Thursday, May 1, 2014


Not such a rumor I guess, Nina Clay is alive! Read her Wiki here ---> Michelle Stafford
In this episode Victor returns, Patrick gives Robin an ultimatum and Nina Clay opens her eyes! 

Thursday's Recap - 

Dr. Obrecht questions her release at the police station. To ease her mind, Dante shows her a written agreement showing that all charges have been dropped. However, Dante and Lulu advise her that if the embryo turns out not to be genuine the deal is off. Dr. O agrees and signs the agreement. She makes a phone call to Victor Cassadine to retrieve the embryo. She tells him that they can't ever be together in a romantic way, but asks him to deliver the embryo for her. Later Dr. Obrecht learns that she will be fitted with an ankle monitor and Nathan is the one who has to put it on her. Dr. O tries to talk with him while he puts it on and says she loves him. It's too much for Nathan and he gets angry, Then he asks for the name of his father, but Dr. O won't tell him. (I guess it's Victor)

Levi and Maxie make-out at Kelly's. After Levi tries to convince Maxie to mend fences with Lulu. Then Mac and Felicia arrive to join them for lunch. Mac isn't happy with him, but Felicia keeps an open mind. Mac remarks that their "Eat, Pray, Love" journey must have left Levi no time for a hair cut. Felicia suggests they go to eat ribs for dinner sometime, but Levi says he'd rather die. It leads to a discussion about Levi being a vegan and he says that Maxie is now as well. Mac isn't pleased. Later Dante and Lulu arrive at Kelly's with Rocco. Maxie tries to make nice with them and apologizes for what she did. Maxie asks Lulu if she'd be open to being friends again at some point. Lulu says she wants that as well, that she misses Maxie and they hug. At the end, Dante and Lulu go outside and meet with Victor, who delivers their embryo.

Sabrina and Patrick wait by their baby's incubator in the prenatal unit. Patrick steps out and runs into Victor Cassadine in the hallway. Victor says he came to check on him for Robin's sake after they heard about the car crash. He hands Patrick a phone number where he can call Robin within the next hour. Patrick steps away and calls her, but we only hear his side of the conversation. He tells Robin that he and Emma are okay, but Sabrina's baby is in trouble. Patrick asks Robin to come home, but she says no. Patrick gets angry and says if she doesn't come home now, don't bother ever coming home at all and hangs up. Meanwhile, Britt goes to check on Sabrina and the baby. She tells Sabrina his condition is still touch and go, but he's doing a little better. At the end, Sabrina thanks Britt for her kindness. 

Madeline tells Nathan that Nina is still alive at PCPD. They have tense conversation and she asks him to keep it a secret. Meanwhile, Silas and Sam talk before she goes to visit Patrick in the prenatal unit at GH. Silas tells her that a baby that small has a poor chance of surviving. The situation upsets Sam and it brings up feelings from when Danny was sick. Silas offers words of comfort and says Madeline is about to be shipped off to Pentonville. Later Sam goes to visit Patrick. Silas goes to visit Madeline in jail and interrupts her conversation with Nathan. Nathan makes a quick excuse to leave and after Madeline tells Silas that now he'll never get near Nina again. Then we cut to a scene of Nina Clay, aka Michelle Stafford, suddenly opening her eyes in a hospital bed and her first word is, "Silas!"

End of show!

Are you excited that Michelle will be on GH? I used to watch her on Y&R in the 90's and she's a fabulous actress! Let's hope the writing is good.

Enjoy the preview for tomorrow's show below!

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  1. I like Michelle's work but I think she's completely miscast as Nina. Melissa Archer would have been a better choice. On the bright side, hopefully, this means Silas can finally escape from the black hole that is Sam McCall Morgan.

    1. I think Sam & Patrick are headed for a romance.

  2. Think Michelle is totally miscast as Nina Clay. Melissa Archer would have been a better choice. Hopefully Sam will go back to Jason who will return more like Jason Quartermaine than Jason Morgan. Robin will return and reunite with Patrick and we will find out that Sabrina's baby is really Carlos' and Liz and Nikolas will get together, permanently.


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