Friday, May 9, 2014

The Nurse's Ball Continues...

Take it off!
In this episode the ball rages on with lots of cheers, jeers and a few tears!

Here's What Happened - 

Over in the Metro Court ballroom, Dr. Obrecht tells the audience how generous she's been to GH and tries to taunt Anna on stage. Thankfully Lucy takes charge and keeps the show rolling. Next on stage, Kiki performs with Liz, Lucas, TJ and Felix to Pink's, "Raise Your Glass" with a few extras dancing behind them. After Dr. O asks Dante and Lulu if they confirmed the embryo is theirs yet. Dante says no and tells her to go away. Then Nathan tells Dr. O that she means nothing to him.

At Windermere, Spencer tries to convince Nikolas to take him to the ball. Nik agrees and Spencer makes a phone call to Leslie to ask for a favor. At Maxie's Levi decides to take her to ball. She's delighted and goes to get dressed. Meanwhile, Brit and Brad continue to watch the show at home in shock while they watch Dr. O crash the ball. When Brad sees Lucas and Felix performing together he gets upset. Then he insists that Brit get dressed and says they should go to the ball.

Next up to perform at the ball, Eddie Maine! Ned performs as his alter ego and rocks the house to Meatloaf's, "You took the word right out of my mouth." After Ned and Tracy have a nice moment and she tells him that she loves him. Outside, Nathan and Anna chat during a brief pause in the show. He says he's trying to wrap his mind around Dr. O being his mother. Then Maxie walks in looking lovely and distracts him. He tells her that she looks stunning, but is disappointed that she brought Levi. Nearby Brit and Brad arrive at the ball and run into Lucas and Felix. Lucas notes that Brad brought Brit, his partner in crime. He also rubs his new friendship with Felix in Brad's face.

Back in the ballroom, Luke performs the Broadway number, "I am what I am." Kiki and Michael look on with disgust, but everyone else loves it. Then he says that he loves Tracy and wants to marry her right then and there. Luke asks Tracy if she's up for it. Tracy is shocked and Ned panics. Ned insists it's impossible, but Lucy and the audience disagree. Feeling pressured, Ned caves and offers his support. Tracy seems elated and agrees. Then they go on stage, Lucy performs the marriage vows and Luke and Tracy get married. Before they kiss, Luke scans all the hot ladies in the audience and thinks to himself, "Just kiss the bride, you almost have ELQ!"

Later Dante grills Sonny about what happened between him and Olivia. Sonny swears that he'll make it up to her. Nearby Lulu asks Olivia if she can forgive Sonny and she answers that she doesn't know. Meanwhile, Mac and Felicia are happy to run into Maxie, but Mac's not pleased to see Levi. Ned takes a minute to assure Michael and Kiki that the plan to take Luke down is still on. Meanwhile, Tracy throws her bouquet and Liz catches it. After Magic Milo and the naughty boys dance to AC DC's, "You shook me all night long" in white t-shirts and jeans. However by the end, everyone's shirt was off, Milo starts doing push ups and Nathan tosses his t-shirt to Maxie. Then the guys jump into the audience and dance around everyone. When they return to the stage, everyone rips off their jeans off and reveal that their boxers read, "Nurse's Ball!"

End of show!

Brit looked amazing! Tell us who NotLuke is already!

Enjoy Monday's Preview Below!

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