Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tough Talk

What did you do with Ava?!?
In this episode Mac talks to Maxie about her new lifestyle, Michael is impressed with Luke's kindness and Olivia confronts Sonny!

Today's Show - 

Carly and Franco run into Anna at GH and she asks if they found AJ's phone. Carly says no, but Anna gets suspicious. Carly and Franco make a quick exit and after Felix tells Anna that Carly and Franco took AJ's phone from the lost and found. Meanwhile, Carly and Franco head to Kelly's to discuss the recording. In the middle of their conversation, Anna calls. She wants AJ's phone so Franco suggests they go on the run together to avoid Anna. 

Ava gets the better of Julian and points his own gun at him at the art gallery. She's ready to shoot him when Shawn bursts in and pleads with her to stop. Shawn says that Julian needs to stay alive for Danny's sake in case he ever gets sick again. Ava decides to spare Julian and goes to leave. However, Julian decides to spill the beans that Ava shot Olivia last year to Shawn. Julian heads out and after Ava admits to Shawn that it was true, but says she was aiming for Franco. At the end, Ava advises Shawn to keep this from Sonny or she'll tell the police that Sonny killed AJ.

Michael overhears Luke leaving a threatening message to Julian at ELQ. He asks who got on Luke's bad side. Luke oddly responds that he had to "tough talk" ELQ's competition. Then Michael asks Luke to give him money from ELQ to make a donation at the Nurse's Ball to AJ. Luke says it's up to Tracy, so Michael asks him to put in a good word. Luke says he will and Michael thanks him. Before Michael leaves, Luke tells him to give Kiki a hug from him. Later Julian shows up at ELQ and explains to Luke that Morgan foiled his murder plans for Ava. Luke decides not to kill Julian for the mistake just yet. 

Morgan goes to Michael's apartment to ask for a place to stay and ends up talking to Kiki. He tells her about Ava having sex with Sonny. Kiki isn't that surprised and later they talk about Michael. Morgan says Michael always gets stuck cleaning up after everyone. Kiki says it might not be the best time to move in or confide in Michael. Kiki thinks Michael needs time to grieve without added drama. Then Michael walks in. Morgan decides not to say anything to Michael and says he going to stay at Carly's. At the end, Michael tells Kiki about Luke offering to help convince Tracy and says now he sees why everyone thinks Luke is a great guy.

Maxie practices yoga at her apartment when Mac stops by. He brings ribs and the fixings, which tempts Maxie's new vegan lifestyle. Mac is thankful for Levi-free time (as were we!) and feels that Levi is turning Maxie into something she's not. Maxie explains that the way she was before made her unhappy and was partly why she lost Spinelli and her baby. After Maxie gives in and eats macaroni & cheese with Mac. They briefly talk about Robin and Maxie says they need to respect Robin's calling to help people. At the end, they discuss the Nurse's Ball and Robin's being alive. Mac is impressed with how wise Maxie is all on her own. 

Olivia asks Sonny point blank if he slept with Ava at his house. She explains how she figured it out and demands a straight answer from him. Sonny caves and admits it. Olivia lays into him and asks him why he chose to sleep with Ava. Sonny says Ava was the only person who understood him at that moment. Olivia wants to know what he's referring to, but Sonny won't say. Olivia gets very upset so Sonny tries to assure her that it was a one time mistake. However, Olivia's not interested and says he ruined things between them and it's over. Then she storms out!

End of Show!

Interesting episode, Olivia was fabulous! I'm so glad she dumped him.

Have a great night!

P.S. In case you missed yesterday's show, you can catch up here --> GH 05/05/14

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