michael are kissing.

End of show!

Could a Carly and Sonny reunion be in the works?

Have a great night!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Over My Dead Body

Meet the new Josslyn! Read her wiki here --> Hannah Nordberg
Here's What Happened -

Ava gets a visit from Kiki at Sonny's house. Kiki tells her that she broke Morgan's heart and asks about the pregnancy. Ava says she is reevaluating her choices, but getting knocked up was a mistake. Ava tells Kiki that she's been in danger from Julian so Sonny is offering her protection. Kiki thinks there must be another place Ava can stay, but Ava says there isn't. Kiki pushes to know what's really going on, but Ava won't say so Kiki storms out.

Morgan goes to chat with Michael at ELQ. They chat about Carly letting Franco move into her house. Morgan is still having trouble digesting their relationship, but Michael tells him that they have to accept it. Then Morgan tells Michael about Ava moving into Sonny's and her being pregnant. Michael is surprised and feels bad for Morgan. Michael offers to help Morgan find a job so he can get money for his own place. At the end, Kiki comes to see Michael and they discuss Ava and Sonny living together.

Franco moves into Carly's place with a ton of bizarre stuff. Carly gets exasperated by all of his belongings so Franco wonders if she's having second thoughts about living together. Carly assures him that she's still on board, but Josslyn isn't so pleased. She says Franco can stay, "Over my dead body!" Franco asks Josslyn why she's mad at him. She tells them that she heard Jax referring to Franco as a "psycho" and kicks Franco in the shin. Carly scolds her and makes her apologize. Josslyn says she sorry Franco's a psycho, steps on his foot and storms out. At the end, Morgan comes home and tells Carly he's moving out. 

At the park, Sonny and Julian discuss Ric. Sonny wants Julian to explain his relationship with Ric since Ric claimed he was set up. Julian says it's over and he's out of the business. Sonny reminds Julian that he's only living because Danny needs him. Julian says he's not Sonny's true enemy so Sonny demands to know who is. Julian answers that it's Ava. Sonny warns him to stay away from Ava. Julian wonders why Sonny is protecting her, but Sonny won't say.

Silas tells Nathan at GH that his marriage to Nina is over. Nathan worries about how this will effect Nina's living situation. Silas tells him that Nina is staying with him for the time being. Nathan asks how Sam is dealing with the situation. Silas says Sam is adjusting and he has no plans to hurt Nina. Nathan decides that good enough for now.

Sam goes to visit Nina at Silas's apartment. They apologize to each other for the mutual awkwardness regarding Silas. Nina explains that she was very naive about Silas when she first woke up, but promises not to interfere with Sam's relationship with him. Sam is worried about Nina living with Silas. Nina explains that with the level of care she needs, Silas can afford to help her. Sam tries to be diplomatic and compares the situation to how she'd feel if Jason returned. At the end, Silas comes home to find Sam and Nina together. Nina tells him that Sam has a problem with her living with him.

End of show!

P.S. In case you missed yesterday's show you can catch up here ---> GH 06/16/2014

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Monday, June 16, 2014


Don't forget me!
No official recap today. Here's a blurb from the ABC GH Blog:

This was a very sad day on General Hospital. Patrick and Sabrina gather with their friends and family to say goodbye to Gabriel. Sabrina's cousin Juan invites her to come recover in Puerto Rico. Sabrina takes him up on the offer. Then Patrick and Sabrina say goodbye... for now. Patrick reminds her that he and Emma are her family and will be waiting.

Enjoy today's episode below!

Have a great night!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Willy Nilly

Where's daddy?
In today's show Nathan and Maxie get a drink together, Liz loses her job and Molly insists on seeing her father!

Here's What Happened - 

At Sonny's place, he and Duke drink scotch and talk about Julian. Sonny asks if Duke wants back in his organization. Duke replies that he'd like to, but Anna wouldn't like it so he can't. Sonny says he was never able to choose a woman over his business and he's paid for that choice. Then he tells Duke that Ava really killed Connie and AJ was innocent. Sonny also catches Duke up with Ava being pregnant and her moving in with him. Sonny says he hates Ava and he doesn't want Morgan to know how evil she is, especially if she's pregnant with his baby.

Over at Jake's, Britt and Brad eat ribs and drink beer to forget their relationship problems. Then Nik walks in. Brad tells her to go talk to him and to channel the britch. Britt says no, but then to her surprise Nikolas asks to speak with her. Nik says that he's sorry for Gabriel's death and tells Britt that she's a great doctor. Britt wonders if there is a chance for them to start anew, but then a news report comes on the TV announcing Ric's death. Nik says he needs to find Liz and runs off.

Felix worries about Sabrina on his shift at GH. Lucas sees him while taking a break from his hospital room and sits down to talk. Felix fills Lucas in on the drama with Sabrina. Lucas talks about losing BJ and how it effected his family. Then Felix says he needs to get home to take care of Sabrina. Lucas asks who's going to take care of him. Felix gets emotional so Lucas hugs him. Brad sees them and gets jealous. Lucas tells Brad about Sabrina. Brad feels like an idiot, but Felix says it's okay and heads off. After Lucas yells at Brad for being insensitive. Brad tells Lucas that he acts stupid because he likes him and he thinks they have something. Lucas seems moved, but heads back to his room.

Dr. Obrecht questions Liz's whereabouts at the hospital. Dr. O is heated because Liz left her shift without letting anyone know. She tells Liz that there is no, "willy nilly" at GH and she's writing her up. Liz says she doesn't give a damn and had a personal problem. Dr. Obrecht isn't moved and starts lecturing her, so Liz snaps that someone died. They get snippy with each other so Liz dares Dr. O to fire her. Much to Liz's surprise, Dr. O does fire her. Nikolas suddenly appears and says Dr. Obrecht can't fire Liz, but Dr. O says she can and walks off. Once alone, Liz tells Nik she doesn't care about her job because Ric is dead. She explains that she was at the police station when it happened. Nik holds her hand and walks her out. Britt happens to see them and is crushed. At the end, Britt tells Dr. Obrecht she wants her help to get Nikolas back. Outside Liz and Nikolas talk and she says she can't believe what happened to Ric is real.

Nathan tells Maxie in the park that something awful happened at work. He asks if Maxie would like to get a drink with him. They head to Jake's and order some beer. Then they hear the news report about Ric's death and Maxie realizes that's the bad thing that happened to Nathan at work. He tells Maxie that he can't talk about it. Maxie assumes that he's feeling guilty and says he needs to talk about it. Nathan says he's most concerned about Molly and that he wishes he wasn't involved in this. Then Nathan tries to thank Maxie for her kindness, but their food comes and interrupts his flow. After they talk about baby Gabriel's death and how sad it is. Maxie brings up her argument with Levi and how she thinks bad things happen for no reason at all. Nathan is pleased to see Maxie thinking for herself. At the end, Maxie decides to break her veggie diet and shares some ribs with Nathan.

Alexis comes to see Molly at the PCPD. Molly recounts the events leading up to Ric getting shot in tears while Alexis listens also in tears. Alexis is terribly upset for Molly's loss and asks how she can help. Molly says she wants to see her father. They decide to walk down to the morgue to see Ric's body. Meanwhile in the morgue, Anna let's Ric out of his body bag. Ric is upset about their scheme, but Anna says he needs to stay dead to protect his loved ones. She insists that no one can know he's alive for everyone's safety. Then Alexis and Molly start knocking on the door. Anna steps out and asks to speak with Alexis privately. Anna explains that Ric got shot in a way that makes viewing a bad idea. However, Molly bolts into the morgue anyway. Ric hides and overhears how upset Molly is when Alexis tells her that his body can't be viewed. At the end, Anna has Ric dress as a nurse to try and get him out of the hospital. Ric has regrets about hurting Molly, but Anna says when all this is over he can get his life back. Then they go to sneak out of GH. On his way out, Ric almost runs into Liz but he hides before she can see him.

End of show!

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Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

I'm Stuck in the 90's

Still breathing!
Thursday's Recap - 

Silas tells Nina that he's seeing Sam at his place. Nina feels like an idiot for the scene she made at Danny's birthday party. Nina says,"as if" but Silas tells her people don't say that anymore. Nina screams that she's stuck in the 90's and is frustrated about the time she lost. Then she asks if Silas loves Sam or not. Silas tells her about how he and Sam got together. Then he says that it wasn't until he thought Nina was truly gone that he allowed himself to love Sam. They both get emotional and agree that they missed their chance to be together. Nina says she'll move out and they can get a divorce. However, Silas insists that she stay with him.

Rafe is very upset to hear that baby Gabriel died at the park with Sam. Sam explains what happened and Rafe is noticeably distraught. Sam asks what's wrong. Rafe says he just feels bad and it makes him think of his mother. Rafe says babies are the best and he wishes he could do something to make it better. Then Sam tells him it's her mission to find the person responsible. Rafe looks worried as Sam talks about what a terrible person the driver must be.

Patrick finds Sabrina in her wedding gown at her apartment. She freaks out that he's going to see her before their wedding and makes him close his eyes while she puts on a sweater. Patrick is concerned and stares at her confused. Sabrina rattles on about how weird it is that Felix got her a black dress. Patrick says it was for the funeral. She asks who died so Patrick has to tell her their baby did. Sabrina is in denial so Patrick reminds her of everything that happened leading up to Gabriel's death. Sabrina has memory flashes, but still insists that Patrick is lying. Patrick continues to push her to remember and when she finally does, Sabrina starts crying hysterically.

At the PCPD, a gun shot goes off which frightens everyone. Anna tells Molly, Liz and Diane to wait in the interrogation room until they figure out what happened. Anna steps out and after they debate whether Ric was shot or not. Then Anna returns and says Ric went for Nathan's gun and Nathan had to shoot him. Anna solemnly says, "Ric is dead." Molly is devastated and can't believe it. She insists on seeing him and storms off to find Ric. Liz follows her and they see Nathan in the hallway with a body bag. Liz screams at Nathan for killing an innocent man. Anna tells Nathan he's on leave effective immediately and Nathan clearly feels guilty. 

Levi and Maxie practice yoga in the park, but Levi notices that Maxie is distracted. Maxie says she feels bad for Patrick's loss. Levi is detached and says it must have happened for a reason. Maxie gets annoyed and says that's a crock. She wonders why everything he says is about a journey or the universe. Levi says she sounds like Nathan and then he leaves annoyed. Later Maxie sees Nathan upset setting in the park alone. Back the PCPD, Anna goes to the morgue. She unzips Ric's body bag and he opens his eyes!

End of show!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I Know You're Innocent

I'm sorry Ric!
In this episode Sabrina's grief takes an odd turn, Lulu and Dante get good news plus Rafe snorts some coke!

Today's Show - 

Felix finds Sabrina writing thank you notes for the gifts she received for Gabriel at their apartment. He brings her a dress to wear to the funeral and finds the note writing concerning. Felix tells her that people are worried about her. Sabrina says writing the notes are keeping her sane. Then Sabrina refers to Gabriel's funeral as "it's going to be perfect" which seems odd to Felix. She asks him to go to the church to make sure everything looks good for tomorrow. After he leaves, Sabrina freaks when she looks at the black dress Felix bought her and yells that, "It's all wrong!"

Silas returns to his apartment while Nathan and Nina are still catching up. Nina tells Silas she knows the history with Madeline now. Nathan says goodbye for the time being and then leaves to get to work. After Nina talks about the past and blames herself for telling Madeline she was pregnant back in the day before telling Silas. She starts to cry and Silas assures her that none of this is her fault. Nina tries to kiss him, but he goes in for a hug instead. Later Nina says she's broke and can't pay for her medical care so she's happy to have a husband to take care of her. At the end, Nina kisses him again and this time Silas gives in and kisses her back.

Dante and Lulu head to GH to find out their pregnancy options. After they doctor reviews their charts, she says there is a chance that Lulu was misdiagnosed. Then the doctor says there is also a procedure that can correct Lulu's problem and would allow her to carry a child. Later Lulu worries that the doctor's good news is too good to be true. However Dante says maybe it's enough to know the procedure is available if they want it, but they don't have to make any decisions yet. Lulu likes his advice and they kiss.

Over at the park, Rafe snorts cocaine and TJ sees him. TJ questions what he's doing, but says he won't narc Rafe out. Rafe gets defensive and says at least he's just doing drugs, not selling them like TJ's mom. Then Rafe pours salt on the wound and talks about how TJ and Molly share mobbed up family, thus making them a better match. TJ responds by saying at least his dad isn't a serial killer. Rafe punches him, but TJ decides not to hit back and storms off. Later Sam finds Rafe alone and notices something is wrong. Rafe says he feels crowded at Silas's place with Nina there. He asks Sam what this means for her relationship with Silas. Sam says she's certain everything will work out. Then Sam mentions that Patrick's son passed away last night and Rafe seems very upset to hear that.

Molly, Diane and Liz discuss Ric's case at the PCPD. Diane explains that Liz hired her for Ric's defense. Molly is thankful and hugs Liz. Later Nathan arrives at the station and Diane approaches him. She asks if Nathan can arrange for Liz to visit Ric. Nathan says he'll see what he can do. Meanwhile, Anna goes to see Ric in his jail cell and tells him that she knows he's an innocent man. Anna shares that Julian admitted Ric wasn't his boss, but says things are complicated. Anna explains to him that they need to flush out Julian's real boss and won't be able to do that if she releases him. Ric wonders if this means that he's supposed to go to jail for something he didn't do. Anna doesn't respond so Ric panics and pleads with her to help him. Later Ric is alone and Nathan comes to take him to the courthouse. When Nathan opens his cell, Ric eyes his gun. Up in the station, Anna comes to talk to Liz, Molly and Diane. She tells them that no one can see Ric until after he's arraigned. Then everyone hears a gun shot.

Patrick talks to his father on the phone about Gabriel's death when Sam knocks on his door. She hugs him and says she's so sorry for his loss. Sam talks about her stillborn daughter and says she understands his pain. Patrick blames the driver of the car that hit them for Gabriel's death. Sam offers to help him find the driver with her private detective skills. Patrick thanks her and says she's been a better friend to him then he's been to her. Sam asks what he means, but before Patrick can answer Felix knocks on his door. Sam decides to leave and after Felix tells Patrick that Sabrina seems off. Felix suggests that Patrick go and talk to her. At the end, Patrick goes to Sabrina's place and finds her wearing her wedding dress.

End of show!

What do you think of Sam and Patrick as a potential couple?

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bring the Britch Back!

Ladies behave!
In today's episode Liz gets an earful, Molly stands by her father plus Brad thinks Britt needs to channel the Britch!

Here's What Happened - 

Britt listens to Brad's troubles with Lucas at the hospital when she sees Nikolas hug Liz by the nurse's station. When Nik goes to leave, Britt tries to talk to him but he blows her off. After Britt blames Liz. Brad asks what she's going to do about it. Britt decides to confront Liz and accuses her of going after Nik. Liz says that Nikolas will never forgive Britt so she should give it up. Diane interrupts them and wants to know why Liz didn't show for their appointment about Ric. Liz says she thinks Ric has too much evidence against him and it's not worth pursing a defensive for him. Diane tells her that she's going to charge her for the missed appointment. Diane also says that she thinks the evidence is circumstantial in Ric's case. Then she scolds Liz for not standing by Ric because of what happened to AJ. 

Molly and Alexis chat about Ric at Kelly's. Alexis tells Molly about the charges that Ric is facing, but Molly is convinced that he's innocent. Molly thinks Alexis should question everything and tells her not to trust Julian. Then Molly storms out and runs into TJ outside. TJ says he hopes things work out better for Molly and Ric and for him and Jordan. Later Nikolas comes to Kelly's and talks to Alexis. They also chat about Ric. Alexis notes that Ric's trouble clears a path for Nik to get to Elizabeth. Nikolas agrees that the timing is good. Then Alexis asks about his feelings for Britt.

Ric waits impatiently in his jail cell while thinking of Elizabeth. Then Sonny comes to visit him and says he wonders if he should have killed Ric when he had the chance. Sonny can't believe that Ric trusted Julian, but Ric insists that he's being set up. Sonny refuses to believe him and walks out. After Molly comes to see him. Ric is surprised when Molly says she believes that he's innocent and says she won't let him go through this alone. Ric tells her that it means the world to him and thanks her. 

Anna gets a visit from Duke in her office. He's back from visiting Sean and Tiffany and demands to know why Anna released Julian. Anna says that they had to let him go in order to get Ric Lansing. They end up getting into an argument and Duke says that Anna didn't honor her end of their arrangement. Duke says he should go back to work for Sonny now. Anna pleads with him not to, but Duke ignores her and walks out. Then he runs into Sonny on his way out of the PCPD and they talk about Ric. 

At the park, Julian tells Jordan that Ric Lansing isn't his boss. Jordan is confused so Julian explains that it was a ruse devised by his real boss. Julian also shares the strain he was under to comply in order to save his family. Jordan wonders how they can get started with the business again and wants the name of his real boss. Julian refuses to tell her and says the less she knows the better. Then he warns her the dangers of going against the big boss. Jordan tells him that she's in. Once Julian leaves, she immediately calls Anna. Anna comes to see her and Jordan tells her that Ric is being framed. 

At the end, Liz decides to go with Diane to see Ric. Sonny expresses doubts to Duke about whether Ric is guilty or not. TJ tries to call Jordan, but she decides to ignore his call. Nikolas tells Alexis that he doesn't have feelings for Britt anymore. At GH, Brad advises Britt to fight dirty for Nikolas. He says it's time to bring the Britch back!

End of show!

The best part of today's show was Molly and Ric!

Have a great night!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Our Mother Is A Monster

Leaving the mob blues!
Monday's Recap - 

Jordan and Anna meet in the park to discuss Julian. Anna is convinced that Ric is Julian's true boss and asks why Jordan is remaining undercover since they arrested her target. Jordan won't say so they end up talking about their kids. Anna advises Jordan to stop working undercover and come clean with TJ. Nearby, Julian gets a call from Luke while he's on his honeymoon with Tracy. Luke threatens to hurt Sam if Julian doesn't continue to comply with his demands. Luke wants him to start dealing drugs again with Jordan. Julian reluctantly agrees. At the end, Julian finds Jordan and tells her he wants to get back work. 

Sam tells Nathan that Nina is alive at Kelly's. Meanwhile, Nina meets Kiki at Silas's apartment and he tells her that Ava is Kiki's mother. Nina is shocked and asks why Ava had his baby instead of her. Then Nathan comes to see Nina. Silas leaves them alone so they can bond. After they reconnect and he explains Madeline's role in her coma. Nathan also tells Nina about the miscarriage she suffered at Madeline's hand. Nina is appalled and says, "Our mother is a monster!" That comment prompts Nathan to explain that he's really her cousin not her brother. Nina freaks out, but Nathan promises that he loves her and she'll always be his sister.

Morgan isn't happy to find Ava at Sonny's house. She explains that she's only moving in temporarily, but he's still upset. Sonny tells Morgan that Ava needs protection from Julian and that's why she's staying with him. Morgan doesn't believe him and tells Ava to move in with him instead. Ava tells Morgan that she doesn't think he can protect her from Julian. Morgan takes offense and storms out. At the end Ava and Sonny argue, but agree they're stuck with each other for now. Meanwhile Morgan goes to see Kiki to vent to her about what happened. 

Silas goes to visit Sam at her penthouse and they discuss the Nina situation. Silas tells Sam that he hasn't told Nina about their relationship yet. He explains how Nina reacted to learning about Kiki and says she's on overload. Silas assures Sam that he loves her. However Sam wonders if he still feels for Nina. Silas says he doesn't want to be with Nina and will tell her the truth once she's ready to hear it. Meanwhile back at his place, Nina tells Nathan that she loves Silas and will never let him go.

End of show!

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Friday, June 6, 2014

There's Been a Complication

Rip Van Nina!
In this episode Nina tries to adjust to life after being in a coma for 20 years, Olivia gets hurt by Sonny again plus Levi gets jealous of Nathan!

Friday's Show - 

Franco tries to make money by painting in the park when he runs into Olivia. Olivia takes the money he already earned to cover the damage he did to his hotel room at the Metro Court. Then she walks off. After Carly finds him and they discuss Ava's pregnancy. However Franco is distracted by his floundering art career so Carly offers to let him make a caricature of her. After Franco does so, they realize he subconsciously drew Olivia instead of Carly. He thinks that means he's an art failure. Carly tells him that she loves him and doesn't care what he does for a living. At the end, she tells him to move in with her, because he needs a real home.

A wet shirtless Nathan talks to Maxie about his Nina worries at their apartment. He's frustrated, because he can't get a hold of Madeline to find out where Nina is. Maxie says she understands, because she misses Georgie and thanks him again for helping her with the judge. Then Levi walks in and gets annoyed that Nathan is half-dressed. Nathan leaves to put on a shirt and once alone, Maxie tells Levi about the help Nathan offered her with the judge. Levi was under the impression that Maxie wasn't pursing visitation so she explains that she changed her mind. Levi scolds her for lying to the judge, but then Nathan walks in and corrects him by saying he was really the one who lied. Levi says lying is bad karma and he doesn't want Maxie to suffer if she can't get Georgie back. Nathan decides to head to work and after Levi wonders if something is going on between them. Maxie assures him that nothing is going on, but looks unsure when he hugs her.

Sam has breakfast with Danny, Alexis and Julian at Kelly's. Julian expresses his disapproval with Silas having a wife to Sam. After they try to celebrate Danny's birthday again since his party at the park got botched by Nina. However, Julian can't stop making snarky comments about Silas. Sam gets annoyed with him so Julian apologizes. He says that he wants to make up for not protecting her from boys while she was growing up. Sam forgives him and they hug while Alexis watches on with joy. Later Sam realizes that cash is missing from her wallet. Meanwhile, Rafe scores more drugs at the park. At the end, Nathan walks into Kelly's and Sam tells him that Nina is alive.

Much to Ava's dislike, Max keeps an eye on her at Sonny's place. She tells Sonny to keep the "ape" away from her, but Sonny is quick to remind her that Max will watch her every movement until the baby comes. Then she's dead meat. Sonny allows Max to take Ava to her apartment to collect some of her belongings. After Olivia stops by and tells him that she's throwing a christening party for baby Rocco and wants to try and make peace with him. Sonny says he wants her back, not peace. They admit they still love each other and Olivia nearly gives in. However Sonny says, "there's been a complication" and then Ava strolls in and says she's moving in with Sonny. Olivia starts freaking out and wants to know why so Sonny tells her about Ava's baby. Olivia is outraged and tells Sonny to go to hell! Then she storms out and Ava takes pleasure in Sonny's relationship trouble.

Sam calls Silas for a Nina update. He tells her that he slept on the couch and plans on telling Nina about their relationship. Then Nina wheels in and says she would have been more comfortable if Silas had slept with her. She asks for coffee and says she feels like Rip Van Winkle adjusting to all the changes in 20 years, re: cell phones, k-cups, etc.. Silas wants to call Nathan, but Nina says she's not ready. She explains that seeing her brother as a man will only remind her of all the time she's lost. Then she asks him for help sitting on the couch so Silas has to lift her and their lips get close. Then Rafe walks in. Silas introduces him to Nina and explains that Rafe's father died. Nina asks what happened to Steven so Rafe says, "My dad was a serial killer!" Then Rafe mentions going to Sam's house and it makes Nina wonder about everyone's relationship to Sam. Before Silas can explain, Kiki stops by. Silas tells Nina that Kiki is his daughter. 

Morgan goes to Michael's place to chat with Kiki. He tells her that he's upset about Ava again and blurts out that Ava is pregnant. Kiki is shocked and realizes that her new little brother or sister will either be Morgan's child or sibling. Morgan tells Kiki that he advised Ava to get rid of the baby. Then Kiki asks if Morgan still loves Ava. Morgan says he thinks he does still love her, but doesn't know what to do. Kiki asks him if he can put aside his concerns and see Ava through all that is to come. At the end, Morgan goes to Sonny's to find a solution to their problems and is shocked to find Ava there.

End of show!

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P.S. They really glossed up Nathan's chest for those scenes didn't they? He must bath in Johnson's baby oil! ;)