Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Nurse's Ball Concludes

You're Not Alone!
The ball wraps up in this episode with four more performances, Dr. Obrecht sings her heart out and Kevin finally learns about Lucy's affair with Scott! 

Today's Show - 

At the ball, Brad wants to know if Lucas liked his kiss. Brit wants to know if Nik will ever forgive her. Ric asks Liz if they have a chance and Spencer begs Emma to forgive him. Emma tells Spencer that she does forgive him, but she's going home with Cameron. Nikolas tells Brit that there is probably nothing she can do to right the wrong. Lucas blows Brad off and Liz tells Ric that she will give him another chance.

Over at the hospital, Patrick and Sabrina keep watch over their baby in the prenatal unit. They discuss the various events at the Nurse's Ball and Emma's drama with Spencer. Then the baby's heart monitor starts beeping. The doctor's come in and tell them the baby isn't getting enough oxygen. After the doctor tells Sabrina and Patrick that the baby is stable, but they need to leave. He thinks they may have brought a contaminate into the baby's room. Sabrina is distraught that she can't be close to her baby and whines on Patrick shoulder as they look through the window.

In Lucy's dressing room, Scotty pleads with Lucy to reconsider her decision to stay with Kevin. Lucy goes running out in her underwear and tries to tell Scott no. However, he follows her and pressures her to tell him she wants him. She gives in and says that yes she does still want him. Then they start kissing. Out in the audience, Kevin waits for Lucy's special performance. The curtain goes up and everyone sees Lucy kissing Scott in her undies, including Kevin. Lucy tries to tell Kevin that this was just a joke, but Kevin isn't interested and walks out. Lucy follows him into the hallway and ends up revealing the details of how the affair started. She tells him that she loves him, but Kevin says it doesn't matter and walks away.

Felix jumps on stage and introduces the next act, which is Molly and TJ performing Depeche Mode's, Just can't get enough. After Brit chats with Nathan and asks how long he's been hot for Maxie. Dr. Obrecht sees them talking and tries to make nice with her kids, but Brit tells her that she was a horrible mother. Then Felix takes the stage again and gives a tribute to Sabrina. Emma then sings, Little Things, with the help of a keyboardist. Next up, Dr. Obrecht takes the stage. She dedicates the song Always on my mind to Nathan and Brit. 

At the end, Scotty finds Lucy alone in her dressing room again. He hopes this means they can be together, but Lucy orders him to leave. Back on the stage, Felix thanks the audience for a great 2014 ball and introduces Epiphany as the final act. Epiphany sings the song, You're not Alone. After we see everyone clearing out of the ballroom. Mac finds Kevin and comforts him. Felicia heads to Lucy's dressing room and hugs her. Nathan ends up giving Brit and Dr. O a ride home and little Emma heads to the hospital to hug Patrick and Sabrina. Then Anna and many others join them in support of the baby.

End of show!

So now that it's over, did you enjoy the Nurse's Ball?

Have a great night!


  1. Lucy has done good for several years but it is time someone who is nice to look at replaces her face is so wrinkled please someone younger man or woman. Bobbi just look bad please sit her down. Why is Scott chasing Lucy in real life these men would be looking for younger woman please get real. I also believe that Jordan is a beautiful woman with a nice body I hope she sticks around!

  2. Please get rid of Lucy H. she has all those wrinkles in her neck and face does not have a nice body please bring some nice looking middle age women in the show. Alexis looks washed up also why is she having sex with Julian when she broke up with Shawn because he was in the mob such a phony!!!!!! I love TJ and Molly together that is some good jungle fever. Please stop showing Bobbi Spencer she looks like a hot mess!

  3. I disagree. I love Lucy! Yes she has wrinkles, but I appreciate that she didn't go the plastic surgery route and aged naturally. And for a woman her age...she has a great body!

    I still think Felicia looks the prettiest, but Alexis also looks amazing. Everyone ages and society is too hard on women for ever looking older. it's not fair.

    As for Bobby, well it's true she looks like a hot mess. Monica also messed up her face terribly. That's why I say, I'd rather see a few wrinkles vs. a plastic face.

  4. Also Anna looks awesome! Let's celebrate our vets!


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