Thursday, May 15, 2014

Clean Up Your Act

Embryo Happiness!
In today's show Dante and Lulu talk baby options, Michael contemplates the value of being CEO and Alexis tries to convince Julian to get out of the mob!

Here's What Happened - 

Dante worries about Olivia's heartbreak over Sonny at his place. Lulu tells him that she thought Sonny and Olivia really had a shot at real love and doesn't understand why Sonny would mess up that up. Dante says it's because Sonny is a selfish jerk and promises he'll never be like that. They end up having sex and after Anna stops by. She tells them that the missing embryo is definitely their's and shows them the test results. Everyone agrees that releasing Dr. O was the right call since it saved their embryo. Later they talk about finding another surrogate mother. Lulu wonders if she can carry afterall.

Over at the Quartermaine's, Luke can't stop thinking about losing his foothold on ELQ. Tracy is hot to trot and wants to have some morning sex. Luke says he can't focus on that right now, because he wants to get back at Michael. Tracy says heads will roll when she gets started, but for now she wants enjoy some time together. Tracy angles again for sex and Luke complies, but thinks of Kiki while he's at it. After they agree to meet for lunch later and go their separate ways.

At Kelly's, TJ and Jordan have a chat about how proud she is of him. She gives him a car as a graduation gift. TJ is ecstatic, but Shawn's not pleased. TJ runs outside to see it and once alone, Shawn accuses her of using drug money to buy the car. Jordan again threatens to tell TJ about what Shawn did his father. Right then TJ walks in and asks what they're talking about. Jordan tells him it's nothing and not to worry about it.

Michael talks to Edward's picture and promises to keep Luke away at ELQ. Kiki stops by for a visit and asks if he's done working for Sonny now. Michael thinks ELQ lost some appeal without AJ and that he only took over because of what Luke did to her. Kiki tells him he should run the company to honor AJ. Later Tracy stops by and tries to convince Michael to quit. They get into a conversation about Luke's odd behavior and Kiki tries again to tell Tracy how about Luke's aggressive passes toward her. Tracy still refuses to believe it, but Michael questions how well she really knows him.

Julian leaves a message for Luke while he's at Alexis's place in his tight undies and she overhears. She asks who he was talking to, but he quickly changes the subject. They end up having sex again. After Julian talks about how good it feels to have her and Sam in his life. Alexis tells him he should get out of the business. She explains the benefits of a mob free life and tells him that he should, "clean up your act!" Julian replies that he can't do that. He says he's worked too hard to get where he is and can't just give it up. Julian adds that the man he answers to won't like it. She asks who this mystery man is, but Julian says it's dangerous for her to know and refuses. Alexis walks off upset.

Duke tells Sonny that Michael is the new CEO of ELQ on the docks. After Duke wants to talk about the Jerome's and tells Sonny it's time to let go of the remorse he's feels over what he did to AJ. Sonny agrees they need to focus on Julian. Duke tells him when Julian's next drug shipment will arrive and suggests that they pass the information along to Anna. Sonny agrees. Later Duke tells Anna outside of Kelly's about the drug shipment. She agrees to take the information if Duke quits working for Sonny. Duke convinces her to take it without strings attached. Meanwhile, Luke runs into Sonny when he's alone and says ELQ isn't good for Michael. They get into a strange conversation and Sonny eludes to having a plan to take Julian down. 

End of show!

Alexis should know by now that the men she loves will never leave the mob!

Have a great night!

P.S. In case you missed yesterday's show you can catch up here --- > GH 05/14/14

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