Thursday, May 29, 2014

When Do We Leave?

What Honeymoon?
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Alexis finds Nikolas waiting at her house for her. They discuss her recent trust issues with Molly and the shooting at the gallery. Then they start talking about his romance issues with Liz. Nik brings up Liz reuniting with Ric. Alexis says she is aware of that because Ric told her when he professed that he's not Julian's boss. Then Alexis asks him if he really loves Liz or is he just trying to fill a void. Nikolas replies that he's always loved Elizabeth.

Julian tells Anna at the PCPD that he's ready to talk about his boss. Anna thinks he's playing with her and refuses to listen to him. Anna says she won't make deals with him, but Julian says he's gone over her head. Then Scott appears and says he's offering Julian full immunity. Anna is upset, but Scotty insists that catching Julian's boss is worth it. Later Julian pulls up the paper trail behind his operation for them to see.

Tracy can't wait for her honeymoon with Luke at the Q's. He asks what she's talking about so Tracy says Lulu told her everything. Tracy gushes, "When do we leave?" Luke says they can leave tonight and she should pack a little of everything. Later Julian comes to visit Luke and says he'll continue working for if he stays away from his family. Julian also tells him that he named Ric as his "boss" who happens to be an innocent man. Luke says he also planted evidence in Ric's room. Luke asks him to mind the operation while's he's out of town with Tracy. At the end, Julian heads to Alexis's house and tells her that he outed his boss. Meanwhile Not-Luke heads to Miscavige to see the real Luke locked in a padded cell.

Liz and Ric head to his hotel room at the Metro Court. She calls to check on the boys and takes a shot of scotch. Liz says she's nervous, because things haven't always gone well for them in the past. She asks him not to hurt her again. She notices that he's wearing a watch she'd given him when they were married. He says the watch makes him feel like the past is in the past and the future is open. Then they hit the sheets and after Ric promises to make it right this time. At the end, Anna comes knocking on the door with a warrant while Liz is still in bed. Anna says she's investigating him as the head of the Jerome crime family.

Michael is stuck in ELQ hell so Kiki brings him Chinese food to keep up his strength. Kiki tells him about Sonny having sex with Ava. Michael is surprised and asks why Morgan didn't tell him. Kiki says because she asked him not to. Michael wishes that she told him so he could have supported Morgan. Kiki apologizes and they agree to trust each other from now on. Later they have sex in his office.

On the island, Sonny continues to play games with Ava. He says he knows she killed Connie. Ava insists she's innocent so Sonny screams at her to stop lying. Then he coldly whispers that she's going to pay for what she's done. Sonny recounts the events leading up to AJ's murder and then pulls his gun out. Ava pleads with him to hear her out, because she's pregnant!

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