Thursday, May 1, 2014

GH May 2014 News, Rumors & Spoilers

According to General Hospital Happenings here's what's coming up for May! 
As always, take with a grain of salt!

Some News - 

Michael Saucedo will be making another appearance as Juan sometime in June. His rep confirms:"Yes, he'll be back again as Cousin Juan. His air date is to be determined".
Michael is excited for his return as Sabrina's cousin. (source: SID)

Teresa Castillo's last tape date prior to maternity leave is May 24th, according to SID.

Wally Kurth (Ned) tweeted, "Thanks for all the kind words. Love being back in PC. Please let me stay."

Looks like Spinelli and Ellie will be showing up in May.

Update: Michelle Stafford joins GH. Read here -- > Meet Nina Clay

A Few Rumors - 

Some suggest that Sam and Carly will be made aware (at least at some point) that Robin left Port Charles in an attempt to save Jason. Nevertheless, it is said by some, it seems that Sam does not want to bet her own future on it. A Jason recast for this summer could be in the works. :(

Looks like Ava will fake a pregnancy to cover her butt, but someone's anger could eventually lead to her downfall. 

GH May Spoilers - 

The Nurses Ball kicks off on May 8th or 9th and runs through May 13th.
(The NB "eve" begins airing on May 7th)

There will be several notable absences from the red carpet (those folks will be stuck at home watching the festivities on TV), as well as fun performances and sexy surprises.

Old and new loves will percolate while others find themselves in awkward situations.

Dr. Obrecht drops a bombshell before/during the Nurses Ball.

Lucy's affair with Scott will come up during the Nurses Ball. Bobbie is thrown in the mix. 

Nathan's budding jealousy of Maxi and Levi becomes more apparent.
(Is there more to Levi than meets the eye?)

Duke working for Sonny remains an issue between him and Anna.

Ned does all he can to stop Luke and Tracy from marrying, and from Luke getting his hands on ELQ.

Victor's return serves several functions and impacts two different storylines.

There is a war brewing between Sonny, Julian and Luke. 

Carly is getting closer to the truth about who really shot Connie, but does she realize that 
exposing Ava could also expose Sonny?

Will Michael learn the truth about who shot his father, and if so, how will it affect his relationships? 

We will learn more about Dante and Lulu's embryo.

Patrick hears from Robin.

Alexis invites Julian to be her date to the Nurse's Ball.

Down the road, we will learn that Jerry Jacks knows why Jason was saved.

Are you looking forward to this month?

Anna & Duke teach Emma & Cameron the Tango for the Nurse's Ball!
Happy May Sweeps!

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  1. I wish Jax would return instead of Jerry, but I am looking for the finale reveal of who shoot Connie. It's been nearly a year since she was killed and this has dragged out for so long. Obviously the writer's had to scramble when Sean Kanan left, but Sonny should have figured this out already!!!!!!


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