Monday, May 12, 2014

The Beat Goes On

In this episode the ball continues with fun performances, romantic drama and lots of kid antics!

Monday's Recap - 

Sonny tries to talk to Olivia at the ball, but she refuses. Nearby Lulu and Maxie catch up and Lulu gets to meet Levi. Lulu recruits Maxie for a performance and Maxie runs into a topless Nathan backstage. Epiphany tells Milo she was disappointed not to see his full Monty. In the hallway, Cameron and Emma run into Spencer and Nik with Liz and Ric standing nearby. Cameron isn't pleased to see Spencer.

Britt tells Brad to do something about his dilemma with Lucas and Felix. On stage, Lucy introduces Blackie Parrish as the next act up for the Nurse's Ball, but then it turns out that Blackie had a scheduling issue and can't perform. In his place, Brad decides to get up and lip syncs with some backup dancers. Lucas and Felix aren't impressed and after Lucas tells him his song doesn't change a thing. Next up, Mac and Mr. Marbles take the stage, but Epiphany decides she's had enough. She takes Mr. Marbles and stomps on him in front of the whole audience. Poor Mac is devastated. 

Later Alexis meets Jordan. Nearby Spencer is delighted to see Brit and hugs her. Then the Haunted Starlets take the stage, which consists of Kiki, Lulu, Maxie, Sam and Molly dancing to, "I don't care, I love it!" Then Eddie Gomez takes the stage to sing a song. Look him up on twitter @eddiegomezmusic if you're interested. After Nik and Brit have an awkward conversation and he tells her it's not been easy for him to move on since their relationship ended. Then Emma and Cameron dance the tango together on stage. Spencer interrupts and has Player (Ronn Moss's band) perform the song, "Baby come back" for Emma. Later, Spencer thanks Ronn for his performance and Ronn says he'd do anything for his grandma Leslie. Then Emma walks in. Spencer runs to her, slides on his knees and asks Emma to come back to him.

Outside, Ned talks to Luke and Tracy and tells Luke he's no longer working at ELQ. Ned got the board to oust Tracy as CEO and put Michael in her place so he can fire Luke. Luke is astonished. Michael tells Tracy that Kiki wasn't lying about Luke's misdeeds towards her. Tracy tries to console Luke by saying at least we still have each other, but he looks nauseous. Back in the ballroom, Olivia runs away from Sonny. Britt asks Nik to forgive her. Ric asks Liz to give their romance another chance. Brad grabs Lucas and plants a kiss on him. Meanwhile in Lucy's dressing room, Scotty asks her to choose him! 

End of show!

What was the point of mentioning Blackie if he wasn't going to be there? Bizarre! Did you like Ronn Moss's band?

Have a great night!

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