Friday, May 16, 2014

The Kiss

There is no us!
In this episode Julian tries to quit the mob, Lulu debates carrying the embryo herself and Liz pushes Nikolas away again!

Friday's Recap - 

Duke and Sonny chat at Kelly's about their hopes to take Julian down. Shawn joins in and they share the details with him about sabotaging Julian's shipment. Shawn thinks involving Anna was a bad move. Sonny agrees that he hates involving the cops, but he thinks it's their best option. Later Shawn and Duke talk alone and Shawn tells him that TJ is going to lose his mother because of this. Duke says he's waited half his life to take Julian down. Shawn eludes that he might tip Jordan off so she doesn't get busted. Duke warns him against doing that, because Sonny won't like it. 

Lulu wonders if she can carry her and Dante's embryo at their apartment. Dante thinks it's a bad idea given her previous health issues. Lulu says she's done online research and she might have a shot with the aid of surgery. Dante is worried that she will miscarry and thus destroy their last embryo. Then Dante gets called to the police station and has to leave. At the end, Lulu decides to call the doctor and makes an appointment.

Alexis tells Julian that she understands it's harder for him to quit the mob then it is for her to ask him to leave at her place. They kiss and as soon as he leaves she calls Ric to come over. When Ric arrives, Alexis begs him to let Julian out of the mob thinking he's the big boss. Ric insists that he's not Mr. Big. He passionately explains that his motive for returning to PC was Molly and Elizabeth. Alexis makes him swear on Molly's life to prove he's telling the truth. Ric does and Alexis finally believes him. Ric suggests that she shouldn't date mobbed up men, but Alexis says she hasn't felt this way about someone since they were together. Ric says that he wishes her the best and will always care about her. 

Nikolas comes to see Liz at GH and she tells him that she moving out of Windermere. He asks why and after some prodding, Liz says it's because of Ric. She tells him that she's decided to give Ric another try. Nikolas says that's a huge mistake. Nik rattles off Ric's many ugly past offenses and questions Liz's thinking. He decides to kiss her to prove that she loves him more then Ric. Liz pushes him away and gets teary eyed. She scolds him for picking Brit over her before and says she won't be his rebound girl. Liz says they'll never be together, because the timing will never be right for them. Then she quickly walks out and runs into Ric on her way to the elevators. Nik tries to go after her, but sees her with Ric as the elevator door closes.

TJ overhears Jordan talking about a shipment from Columbia at the art gallery. When TJ asks what the product is, Jordan claims it's vases. TJ believes her. She tells him that she took the job with Julian to provide a better life for him. TJ hugs her and says he knows she'd never having anything to do with drugs. Then she ironically warns TJ against ever using drugs. At the end, Shawn shows up on at the gallery.

Julian meets Luke on the docks and they discuss Ava. Julian says he doesn't know where Ava is. Luke says they'll have to kill her when she returns, but Julian says he won't do that and that he's quits. He explains the value he's found in having a family, but Luke quickly reminds him that he funded all of Julian's businesses. He tells Julian to forget going legit and grabs his arm. Luke reminds Julian that there are consequences for leaving the mob. Julian doesn't want to hear it and calls Luke's bluff. He says he knows where all the bodies are buried and he'll expose Luke if he doesn't leave him alone. Luke reluctantly shakes Julian's hand and they wish each other good luck. At the end, Julian tries calling Alexis but gets her voice mail. Meanwhile Luke stops by Alexis's house with a gun.

End of show!

Are you happy about Liz's choice?

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