Sunday, May 18, 2014

Preview for the Week of May 19th

Gone Fishing!
I'm on vacation this week and will be back after Memorial Day. My hubby and I are headed to Niagara Falls with some friends. I hope everyone enjoys GH and let me know in the comments what your liking and/or hating this week! 

Week of May 19th

5/19 Luke arrives at Alexis' door with an agenda.
Julian hosts a family dinner at the art gallery.

5/20 Carly and Franco seek help from an old friend (Spinelli).
Maxie gets a notice to appear in court regarding her baby.
The police prepare to take down the Mob.

5/21 TJ learns something disturbing (regarding his mother's past and present).
Carly and Franco find out new info, but is the new info about their intended target, or do they discover another secret? 

5/22 Molly comforts TJ.
Elizabeth and Ric share a bonding moment.
Tracy catches Ned in a precarious situation with Luke. 

5/23 Kevin has news for Lucy.
Carly and Franco try to come to a decision regarding the new information. 
TJ confronts Jordan about the truth.

From the GH ABC Blog:

If it wasn’t Sam, who sent Silas the flowers?

Julian calls a family dinner to make a startling announcement.

Carly & Franco enlist the help of an old friend.

Someone in Port Charles is shot! And it’s not who you think.

Anna discovers something shocking about Jordan.

Duke seeks out sonny with urgent news.

You can find GH Daily Dish tidbits for May here: New, Rumors & Spoilers

Have a great week and a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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  1. Yesterday's show wasn't bad. They're gearing up for the big Nina Clay reveal, but I could care less about that!


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