Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I Killed An Innocent Man

Today's Show - 

Patrick brings Emma to visit Sabrina and the baby at the prenatal unit. Emma brings the baby her stuffed Koala bear and asks what her little brother's name is. Realizing they need to name him, Patrick and Sabrina say it's time to pick a name. Sabrina chooses Gabriel after her mother Gabriela. Then she decides to make Drake his middle name after Patrick and Emma making him, Gabriel Drake Santiago. 

Ric finds a creative way to ask Liz out at GH. He has Cameron use an origami to ask her to dinner. Liz is flattered and Ric says he wants to take her somewhere special. He says he wants to get dressed up, have a romantic dinner and see where the night takes them. Liz agrees to go. 

At Kelly's, Dante and Lulu discuss the shooting at the gallery. Lulu mentions that she was at the park during the shooting with Luke. Then she brings up making an appointment to explore her carrying their embryo. However, Lulu assures Dante that they'll make this decision together.

Luke tries to cut off Lucas's oxygen at the hospital, but Julian bursts in and orders him to get away. Luke taunts him about the shooting and tells Julian there's nothing he can do to stop him. Luke threatens to kill off all his family if Julian doesn't come back to work. Julian says he'll turn Luke into the police, but Luke says he has a long reach even from jail. 

On the island, Ava prepares to leave for Port Charles. Kiki calls her and asks where she's been. Ava claims she needed some rest and relaxation, but Kiki wonders if it had anything to do with Julian getting arrested. Ava says she's been trying to move away from Julian and it leads to a conversation about her sleeping with Sonny. Ava explains that they got caught up in the heat of the moment and it was a one time thing.  Ava continues to say that she thinks she's on good terms with Sonny now.  

Carly plays the recording on AJ's phone for Sonny at his office. At first Sonny thinks it's a joke, but Carly insists it's true and plays the part where Ava admits to killing Connie. Once Sonny realizes it's for real, he chokes up and says, "I killed an innocent man!" Then he becomes furious with Ava and puts together how she played him. Sonny feels that he betrayed Connie's memory, but Carly tells him that it's not his fault because Ava tricked him. After Sonny says that he's going to kill Ava. 

End of Show!

The last part of GH was interrupted today. You can watch the missing part below!

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