Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Nurse's Ball Begins!

Let's Rock!
Today's Show - 

The Ball begins with flashbacks from last year. Backstage Felicia goes to help Lucy in her dressing room wearing her Aztec princess necklace. Lucy mentions that she still misses Scotty and says she's glad Kevin didn't find out. Then Kevin walks in and asks what she's referring to. He brings Lucy red roses for luck. Felicia quickly covers for Lucy, by saying she's planning a surprise for him at the ball. Kevin believes it and after Lucy panics that now she has to come up with a number for him. 

Over at Windermere, Spencer asks Nikolas if he's going to be with aunt Elizabeth, because he looks at her like he wants to marry her. Nik says that's silly, but then Liz walks in looking fabulous for the ball and stuns him. Cameron also walks in wearing his tux. Spencer gets upset and they argue. Cameron says Spencer will be sitting home eating pizza in his Batman pajamas, while he's with Emma at the ball. Meanwhile, Nik tells Liz he hopes she has a good time. She tells him it's not to late for him to join in, but he says that he's all gala'ed out. Later when they're alone, Nik brings in pizza, while Spencer wears his Batman pajamas. Spencer remembers Cameron teasing him earlier and can't believe the irony. At the end, Spencer tells Nik they should go to the ball together. 

Shawn and Sonny talk at Sonny's office and Sonny tells him that he's not going to the ball. He explains what happened with Olivia, but Shawn thinks he should go to the ball and fight for her. Meanwhile, on the red carpet, Olivia gets grilled by the TV host about her relationship with Sonny. He asks if Sonny will join her, but she quickly scurries away. Later Sam and Silas arrive and Sam trips on the carpet. Poor Sam gets mortified, but tries to gain her dignity back. After Julian and Alexis walk the carpet, then TJ and Molly. Then Jordan and Shawn, Luke and Tracy, Kiki, Michael and Ned walk in. Olivia, now fully dressed for the ball, grabs Ned to walk the carpet with her. Suddenly Sonny appears and he and Olivia nearly get into a fight on camera. However Dante and Lulu save the day. Off the carpet, Olivia tells Dante that Sonny cheated on her and she won't sit with him. Dante wants Sonny to tell him who it was and is furious that he broke his mother's heart.

At Maxie's place, Nathan sees Maxie staring at the ball invitation and asks if she's having second thoughts. She pretends that she doesn't want to go and is looking forward to spending time with Levi. Nathan leaves and later Levi turns the TV off when Maxie tries to watch. Levi tries to explain that fashion and the red carpet are silly, but Maxie wants to watch anyway. Seeing how much Maxie loves it, Levi takes pity and says they should go to the ball afterall. 

Liz and Ric arrive after on the carpet and the host mentions a possible reunion. Emma and Cameron walk the carpet together and Cameron gives a special shout out to Spencer. Later he adds insult to injury by sending Spencer a taunting text and Emma reminds him that she likes nice guys. Then Lucas and Felix decide to walk the carpet together since they both came in alone. Later Duke and Anna arrive on the red carpet and Duke wears his traditional Scottish garb. Nathan walks the carpet with Epiphany and the host says Nathan is the most handsome man he's ever seen. Mac and Felicia arrive with Mr. Marbles. Then Lucy and Kevin walk in. Right after Scotty walks in with Bobby. It creates some awkwardness. Later Nathan tells Mac and Felicia that Maxie's not coming. 

Brit tells Brad she's lost everything at his apartment. Brad advises her not to sit around wallowing while she watches the ball on TV. Later Brit eats ice cream and Brad gets into watching the show. They die laughing when they see Sam fall. Then Brad sees Lucas and Felix walk the carpet together and gets jealous. Meanwhile, in the ballroom, Lucy finally starts the show. She gives a lovely speech about the progress made in making an AIDS free future. After, the GH nurse's open the show with their musical number, Welcome to the Nurse's Ball. However in the middle of their performance, Dr. Obrecht breaks in with a sexy cabaret German version. The audience is shocked and none of them clap. Back at Brad's place, he and Brit watch the TV with their mouths open.

End of show!

The Ball continues tomorrow. You can watch the preview below!

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  1. Some fans criticize Spencer, well Cameron has proved he is not only a brat but a sneaky, back stabbing one just like his mother was when she was young. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Cameron puts on the act that he is a sweet kid in front of the grown ups and Emma then he turns out to be a sneaky little liar making Emma think he is so nice. I want Emma to find out what Cameron did and go back with Spencer at least with him what you see is what you get. Cameron needs to be hooked up with Josslyn Jacks and leave Emma for Spencer. And they need to put Nikolas and Britt back together. I don't see Liz being a good mother for Spencer she is too worried about her own children. I think Britt truly cares for Spencer and he needs a mother figure in his life. I thought that Lucky adopted Cameron and his name is Cameron Spencer why was he introduced as Cameron Weber? Having two little kids dance the tango was ridiculous. I don't think the Nurse's Ball turned out to be very good. They definitely need to pair off Maxi with Nathan/James they make a sexy couple.


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