Friday, May 2, 2014

One For The Team

90's Throwback!
In today's show Ned and Alexis catch up, Patrick gets cranky toward Sam and NotLuke orders Julian to commit murder!

Here's What Happened - 

Sam pays Patrick a friendly visit at GH and immediately can tell he's upset. After some prodding, he tells Sam about the ultimatum he gave Robin over the phone. Sam doesn't understand what Robin could be doing that's more important then her family. Patrick struggles not to mention Jason and snaps at her for trying to comfort him. Then he quickly excuses himself to get back to the baby leaving Sam confused by his attitude.

Ned and Alexis run into each other outside of Kelly's. Alexis is pleased to see him and they have a conversation about Luke. Ned shares his suspicions about Luke wanting Tracy's money. He also mentions Luke's behavior toward Kiki. Alexis wonders if he's being overprotective of Tracy. Then Alexis tells him about dating Julian and Julian's problems with Ava. Later Alexis advises Ned to make nice with Luke for Tracy's sake so he decides to head off to ELQ to apologize. At the end, Alexis is alone and Sam joins her. Sam promptly tells her about Robin and Patrick's potential break up and his odd behavior.

Over at ELQ, Luke is about to snort some cocaine in his office when he's interrupted by Julian. He brings Luke money from their art deal and after Luke wants to discuss Ava. Julian tells him about Ava working with Sonny so Luke orders him to kill Ava. Julian thinks the idea is extreme and says he's not okay with it. Luke threatens to kill both Ava and Julian, if Julian doesn't do what he wants. At the end, Luke is alone in his office and talks out loud to an unknown person he calls Buddy about making extra cash. Then Ned walks into his office and sees money all over Luke's desk. 

Anna tries to get Carlos to offer more information about his "confession" at the PCPD. She asks what Ava came to discuss with him. He claims Ava wanted him to keep his mouth shut. Meanwhile, Carly and Franco discuss the Ava/Carlos situation at Kelly's. Anna calls Carly and asks her to come to the police station with Franco asap. When they arrive, Anna wants to know what they wanted to tell her about Ava. Carly says it was nothing and they end up talking about the whereabouts of AJ's cell phone. Franco says he has the passwords for everything Quartermaine so they track AJ's phone. Anna finds that AJ's phone was last at GH. Later Carly and Franco head to the hospital and Felix let's them look through a bin of lost phones. They find AJ's phone and discover there is recording that's never been played on it. 

Felix and Sabrina wait by her baby in the prenatal unit. He lends Sabrina support while she waits for Patrick and tells Sabrina about Carlos confessing to AJ's murder. However, Sabrina doesn't believe it's true. Later Patrick comes in and Felix heads out. Once alone Sabrina tells him that their son is stable for the time being and they hug. Then Patrick tells Sabrina to go home and get some rest, while he looks after the baby. However, instead she goes to the PCPD to check on Carlos. 

Ava leaves a voice message for Morgan from the gallery when Sonny walks in. He wants to know why Carlos confessed to AJ's murder. Ava says he took one for the team and Sonny should be happy. Then they discuss Morgan. Sonny tells her that Morgan told Julian that she's been feeding him information and he's pissed about it. Sonny advises Ava to get out of town and gives her tickets to fly to his island. At the end, Ava packs up her things at the gallery in preparation to leave when Julian walks in and confronts her!

End of show!

Will Julian really kill Ava?

Have a great weekend!

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