Friday, May 30, 2014

I'm Having Your Baby

Proof positive!
In today's show Ava works her magic on Sonny, Ric is wrongfully accused and the real Luke Spencer learns about Not-Luke's evil misdeeds!

Friday's Recap - 

Morgan gets drunk at The Floating Rib and nearly gets himself tossed out by the bartender. Olivia comes in and stops them. Then she takes him aside to a booth and tries to talk to him. Olivia apologizes for what he's gone through and says she knows about Sonny sleeping with Ava. Olivia also tells him that Sonny's actions have nothing to do with how he feels about Morgan. They agree it's painful for them and Morgan says there is a way they can feel better. Olivia asks how so he kisses her. She quickly pushes him away and says revenge sex is not in the cards. Olivia goes on to say that revenge never works and the pain will go away. Then she drives him home.

At the Metro Court, Ric insists that he's innocent to Anna, her officers and Liz. Anna tells him that Julian named him as his boss and then one of her detectives finds a gun in Ric's room. Ric says it's a plant as Liz watches in horror. He runs to her and pleads with her to believe that he's being framed. Then the police drag Ric from his room as he screams at Liz to trust him. At the end, Anna informs Ric at the PCPD that the gun they found had his finger prints on it and tells him to consider himself under arrest.

Alexis wants Julian to tell her who his boss is at her house. He answers Ric Lansing. Alexis says she doesn't believe it and questions if Julian is telling the truth. Julian swears on his children that he's telling her the truth. Alexis is devastated at the idea. She asks him to explain how all this came to pass. Julian lies and claims he met Ric when he was in witness protection. He tells her that Ric wanted to bleed Sonny dry. Alexis panics about how she's going to explain this to Molly. Thinking of Molly, Julian feels guilty and goes to tell her the truth. However, right then Liz knocks on the door and asks Alexis to help Ric. Alexis says she can't help Ric and she should call Diane. Liz storms in and asks Julian why he's trying to set Ric up. Julian denies it and Alexis takes his side. Liz takes off in anger and after Julian asks Alexis if they're relationship will survive this. Alexis tells him that they're okay and after she calls Molly to come home.

Ava tells Sonny she's preggers on the island to stop him from shooting her. Sonny doesn't believe her and thinks it's another ruse. Ava says she can prove it to him and pulls out a pregnancy test from the trash. It has a plus sign on it and she says she took it with no clue he was coming. Ava also says that it could be Morgan's child. Sonny puts the gun to her throat and says there are many possible father's, because she's a whore. Ava says he and Morgan are the only men she's slept with since coming to Port Charles. Sonny decides that he's taking her to PC and if it's true, he'll wait to kill her in nine months.

Over at the Miscavige Institute, the real Luke sits in a straight jacket in a comatose haze while Not-Luke torments him in his padded cell. Not-Luke explains that he's studied Luke for years while planning to take over his life. He says when Luke tried to save Carly during Heather's kidnapping it gave him the right opportunity to step in. Then Not-Luke tells him about marrying Tracy and taunts him about their sex life. Luke clumsily screams for him to leave Tracy alone and threatens to kill him. Not-Luke teases him that he's helpless and too drugged up to do anything. Luke spits on him. Not-Luke gets pissed and says he's leaving town because of Lulu's big mouth. Then he mentions Rocco and the fake honeymoon scam. Not-Luke also tells him about setting up Ric. At the end, Luke asks Not-Luke who he really is. Not-Luke answers, "Wouldn't you like to know!" and walks out.

End of show!

Tell us who Not-Luke is already, grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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