Wednesday, May 7, 2014

No One Puts Liesl in the Corner

Say What?
Here's What Happened - 

Maxie catches Nathan preparing for his Nurse's Ball routine in their apartment. Maxie is surprised that Nathan is up for it being that he's so uptight. Nathan wonders if Levi is controlling her mind. Maxie takes offense and then Levi enters the room. Levi feels the aura is askew with Nathan living there and again says Nathan needs to move out. Maxie says no, because she needs the money. After Levi says he doesn't want to go to the Nurse's Ball, because it's a phony affair. Feeling pressured, Maxie says she'll stay home with Levi. Nathan is disappointed and says it proves that she's not thinking for herself.

At Windermere, Spencer pines over Emma, while Cameron torments him with his upcoming tango at the ball with Emma. Nearby Ric comes to pick up Liz and Nik's not happy. Ric uses the time to ask Liz to the Nurse's Ball. Liz says yes hoping it will make Nikolas jealous. Later when they're alone, Spencer vents to Nik about loosing Emma. Nikolas tells him that maybe it's not meant to be and he needs to move on.

Luke and Tracy sit outside of Kelly's when Bobby walks up to them. Bobby is annoyed at him for not telling her that he's getting married. Then Scotty shows up to have breakfast with Bobby and shows a funny picture of Luke at Miscavige with the blonde wig on. Scotty also hints that he and Bobby could rekindle their old feelings, which Luke has no reaction to. It surprises Tracy. Later despite telling Michael he'd put in a good word, Luke tells Tracy not to give Michael money to honor AJ at the ball. Tracy agrees and Luke says he has a surprise planned for the ball. Meanwhile, Scotty and Bobby go inside and he asks her to come to the Nurses's Ball with him. At first Bobby says no, but after some convincing she agrees.

Mac prepares with Mr. Marbles in front of Lucy, Kevin, Felicia, Duke, Anna and the kids in the Metro Court ballroom. Emma tells him to put away the scary puppet and Lucy agrees that Mr. Marbles needs to be left out of the entertainment lineup. Mac is disappointment to hear that and asks Duke and Kevin to back him up. Duke says Mr. Marbles gives him the willies and Kevin says it's going to make Lucy leave him for another man. The comment upsets Lucy which sets off Kevin's alarm bells. He asks Felicia and Mac if anything is wrong with her, but they tell him it's just nerves about the ball. Nearby Anna tells Duke she's concerned about Dr. O getting released. Then they help Cameron and Emma prepare for their tango. Later, Ric and Liz arrive and he tells her this will be the best ball yet, because she's going to be his date. 

Michael practices his NB routine in his underwear when Kiki walks in on him. She laughs and he advises her not to objectify him. Then Ned knocks on their door and wants Kiki to help him trap Luke. Michael hears Ned talking about having Kiki make another pass at Luke and it upsets him. Kiki decides to finally tell Michael the truth about what's been going on with Luke. The information makes Michael enraged and he wants to kick Luke's ass. Ned talks him down, but Michael refuses to let Kiki risk herself again so Ned says he has another idea.

Over at GH, Felix and Epiphany run into Dr. Obrecht when she returns to work. Much to their displeasure, Dr. O shows them her official release and her ankle monitor. Felix is certain that the board will never allow her back. However she informs them that she gave the hospital money to save it from bankruptcy, therefore she's got control. She also threatens to cancel the Nurses's Ball. Later Dr. Obrecht goes into the Metro Court ballroom and tells the gang that she wants perform a number for the show. Lucy breaks it to her that unfortunately there's no room in the lineup. At the end, Dr. Obrecht sits alone in the ballroom and remarks to Mr. Marbles that, "No one puts Liesl in the corner!"

End of show!

As usual, Dr. Obrecht was hilarious. Is it me or is Nathan's acting better?

Have a great night!

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