Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Julian's Bullion

Nice Headline!
In today's episode Tracy finally admits that Luke is acting weird, Ric makes his move on Liz and Sonny torments Ava on the island!

Here's What Happened - 

Alexis wants to know how Julian got out of jail at the hospital. Julian explains that he got out just in time to save Lucas. He tells her that Lucas is still in danger and his boss admitted to having Lucas shot. Alexis tells him not to go back to work despite what's happened. However, Julian thinks it's his only option so no one else gets hurt. Alexis implores him to talk to Anna, but he doesn't trust Anna. Alexis worries that his choice to return to work will effect their relationship. Then Alexis says she loves him and walks away.

Anna tells Dante that she's releasing Jordan at the PCPD. Anna claims it's because he fumbled the miranda rights. Dante can't believe he made a mistake so Anna explains that Jordan's a DEA agent and they need to say that as a cover for letting her out. Anna also tells him that Julian has a boss. Meanwhile, Shawn goes to see Jordan in jail. She tells him that she's protected and will be released soon to continue her business. Shawn can't believe that she's going to continue working for the Jerome's. At the end, Dante tells Jordan she's free to go and Anna gets a visit from Julian. He says that he's ready to tell her who he's working for.

Carly talks to Luke at the Metro Court about Lucas. Then Franco comes to see her and she excuses herself to chat with him about Sonny's situation with Ava. Ric walks up to them to say hi and he and Carly exchange snarky comments. Then Ric ends up talking with Luke and asks why Luke told Sonny he's working against him. Luke says he was being precautious. Ric warns Luke not to cross him, because he's just a dangerous as Sonny. Meanwhile, Franco wonders if Carly will feel guilty for letting Sonny kill Ava. 

After Olivia has a drink with Luke at the bar. He suggests that she should have Ric tossed out of the Metro Court. She opts not to, but confides in him that Sonny cheated on her with Ava. Luke tells her she's beautiful and can do a lot better. He offers to take her somewhere private to talk, but Olivia says she'll be okay. Then she tells him to return home to his new bride. Before leaving, Luke gives her a gross cheek kiss and warns her to look out for Ric Lansing. Later, Olivia tells Carly that Sonny slept with Ava and broke Morgan's heart. Meanwhile, Liz joins Ric on the terrace at the Metro Court for their romance dinner. They sit down and he has a violinist play for her. Ric asks Liz to dance. During their dance, they end up kissing. He asks her to spend the night with him. Liz says she's ready and replies, "Let's go!"

Lulu goes to see Tracy at the Quartermaine's. Tracy says she wants to discuss Luke, because something is off. She tells Lulu about Ned saying Luke tried to kill him. They both agree that Luke's not a murderer, but Tracy says she's noticed that Luke is different. Tracy explains that he's been disappearing a lot. Lulu says he's been planning their honeymoon and that's why he's been sneaking around. At the end, Luke returns to the Q's and Tracy tells him that she's thrilled about his honeymoon plans.

Ava gets a surprise visit from Sonny on the island. He says he wants to spend some alone time with her and starts to taunt her about his motives. First he confronts her for shooting Olivia. Ava admits it, but insists it was an accident and Franco was the target. Then Sonny says she's not untouchable and he'll hurt her if he has to. Ava tries to work her manipulative magic and pleads her case. At the end, Sonny seethes and says that he knows she killed Connie!

End of show!

No way Ava gets killed. Can anyone say fake pregnancy? I wish this Not-Luke stuff would wrap up already! Are you enjoying this story?

Have a great night!

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