Friday, May 30, 2014

I'm Having Your Baby

Proof positive!
In today's show Ava works her magic on Sonny, Ric is wrongfully accused and the real Luke Spencer learns about Not-Luke's evil misdeeds!

Friday's Recap - 

Morgan gets drunk at The Floating Rib and nearly gets himself tossed out by the bartender. Olivia comes in and stops them. Then she takes him aside to a booth and tries to talk to him. Olivia apologizes for what he's gone through and says she knows about Sonny sleeping with Ava. Olivia also tells him that Sonny's actions have nothing to do with how he feels about Morgan. They agree it's painful for them and Morgan says there is a way they can feel better. Olivia asks how so he kisses her. She quickly pushes him away and says revenge sex is not in the cards. Olivia goes on to say that revenge never works and the pain will go away. Then she drives him home.

At the Metro Court, Ric insists that he's innocent to Anna, her officers and Liz. Anna tells him that Julian named him as his boss and then one of her detectives finds a gun in Ric's room. Ric says it's a plant as Liz watches in horror. He runs to her and pleads with her to believe that he's being framed. Then the police drag Ric from his room as he screams at Liz to trust him. At the end, Anna informs Ric at the PCPD that the gun they found had his finger prints on it and tells him to consider himself under arrest.

Alexis wants Julian to tell her who his boss is at her house. He answers Ric Lansing. Alexis says she doesn't believe it and questions if Julian is telling the truth. Julian swears on his children that he's telling her the truth. Alexis is devastated at the idea. She asks him to explain how all this came to pass. Julian lies and claims he met Ric when he was in witness protection. He tells her that Ric wanted to bleed Sonny dry. Alexis panics about how she's going to explain this to Molly. Thinking of Molly, Julian feels guilty and goes to tell her the truth. However, right then Liz knocks on the door and asks Alexis to help Ric. Alexis says she can't help Ric and she should call Diane. Liz storms in and asks Julian why he's trying to set Ric up. Julian denies it and Alexis takes his side. Liz takes off in anger and after Julian asks Alexis if they're relationship will survive this. Alexis tells him that they're okay and after she calls Molly to come home.

Ava tells Sonny she's preggers on the island to stop him from shooting her. Sonny doesn't believe her and thinks it's another ruse. Ava says she can prove it to him and pulls out a pregnancy test from the trash. It has a plus sign on it and she says she took it with no clue he was coming. Ava also says that it could be Morgan's child. Sonny puts the gun to her throat and says there are many possible father's, because she's a whore. Ava says he and Morgan are the only men she's slept with since coming to Port Charles. Sonny decides that he's taking her to PC and if it's true, he'll wait to kill her in nine months.

Over at the Miscavige Institute, the real Luke sits in a straight jacket in a comatose haze while Not-Luke torments him in his padded cell. Not-Luke explains that he's studied Luke for years while planning to take over his life. He says when Luke tried to save Carly during Heather's kidnapping it gave him the right opportunity to step in. Then Not-Luke tells him about marrying Tracy and taunts him about their sex life. Luke clumsily screams for him to leave Tracy alone and threatens to kill him. Not-Luke teases him that he's helpless and too drugged up to do anything. Luke spits on him. Not-Luke gets pissed and says he's leaving town because of Lulu's big mouth. Then he mentions Rocco and the fake honeymoon scam. Not-Luke also tells him about setting up Ric. At the end, Luke asks Not-Luke who he really is. Not-Luke answers, "Wouldn't you like to know!" and walks out.

End of show!

Tell us who Not-Luke is already, grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

When Do We Leave?

What Honeymoon?
Today's Show - 

Alexis finds Nikolas waiting at her house for her. They discuss her recent trust issues with Molly and the shooting at the gallery. Then they start talking about his romance issues with Liz. Nik brings up Liz reuniting with Ric. Alexis says she is aware of that because Ric told her when he professed that he's not Julian's boss. Then Alexis asks him if he really loves Liz or is he just trying to fill a void. Nikolas replies that he's always loved Elizabeth.

Julian tells Anna at the PCPD that he's ready to talk about his boss. Anna thinks he's playing with her and refuses to listen to him. Anna says she won't make deals with him, but Julian says he's gone over her head. Then Scott appears and says he's offering Julian full immunity. Anna is upset, but Scotty insists that catching Julian's boss is worth it. Later Julian pulls up the paper trail behind his operation for them to see.

Tracy can't wait for her honeymoon with Luke at the Q's. He asks what she's talking about so Tracy says Lulu told her everything. Tracy gushes, "When do we leave?" Luke says they can leave tonight and she should pack a little of everything. Later Julian comes to visit Luke and says he'll continue working for if he stays away from his family. Julian also tells him that he named Ric as his "boss" who happens to be an innocent man. Luke says he also planted evidence in Ric's room. Luke asks him to mind the operation while's he's out of town with Tracy. At the end, Julian heads to Alexis's house and tells her that he outed his boss. Meanwhile Not-Luke heads to Miscavige to see the real Luke locked in a padded cell.

Liz and Ric head to his hotel room at the Metro Court. She calls to check on the boys and takes a shot of scotch. Liz says she's nervous, because things haven't always gone well for them in the past. She asks him not to hurt her again. She notices that he's wearing a watch she'd given him when they were married. He says the watch makes him feel like the past is in the past and the future is open. Then they hit the sheets and after Ric promises to make it right this time. At the end, Anna comes knocking on the door with a warrant while Liz is still in bed. Anna says she's investigating him as the head of the Jerome crime family.

Michael is stuck in ELQ hell so Kiki brings him Chinese food to keep up his strength. Kiki tells him about Sonny having sex with Ava. Michael is surprised and asks why Morgan didn't tell him. Kiki says because she asked him not to. Michael wishes that she told him so he could have supported Morgan. Kiki apologizes and they agree to trust each other from now on. Later they have sex in his office.

On the island, Sonny continues to play games with Ava. He says he knows she killed Connie. Ava insists she's innocent so Sonny screams at her to stop lying. Then he coldly whispers that she's going to pay for what she's done. Sonny recounts the events leading up to AJ's murder and then pulls his gun out. Ava pleads with him to hear her out, because she's pregnant!

End of show!

Enjoy the preview for tomorrow's show below!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Julian's Bullion

Nice Headline!
In today's episode Tracy finally admits that Luke is acting weird, Ric makes his move on Liz and Sonny torments Ava on the island!

Here's What Happened - 

Alexis wants to know how Julian got out of jail at the hospital. Julian explains that he got out just in time to save Lucas. He tells her that Lucas is still in danger and his boss admitted to having Lucas shot. Alexis tells him not to go back to work despite what's happened. However, Julian thinks it's his only option so no one else gets hurt. Alexis implores him to talk to Anna, but he doesn't trust Anna. Alexis worries that his choice to return to work will effect their relationship. Then Alexis says she loves him and walks away.

Anna tells Dante that she's releasing Jordan at the PCPD. Anna claims it's because he fumbled the miranda rights. Dante can't believe he made a mistake so Anna explains that Jordan's a DEA agent and they need to say that as a cover for letting her out. Anna also tells him that Julian has a boss. Meanwhile, Shawn goes to see Jordan in jail. She tells him that she's protected and will be released soon to continue her business. Shawn can't believe that she's going to continue working for the Jerome's. At the end, Dante tells Jordan she's free to go and Anna gets a visit from Julian. He says that he's ready to tell her who he's working for.

Carly talks to Luke at the Metro Court about Lucas. Then Franco comes to see her and she excuses herself to chat with him about Sonny's situation with Ava. Ric walks up to them to say hi and he and Carly exchange snarky comments. Then Ric ends up talking with Luke and asks why Luke told Sonny he's working against him. Luke says he was being precautious. Ric warns Luke not to cross him, because he's just a dangerous as Sonny. Meanwhile, Franco wonders if Carly will feel guilty for letting Sonny kill Ava. 

After Olivia has a drink with Luke at the bar. He suggests that she should have Ric tossed out of the Metro Court. She opts not to, but confides in him that Sonny cheated on her with Ava. Luke tells her she's beautiful and can do a lot better. He offers to take her somewhere private to talk, but Olivia says she'll be okay. Then she tells him to return home to his new bride. Before leaving, Luke gives her a gross cheek kiss and warns her to look out for Ric Lansing. Later, Olivia tells Carly that Sonny slept with Ava and broke Morgan's heart. Meanwhile, Liz joins Ric on the terrace at the Metro Court for their romance dinner. They sit down and he has a violinist play for her. Ric asks Liz to dance. During their dance, they end up kissing. He asks her to spend the night with him. Liz says she's ready and replies, "Let's go!"

Lulu goes to see Tracy at the Quartermaine's. Tracy says she wants to discuss Luke, because something is off. She tells Lulu about Ned saying Luke tried to kill him. They both agree that Luke's not a murderer, but Tracy says she's noticed that Luke is different. Tracy explains that he's been disappearing a lot. Lulu says he's been planning their honeymoon and that's why he's been sneaking around. At the end, Luke returns to the Q's and Tracy tells him that she's thrilled about his honeymoon plans.

Ava gets a surprise visit from Sonny on the island. He says he wants to spend some alone time with her and starts to taunt her about his motives. First he confronts her for shooting Olivia. Ava admits it, but insists it was an accident and Franco was the target. Then Sonny says she's not untouchable and he'll hurt her if he has to. Ava tries to work her manipulative magic and pleads her case. At the end, Sonny seethes and says that he knows she killed Connie!

End of show!

No way Ava gets killed. Can anyone say fake pregnancy? I wish this Not-Luke stuff would wrap up already! Are you enjoying this story?

Have a great night!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I Killed An Innocent Man

Today's Show - 

Patrick brings Emma to visit Sabrina and the baby at the prenatal unit. Emma brings the baby her stuffed Koala bear and asks what her little brother's name is. Realizing they need to name him, Patrick and Sabrina say it's time to pick a name. Sabrina chooses Gabriel after her mother Gabriela. Then she decides to make Drake his middle name after Patrick and Emma making him, Gabriel Drake Santiago. 

Ric finds a creative way to ask Liz out at GH. He has Cameron use an origami to ask her to dinner. Liz is flattered and Ric says he wants to take her somewhere special. He says he wants to get dressed up, have a romantic dinner and see where the night takes them. Liz agrees to go. 

At Kelly's, Dante and Lulu discuss the shooting at the gallery. Lulu mentions that she was at the park during the shooting with Luke. Then she brings up making an appointment to explore her carrying their embryo. However, Lulu assures Dante that they'll make this decision together.

Luke tries to cut off Lucas's oxygen at the hospital, but Julian bursts in and orders him to get away. Luke taunts him about the shooting and tells Julian there's nothing he can do to stop him. Luke threatens to kill off all his family if Julian doesn't come back to work. Julian says he'll turn Luke into the police, but Luke says he has a long reach even from jail. 

On the island, Ava prepares to leave for Port Charles. Kiki calls her and asks where she's been. Ava claims she needed some rest and relaxation, but Kiki wonders if it had anything to do with Julian getting arrested. Ava says she's been trying to move away from Julian and it leads to a conversation about her sleeping with Sonny. Ava explains that they got caught up in the heat of the moment and it was a one time thing.  Ava continues to say that she thinks she's on good terms with Sonny now.  

Carly plays the recording on AJ's phone for Sonny at his office. At first Sonny thinks it's a joke, but Carly insists it's true and plays the part where Ava admits to killing Connie. Once Sonny realizes it's for real, he chokes up and says, "I killed an innocent man!" Then he becomes furious with Ava and puts together how she played him. Sonny feels that he betrayed Connie's memory, but Carly tells him that it's not his fault because Ava tricked him. After Sonny says that he's going to kill Ava. 

End of Show!

The last part of GH was interrupted today. You can watch the missing part below!

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

I'm back!!! 

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend!

GH will be a repeat today.

For a sneak peak of what's coming up this week click here --- > Week of May 26th

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Preview for the Week of May 19th

Gone Fishing!
I'm on vacation this week and will be back after Memorial Day. My hubby and I are headed to Niagara Falls with some friends. I hope everyone enjoys GH and let me know in the comments what your liking and/or hating this week! 

Week of May 19th

5/19 Luke arrives at Alexis' door with an agenda.
Julian hosts a family dinner at the art gallery.

5/20 Carly and Franco seek help from an old friend (Spinelli).
Maxie gets a notice to appear in court regarding her baby.
The police prepare to take down the Mob.

5/21 TJ learns something disturbing (regarding his mother's past and present).
Carly and Franco find out new info, but is the new info about their intended target, or do they discover another secret? 

5/22 Molly comforts TJ.
Elizabeth and Ric share a bonding moment.
Tracy catches Ned in a precarious situation with Luke. 

5/23 Kevin has news for Lucy.
Carly and Franco try to come to a decision regarding the new information. 
TJ confronts Jordan about the truth.

From the GH ABC Blog:

If it wasn’t Sam, who sent Silas the flowers?

Julian calls a family dinner to make a startling announcement.

Carly & Franco enlist the help of an old friend.

Someone in Port Charles is shot! And it’s not who you think.

Anna discovers something shocking about Jordan.

Duke seeks out sonny with urgent news.

You can find GH Daily Dish tidbits for May here: New, Rumors & Spoilers

Have a great week and a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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Friday, May 16, 2014

The Kiss

There is no us!
In this episode Julian tries to quit the mob, Lulu debates carrying the embryo herself and Liz pushes Nikolas away again!

Friday's Recap - 

Duke and Sonny chat at Kelly's about their hopes to take Julian down. Shawn joins in and they share the details with him about sabotaging Julian's shipment. Shawn thinks involving Anna was a bad move. Sonny agrees that he hates involving the cops, but he thinks it's their best option. Later Shawn and Duke talk alone and Shawn tells him that TJ is going to lose his mother because of this. Duke says he's waited half his life to take Julian down. Shawn eludes that he might tip Jordan off so she doesn't get busted. Duke warns him against doing that, because Sonny won't like it. 

Lulu wonders if she can carry her and Dante's embryo at their apartment. Dante thinks it's a bad idea given her previous health issues. Lulu says she's done online research and she might have a shot with the aid of surgery. Dante is worried that she will miscarry and thus destroy their last embryo. Then Dante gets called to the police station and has to leave. At the end, Lulu decides to call the doctor and makes an appointment.

Alexis tells Julian that she understands it's harder for him to quit the mob then it is for her to ask him to leave at her place. They kiss and as soon as he leaves she calls Ric to come over. When Ric arrives, Alexis begs him to let Julian out of the mob thinking he's the big boss. Ric insists that he's not Mr. Big. He passionately explains that his motive for returning to PC was Molly and Elizabeth. Alexis makes him swear on Molly's life to prove he's telling the truth. Ric does and Alexis finally believes him. Ric suggests that she shouldn't date mobbed up men, but Alexis says she hasn't felt this way about someone since they were together. Ric says that he wishes her the best and will always care about her. 

Nikolas comes to see Liz at GH and she tells him that she moving out of Windermere. He asks why and after some prodding, Liz says it's because of Ric. She tells him that she's decided to give Ric another try. Nikolas says that's a huge mistake. Nik rattles off Ric's many ugly past offenses and questions Liz's thinking. He decides to kiss her to prove that she loves him more then Ric. Liz pushes him away and gets teary eyed. She scolds him for picking Brit over her before and says she won't be his rebound girl. Liz says they'll never be together, because the timing will never be right for them. Then she quickly walks out and runs into Ric on her way to the elevators. Nik tries to go after her, but sees her with Ric as the elevator door closes.

TJ overhears Jordan talking about a shipment from Columbia at the art gallery. When TJ asks what the product is, Jordan claims it's vases. TJ believes her. She tells him that she took the job with Julian to provide a better life for him. TJ hugs her and says he knows she'd never having anything to do with drugs. Then she ironically warns TJ against ever using drugs. At the end, Shawn shows up on at the gallery.

Julian meets Luke on the docks and they discuss Ava. Julian says he doesn't know where Ava is. Luke says they'll have to kill her when she returns, but Julian says he won't do that and that he's quits. He explains the value he's found in having a family, but Luke quickly reminds him that he funded all of Julian's businesses. He tells Julian to forget going legit and grabs his arm. Luke reminds Julian that there are consequences for leaving the mob. Julian doesn't want to hear it and calls Luke's bluff. He says he knows where all the bodies are buried and he'll expose Luke if he doesn't leave him alone. Luke reluctantly shakes Julian's hand and they wish each other good luck. At the end, Julian tries calling Alexis but gets her voice mail. Meanwhile Luke stops by Alexis's house with a gun.

End of show!

Are you happy about Liz's choice?

Enjoy Monday's preview below!

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Clean Up Your Act

Embryo Happiness!
In today's show Dante and Lulu talk baby options, Michael contemplates the value of being CEO and Alexis tries to convince Julian to get out of the mob!

Here's What Happened - 

Dante worries about Olivia's heartbreak over Sonny at his place. Lulu tells him that she thought Sonny and Olivia really had a shot at real love and doesn't understand why Sonny would mess up that up. Dante says it's because Sonny is a selfish jerk and promises he'll never be like that. They end up having sex and after Anna stops by. She tells them that the missing embryo is definitely their's and shows them the test results. Everyone agrees that releasing Dr. O was the right call since it saved their embryo. Later they talk about finding another surrogate mother. Lulu wonders if she can carry afterall.

Over at the Quartermaine's, Luke can't stop thinking about losing his foothold on ELQ. Tracy is hot to trot and wants to have some morning sex. Luke says he can't focus on that right now, because he wants to get back at Michael. Tracy says heads will roll when she gets started, but for now she wants enjoy some time together. Tracy angles again for sex and Luke complies, but thinks of Kiki while he's at it. After they agree to meet for lunch later and go their separate ways.

At Kelly's, TJ and Jordan have a chat about how proud she is of him. She gives him a car as a graduation gift. TJ is ecstatic, but Shawn's not pleased. TJ runs outside to see it and once alone, Shawn accuses her of using drug money to buy the car. Jordan again threatens to tell TJ about what Shawn did his father. Right then TJ walks in and asks what they're talking about. Jordan tells him it's nothing and not to worry about it.

Michael talks to Edward's picture and promises to keep Luke away at ELQ. Kiki stops by for a visit and asks if he's done working for Sonny now. Michael thinks ELQ lost some appeal without AJ and that he only took over because of what Luke did to her. Kiki tells him he should run the company to honor AJ. Later Tracy stops by and tries to convince Michael to quit. They get into a conversation about Luke's odd behavior and Kiki tries again to tell Tracy how about Luke's aggressive passes toward her. Tracy still refuses to believe it, but Michael questions how well she really knows him.

Julian leaves a message for Luke while he's at Alexis's place in his tight undies and she overhears. She asks who he was talking to, but he quickly changes the subject. They end up having sex again. After Julian talks about how good it feels to have her and Sam in his life. Alexis tells him he should get out of the business. She explains the benefits of a mob free life and tells him that he should, "clean up your act!" Julian replies that he can't do that. He says he's worked too hard to get where he is and can't just give it up. Julian adds that the man he answers to won't like it. She asks who this mystery man is, but Julian says it's dangerous for her to know and refuses. Alexis walks off upset.

Duke tells Sonny that Michael is the new CEO of ELQ on the docks. After Duke wants to talk about the Jerome's and tells Sonny it's time to let go of the remorse he's feels over what he did to AJ. Sonny agrees they need to focus on Julian. Duke tells him when Julian's next drug shipment will arrive and suggests that they pass the information along to Anna. Sonny agrees. Later Duke tells Anna outside of Kelly's about the drug shipment. She agrees to take the information if Duke quits working for Sonny. Duke convinces her to take it without strings attached. Meanwhile, Luke runs into Sonny when he's alone and says ELQ isn't good for Michael. They get into a strange conversation and Sonny eludes to having a plan to take Julian down. 

End of show!

Alexis should know by now that the men she loves will never leave the mob!

Have a great night!

P.S. In case you missed yesterday's show you can catch up here --- > GH 05/14/14

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mile High

Meet me in the bathroom!
No official recap today. Here's an excerpt from the ABC GH Blog:

Franco & Carly have AJ's phone and skip town to get the message on it deciphered. On the plane, Carly & Franco try to distract themselves by joining the Mile High Club.

Enjoy some scenes from today's show below!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Nurse's Ball Concludes

You're Not Alone!
The ball wraps up in this episode with four more performances, Dr. Obrecht sings her heart out and Kevin finally learns about Lucy's affair with Scott! 

Today's Show - 

At the ball, Brad wants to know if Lucas liked his kiss. Brit wants to know if Nik will ever forgive her. Ric asks Liz if they have a chance and Spencer begs Emma to forgive him. Emma tells Spencer that she does forgive him, but she's going home with Cameron. Nikolas tells Brit that there is probably nothing she can do to right the wrong. Lucas blows Brad off and Liz tells Ric that she will give him another chance.

Over at the hospital, Patrick and Sabrina keep watch over their baby in the prenatal unit. They discuss the various events at the Nurse's Ball and Emma's drama with Spencer. Then the baby's heart monitor starts beeping. The doctor's come in and tell them the baby isn't getting enough oxygen. After the doctor tells Sabrina and Patrick that the baby is stable, but they need to leave. He thinks they may have brought a contaminate into the baby's room. Sabrina is distraught that she can't be close to her baby and whines on Patrick shoulder as they look through the window.

In Lucy's dressing room, Scotty pleads with Lucy to reconsider her decision to stay with Kevin. Lucy goes running out in her underwear and tries to tell Scott no. However, he follows her and pressures her to tell him she wants him. She gives in and says that yes she does still want him. Then they start kissing. Out in the audience, Kevin waits for Lucy's special performance. The curtain goes up and everyone sees Lucy kissing Scott in her undies, including Kevin. Lucy tries to tell Kevin that this was just a joke, but Kevin isn't interested and walks out. Lucy follows him into the hallway and ends up revealing the details of how the affair started. She tells him that she loves him, but Kevin says it doesn't matter and walks away.

Felix jumps on stage and introduces the next act, which is Molly and TJ performing Depeche Mode's, Just can't get enough. After Brit chats with Nathan and asks how long he's been hot for Maxie. Dr. Obrecht sees them talking and tries to make nice with her kids, but Brit tells her that she was a horrible mother. Then Felix takes the stage again and gives a tribute to Sabrina. Emma then sings, Little Things, with the help of a keyboardist. Next up, Dr. Obrecht takes the stage. She dedicates the song Always on my mind to Nathan and Brit. 

At the end, Scotty finds Lucy alone in her dressing room again. He hopes this means they can be together, but Lucy orders him to leave. Back on the stage, Felix thanks the audience for a great 2014 ball and introduces Epiphany as the final act. Epiphany sings the song, You're not Alone. After we see everyone clearing out of the ballroom. Mac finds Kevin and comforts him. Felicia heads to Lucy's dressing room and hugs her. Nathan ends up giving Brit and Dr. O a ride home and little Emma heads to the hospital to hug Patrick and Sabrina. Then Anna and many others join them in support of the baby.

End of show!

So now that it's over, did you enjoy the Nurse's Ball?

Have a great night!

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Beat Goes On

In this episode the ball continues with fun performances, romantic drama and lots of kid antics!

Monday's Recap - 

Sonny tries to talk to Olivia at the ball, but she refuses. Nearby Lulu and Maxie catch up and Lulu gets to meet Levi. Lulu recruits Maxie for a performance and Maxie runs into a topless Nathan backstage. Epiphany tells Milo she was disappointed not to see his full Monty. In the hallway, Cameron and Emma run into Spencer and Nik with Liz and Ric standing nearby. Cameron isn't pleased to see Spencer.

Britt tells Brad to do something about his dilemma with Lucas and Felix. On stage, Lucy introduces Blackie Parrish as the next act up for the Nurse's Ball, but then it turns out that Blackie had a scheduling issue and can't perform. In his place, Brad decides to get up and lip syncs with some backup dancers. Lucas and Felix aren't impressed and after Lucas tells him his song doesn't change a thing. Next up, Mac and Mr. Marbles take the stage, but Epiphany decides she's had enough. She takes Mr. Marbles and stomps on him in front of the whole audience. Poor Mac is devastated. 

Later Alexis meets Jordan. Nearby Spencer is delighted to see Brit and hugs her. Then the Haunted Starlets take the stage, which consists of Kiki, Lulu, Maxie, Sam and Molly dancing to, "I don't care, I love it!" Then Eddie Gomez takes the stage to sing a song. Look him up on twitter @eddiegomezmusic if you're interested. After Nik and Brit have an awkward conversation and he tells her it's not been easy for him to move on since their relationship ended. Then Emma and Cameron dance the tango together on stage. Spencer interrupts and has Player (Ronn Moss's band) perform the song, "Baby come back" for Emma. Later, Spencer thanks Ronn for his performance and Ronn says he'd do anything for his grandma Leslie. Then Emma walks in. Spencer runs to her, slides on his knees and asks Emma to come back to him.

Outside, Ned talks to Luke and Tracy and tells Luke he's no longer working at ELQ. Ned got the board to oust Tracy as CEO and put Michael in her place so he can fire Luke. Luke is astonished. Michael tells Tracy that Kiki wasn't lying about Luke's misdeeds towards her. Tracy tries to console Luke by saying at least we still have each other, but he looks nauseous. Back in the ballroom, Olivia runs away from Sonny. Britt asks Nik to forgive her. Ric asks Liz to give their romance another chance. Brad grabs Lucas and plants a kiss on him. Meanwhile in Lucy's dressing room, Scotty asks her to choose him! 

End of show!

What was the point of mentioning Blackie if he wasn't going to be there? Bizarre! Did you like Ronn Moss's band?

Have a great night!

Friday, May 9, 2014

The Nurse's Ball Continues...

Take it off!
In this episode the ball rages on with lots of cheers, jeers and a few tears!

Here's What Happened - 

Over in the Metro Court ballroom, Dr. Obrecht tells the audience how generous she's been to GH and tries to taunt Anna on stage. Thankfully Lucy takes charge and keeps the show rolling. Next on stage, Kiki performs with Liz, Lucas, TJ and Felix to Pink's, "Raise Your Glass" with a few extras dancing behind them. After Dr. O asks Dante and Lulu if they confirmed the embryo is theirs yet. Dante says no and tells her to go away. Then Nathan tells Dr. O that she means nothing to him.

At Windermere, Spencer tries to convince Nikolas to take him to the ball. Nik agrees and Spencer makes a phone call to Leslie to ask for a favor. At Maxie's Levi decides to take her to ball. She's delighted and goes to get dressed. Meanwhile, Brit and Brad continue to watch the show at home in shock while they watch Dr. O crash the ball. When Brad sees Lucas and Felix performing together he gets upset. Then he insists that Brit get dressed and says they should go to the ball.

Next up to perform at the ball, Eddie Maine! Ned performs as his alter ego and rocks the house to Meatloaf's, "You took the word right out of my mouth." After Ned and Tracy have a nice moment and she tells him that she loves him. Outside, Nathan and Anna chat during a brief pause in the show. He says he's trying to wrap his mind around Dr. O being his mother. Then Maxie walks in looking lovely and distracts him. He tells her that she looks stunning, but is disappointed that she brought Levi. Nearby Brit and Brad arrive at the ball and run into Lucas and Felix. Lucas notes that Brad brought Brit, his partner in crime. He also rubs his new friendship with Felix in Brad's face.

Back in the ballroom, Luke performs the Broadway number, "I am what I am." Kiki and Michael look on with disgust, but everyone else loves it. Then he says that he loves Tracy and wants to marry her right then and there. Luke asks Tracy if she's up for it. Tracy is shocked and Ned panics. Ned insists it's impossible, but Lucy and the audience disagree. Feeling pressured, Ned caves and offers his support. Tracy seems elated and agrees. Then they go on stage, Lucy performs the marriage vows and Luke and Tracy get married. Before they kiss, Luke scans all the hot ladies in the audience and thinks to himself, "Just kiss the bride, you almost have ELQ!"

Later Dante grills Sonny about what happened between him and Olivia. Sonny swears that he'll make it up to her. Nearby Lulu asks Olivia if she can forgive Sonny and she answers that she doesn't know. Meanwhile, Mac and Felicia are happy to run into Maxie, but Mac's not pleased to see Levi. Ned takes a minute to assure Michael and Kiki that the plan to take Luke down is still on. Meanwhile, Tracy throws her bouquet and Liz catches it. After Magic Milo and the naughty boys dance to AC DC's, "You shook me all night long" in white t-shirts and jeans. However by the end, everyone's shirt was off, Milo starts doing push ups and Nathan tosses his t-shirt to Maxie. Then the guys jump into the audience and dance around everyone. When they return to the stage, everyone rips off their jeans off and reveal that their boxers read, "Nurse's Ball!"

End of show!

Brit looked amazing! Tell us who NotLuke is already!

Enjoy Monday's Preview Below!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Nurse's Ball Begins!

Let's Rock!
Today's Show - 

The Ball begins with flashbacks from last year. Backstage Felicia goes to help Lucy in her dressing room wearing her Aztec princess necklace. Lucy mentions that she still misses Scotty and says she's glad Kevin didn't find out. Then Kevin walks in and asks what she's referring to. He brings Lucy red roses for luck. Felicia quickly covers for Lucy, by saying she's planning a surprise for him at the ball. Kevin believes it and after Lucy panics that now she has to come up with a number for him. 

Over at Windermere, Spencer asks Nikolas if he's going to be with aunt Elizabeth, because he looks at her like he wants to marry her. Nik says that's silly, but then Liz walks in looking fabulous for the ball and stuns him. Cameron also walks in wearing his tux. Spencer gets upset and they argue. Cameron says Spencer will be sitting home eating pizza in his Batman pajamas, while he's with Emma at the ball. Meanwhile, Nik tells Liz he hopes she has a good time. She tells him it's not to late for him to join in, but he says that he's all gala'ed out. Later when they're alone, Nik brings in pizza, while Spencer wears his Batman pajamas. Spencer remembers Cameron teasing him earlier and can't believe the irony. At the end, Spencer tells Nik they should go to the ball together. 

Shawn and Sonny talk at Sonny's office and Sonny tells him that he's not going to the ball. He explains what happened with Olivia, but Shawn thinks he should go to the ball and fight for her. Meanwhile, on the red carpet, Olivia gets grilled by the TV host about her relationship with Sonny. He asks if Sonny will join her, but she quickly scurries away. Later Sam and Silas arrive and Sam trips on the carpet. Poor Sam gets mortified, but tries to gain her dignity back. After Julian and Alexis walk the carpet, then TJ and Molly. Then Jordan and Shawn, Luke and Tracy, Kiki, Michael and Ned walk in. Olivia, now fully dressed for the ball, grabs Ned to walk the carpet with her. Suddenly Sonny appears and he and Olivia nearly get into a fight on camera. However Dante and Lulu save the day. Off the carpet, Olivia tells Dante that Sonny cheated on her and she won't sit with him. Dante wants Sonny to tell him who it was and is furious that he broke his mother's heart.

At Maxie's place, Nathan sees Maxie staring at the ball invitation and asks if she's having second thoughts. She pretends that she doesn't want to go and is looking forward to spending time with Levi. Nathan leaves and later Levi turns the TV off when Maxie tries to watch. Levi tries to explain that fashion and the red carpet are silly, but Maxie wants to watch anyway. Seeing how much Maxie loves it, Levi takes pity and says they should go to the ball afterall. 

Liz and Ric arrive after on the carpet and the host mentions a possible reunion. Emma and Cameron walk the carpet together and Cameron gives a special shout out to Spencer. Later he adds insult to injury by sending Spencer a taunting text and Emma reminds him that she likes nice guys. Then Lucas and Felix decide to walk the carpet together since they both came in alone. Later Duke and Anna arrive on the red carpet and Duke wears his traditional Scottish garb. Nathan walks the carpet with Epiphany and the host says Nathan is the most handsome man he's ever seen. Mac and Felicia arrive with Mr. Marbles. Then Lucy and Kevin walk in. Right after Scotty walks in with Bobby. It creates some awkwardness. Later Nathan tells Mac and Felicia that Maxie's not coming. 

Brit tells Brad she's lost everything at his apartment. Brad advises her not to sit around wallowing while she watches the ball on TV. Later Brit eats ice cream and Brad gets into watching the show. They die laughing when they see Sam fall. Then Brad sees Lucas and Felix walk the carpet together and gets jealous. Meanwhile, in the ballroom, Lucy finally starts the show. She gives a lovely speech about the progress made in making an AIDS free future. After, the GH nurse's open the show with their musical number, Welcome to the Nurse's Ball. However in the middle of their performance, Dr. Obrecht breaks in with a sexy cabaret German version. The audience is shocked and none of them clap. Back at Brad's place, he and Brit watch the TV with their mouths open.

End of show!

The Ball continues tomorrow. You can watch the preview below!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

No One Puts Liesl in the Corner

Say What?
Here's What Happened - 

Maxie catches Nathan preparing for his Nurse's Ball routine in their apartment. Maxie is surprised that Nathan is up for it being that he's so uptight. Nathan wonders if Levi is controlling her mind. Maxie takes offense and then Levi enters the room. Levi feels the aura is askew with Nathan living there and again says Nathan needs to move out. Maxie says no, because she needs the money. After Levi says he doesn't want to go to the Nurse's Ball, because it's a phony affair. Feeling pressured, Maxie says she'll stay home with Levi. Nathan is disappointed and says it proves that she's not thinking for herself.

At Windermere, Spencer pines over Emma, while Cameron torments him with his upcoming tango at the ball with Emma. Nearby Ric comes to pick up Liz and Nik's not happy. Ric uses the time to ask Liz to the Nurse's Ball. Liz says yes hoping it will make Nikolas jealous. Later when they're alone, Spencer vents to Nik about loosing Emma. Nikolas tells him that maybe it's not meant to be and he needs to move on.

Luke and Tracy sit outside of Kelly's when Bobby walks up to them. Bobby is annoyed at him for not telling her that he's getting married. Then Scotty shows up to have breakfast with Bobby and shows a funny picture of Luke at Miscavige with the blonde wig on. Scotty also hints that he and Bobby could rekindle their old feelings, which Luke has no reaction to. It surprises Tracy. Later despite telling Michael he'd put in a good word, Luke tells Tracy not to give Michael money to honor AJ at the ball. Tracy agrees and Luke says he has a surprise planned for the ball. Meanwhile, Scotty and Bobby go inside and he asks her to come to the Nurses's Ball with him. At first Bobby says no, but after some convincing she agrees.

Mac prepares with Mr. Marbles in front of Lucy, Kevin, Felicia, Duke, Anna and the kids in the Metro Court ballroom. Emma tells him to put away the scary puppet and Lucy agrees that Mr. Marbles needs to be left out of the entertainment lineup. Mac is disappointment to hear that and asks Duke and Kevin to back him up. Duke says Mr. Marbles gives him the willies and Kevin says it's going to make Lucy leave him for another man. The comment upsets Lucy which sets off Kevin's alarm bells. He asks Felicia and Mac if anything is wrong with her, but they tell him it's just nerves about the ball. Nearby Anna tells Duke she's concerned about Dr. O getting released. Then they help Cameron and Emma prepare for their tango. Later, Ric and Liz arrive and he tells her this will be the best ball yet, because she's going to be his date. 

Michael practices his NB routine in his underwear when Kiki walks in on him. She laughs and he advises her not to objectify him. Then Ned knocks on their door and wants Kiki to help him trap Luke. Michael hears Ned talking about having Kiki make another pass at Luke and it upsets him. Kiki decides to finally tell Michael the truth about what's been going on with Luke. The information makes Michael enraged and he wants to kick Luke's ass. Ned talks him down, but Michael refuses to let Kiki risk herself again so Ned says he has another idea.

Over at GH, Felix and Epiphany run into Dr. Obrecht when she returns to work. Much to their displeasure, Dr. O shows them her official release and her ankle monitor. Felix is certain that the board will never allow her back. However she informs them that she gave the hospital money to save it from bankruptcy, therefore she's got control. She also threatens to cancel the Nurses's Ball. Later Dr. Obrecht goes into the Metro Court ballroom and tells the gang that she wants perform a number for the show. Lucy breaks it to her that unfortunately there's no room in the lineup. At the end, Dr. Obrecht sits alone in the ballroom and remarks to Mr. Marbles that, "No one puts Liesl in the corner!"

End of show!

As usual, Dr. Obrecht was hilarious. Is it me or is Nathan's acting better?

Have a great night!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tough Talk

What did you do with Ava?!?
In this episode Mac talks to Maxie about her new lifestyle, Michael is impressed with Luke's kindness and Olivia confronts Sonny!

Today's Show - 

Carly and Franco run into Anna at GH and she asks if they found AJ's phone. Carly says no, but Anna gets suspicious. Carly and Franco make a quick exit and after Felix tells Anna that Carly and Franco took AJ's phone from the lost and found. Meanwhile, Carly and Franco head to Kelly's to discuss the recording. In the middle of their conversation, Anna calls. She wants AJ's phone so Franco suggests they go on the run together to avoid Anna. 

Ava gets the better of Julian and points his own gun at him at the art gallery. She's ready to shoot him when Shawn bursts in and pleads with her to stop. Shawn says that Julian needs to stay alive for Danny's sake in case he ever gets sick again. Ava decides to spare Julian and goes to leave. However, Julian decides to spill the beans that Ava shot Olivia last year to Shawn. Julian heads out and after Ava admits to Shawn that it was true, but says she was aiming for Franco. At the end, Ava advises Shawn to keep this from Sonny or she'll tell the police that Sonny killed AJ.

Michael overhears Luke leaving a threatening message to Julian at ELQ. He asks who got on Luke's bad side. Luke oddly responds that he had to "tough talk" ELQ's competition. Then Michael asks Luke to give him money from ELQ to make a donation at the Nurse's Ball to AJ. Luke says it's up to Tracy, so Michael asks him to put in a good word. Luke says he will and Michael thanks him. Before Michael leaves, Luke tells him to give Kiki a hug from him. Later Julian shows up at ELQ and explains to Luke that Morgan foiled his murder plans for Ava. Luke decides not to kill Julian for the mistake just yet. 

Morgan goes to Michael's apartment to ask for a place to stay and ends up talking to Kiki. He tells her about Ava having sex with Sonny. Kiki isn't that surprised and later they talk about Michael. Morgan says Michael always gets stuck cleaning up after everyone. Kiki says it might not be the best time to move in or confide in Michael. Kiki thinks Michael needs time to grieve without added drama. Then Michael walks in. Morgan decides not to say anything to Michael and says he going to stay at Carly's. At the end, Michael tells Kiki about Luke offering to help convince Tracy and says now he sees why everyone thinks Luke is a great guy.

Maxie practices yoga at her apartment when Mac stops by. He brings ribs and the fixings, which tempts Maxie's new vegan lifestyle. Mac is thankful for Levi-free time (as were we!) and feels that Levi is turning Maxie into something she's not. Maxie explains that the way she was before made her unhappy and was partly why she lost Spinelli and her baby. After Maxie gives in and eats macaroni & cheese with Mac. They briefly talk about Robin and Maxie says they need to respect Robin's calling to help people. At the end, they discuss the Nurse's Ball and Robin's being alive. Mac is impressed with how wise Maxie is all on her own. 

Olivia asks Sonny point blank if he slept with Ava at his house. She explains how she figured it out and demands a straight answer from him. Sonny caves and admits it. Olivia lays into him and asks him why he chose to sleep with Ava. Sonny says Ava was the only person who understood him at that moment. Olivia wants to know what he's referring to, but Sonny won't say. Olivia gets very upset so Sonny tries to assure her that it was a one time mistake. However, Olivia's not interested and says he ruined things between them and it's over. Then she storms out!

End of Show!

Interesting episode, Olivia was fabulous! I'm so glad she dumped him.

Have a great night!

P.S. In case you missed yesterday's show, you can catch up here --> GH 05/05/14

Monday, May 5, 2014

War of the Jerome's

Don't kill me Julian!
No official recap today! Here's the summary from ABC below.

An enraged Julian confronts Ava about her betrayal, and she desperately begs him not to hurt her. Sonny asks Shawn to check on Ava’s whereabouts. Olivia starts to put the pieces together and figures out what Sonny has been hiding. A guilt-ridden Duke suggests to Anna they work together to help bring down Julian. Carly and Franco discover a hopeful and new discovery in AJ’s still unsolved murder case. Just as Ned accuses Luke of embezzling ELQ money, Tracy walks in on their confrontation. Sabrina questions Carlos’ confession.

Enjoy the full episode below!

Have a great night!

P.S. As if we don't have enough new characters, Read Here ---> Ronn Moss Signs On

Friday, May 2, 2014

One For The Team

90's Throwback!
In today's show Ned and Alexis catch up, Patrick gets cranky toward Sam and NotLuke orders Julian to commit murder!

Here's What Happened - 

Sam pays Patrick a friendly visit at GH and immediately can tell he's upset. After some prodding, he tells Sam about the ultimatum he gave Robin over the phone. Sam doesn't understand what Robin could be doing that's more important then her family. Patrick struggles not to mention Jason and snaps at her for trying to comfort him. Then he quickly excuses himself to get back to the baby leaving Sam confused by his attitude.

Ned and Alexis run into each other outside of Kelly's. Alexis is pleased to see him and they have a conversation about Luke. Ned shares his suspicions about Luke wanting Tracy's money. He also mentions Luke's behavior toward Kiki. Alexis wonders if he's being overprotective of Tracy. Then Alexis tells him about dating Julian and Julian's problems with Ava. Later Alexis advises Ned to make nice with Luke for Tracy's sake so he decides to head off to ELQ to apologize. At the end, Alexis is alone and Sam joins her. Sam promptly tells her about Robin and Patrick's potential break up and his odd behavior.

Over at ELQ, Luke is about to snort some cocaine in his office when he's interrupted by Julian. He brings Luke money from their art deal and after Luke wants to discuss Ava. Julian tells him about Ava working with Sonny so Luke orders him to kill Ava. Julian thinks the idea is extreme and says he's not okay with it. Luke threatens to kill both Ava and Julian, if Julian doesn't do what he wants. At the end, Luke is alone in his office and talks out loud to an unknown person he calls Buddy about making extra cash. Then Ned walks into his office and sees money all over Luke's desk. 

Anna tries to get Carlos to offer more information about his "confession" at the PCPD. She asks what Ava came to discuss with him. He claims Ava wanted him to keep his mouth shut. Meanwhile, Carly and Franco discuss the Ava/Carlos situation at Kelly's. Anna calls Carly and asks her to come to the police station with Franco asap. When they arrive, Anna wants to know what they wanted to tell her about Ava. Carly says it was nothing and they end up talking about the whereabouts of AJ's cell phone. Franco says he has the passwords for everything Quartermaine so they track AJ's phone. Anna finds that AJ's phone was last at GH. Later Carly and Franco head to the hospital and Felix let's them look through a bin of lost phones. They find AJ's phone and discover there is recording that's never been played on it. 

Felix and Sabrina wait by her baby in the prenatal unit. He lends Sabrina support while she waits for Patrick and tells Sabrina about Carlos confessing to AJ's murder. However, Sabrina doesn't believe it's true. Later Patrick comes in and Felix heads out. Once alone Sabrina tells him that their son is stable for the time being and they hug. Then Patrick tells Sabrina to go home and get some rest, while he looks after the baby. However, instead she goes to the PCPD to check on Carlos. 

Ava leaves a voice message for Morgan from the gallery when Sonny walks in. He wants to know why Carlos confessed to AJ's murder. Ava says he took one for the team and Sonny should be happy. Then they discuss Morgan. Sonny tells her that Morgan told Julian that she's been feeding him information and he's pissed about it. Sonny advises Ava to get out of town and gives her tickets to fly to his island. At the end, Ava packs up her things at the gallery in preparation to leave when Julian walks in and confronts her!

End of show!

Will Julian really kill Ava?

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Not such a rumor I guess, Nina Clay is alive! Read her Wiki here ---> Michelle Stafford
In this episode Victor returns, Patrick gives Robin an ultimatum and Nina Clay opens her eyes! 

Thursday's Recap - 

Dr. Obrecht questions her release at the police station. To ease her mind, Dante shows her a written agreement showing that all charges have been dropped. However, Dante and Lulu advise her that if the embryo turns out not to be genuine the deal is off. Dr. O agrees and signs the agreement. She makes a phone call to Victor Cassadine to retrieve the embryo. She tells him that they can't ever be together in a romantic way, but asks him to deliver the embryo for her. Later Dr. Obrecht learns that she will be fitted with an ankle monitor and Nathan is the one who has to put it on her. Dr. O tries to talk with him while he puts it on and says she loves him. It's too much for Nathan and he gets angry, Then he asks for the name of his father, but Dr. O won't tell him. (I guess it's Victor)

Levi and Maxie make-out at Kelly's. After Levi tries to convince Maxie to mend fences with Lulu. Then Mac and Felicia arrive to join them for lunch. Mac isn't happy with him, but Felicia keeps an open mind. Mac remarks that their "Eat, Pray, Love" journey must have left Levi no time for a hair cut. Felicia suggests they go to eat ribs for dinner sometime, but Levi says he'd rather die. It leads to a discussion about Levi being a vegan and he says that Maxie is now as well. Mac isn't pleased. Later Dante and Lulu arrive at Kelly's with Rocco. Maxie tries to make nice with them and apologizes for what she did. Maxie asks Lulu if she'd be open to being friends again at some point. Lulu says she wants that as well, that she misses Maxie and they hug. At the end, Dante and Lulu go outside and meet with Victor, who delivers their embryo.

Sabrina and Patrick wait by their baby's incubator in the prenatal unit. Patrick steps out and runs into Victor Cassadine in the hallway. Victor says he came to check on him for Robin's sake after they heard about the car crash. He hands Patrick a phone number where he can call Robin within the next hour. Patrick steps away and calls her, but we only hear his side of the conversation. He tells Robin that he and Emma are okay, but Sabrina's baby is in trouble. Patrick asks Robin to come home, but she says no. Patrick gets angry and says if she doesn't come home now, don't bother ever coming home at all and hangs up. Meanwhile, Britt goes to check on Sabrina and the baby. She tells Sabrina his condition is still touch and go, but he's doing a little better. At the end, Sabrina thanks Britt for her kindness. 

Madeline tells Nathan that Nina is still alive at PCPD. They have tense conversation and she asks him to keep it a secret. Meanwhile, Silas and Sam talk before she goes to visit Patrick in the prenatal unit at GH. Silas tells her that a baby that small has a poor chance of surviving. The situation upsets Sam and it brings up feelings from when Danny was sick. Silas offers words of comfort and says Madeline is about to be shipped off to Pentonville. Later Sam goes to visit Patrick. Silas goes to visit Madeline in jail and interrupts her conversation with Nathan. Nathan makes a quick excuse to leave and after Madeline tells Silas that now he'll never get near Nina again. Then we cut to a scene of Nina Clay, aka Michelle Stafford, suddenly opening her eyes in a hospital bed and her first word is, "Silas!"

End of show!

Are you excited that Michelle will be on GH? I used to watch her on Y&R in the 90's and she's a fabulous actress! Let's hope the writing is good.

Enjoy the preview for tomorrow's show below!

Have a great night!

The 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Award Nominees Are…

The Soap Opera Network reports that:

Today, the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences officially announced the nominees of the 41st annual Daytime Emmy Awards! The list of pre-noms in the categories for Outstanding Drama Series, Lead Actor and Actress, Supporting Actor and Actress, Younger Actor and Actress and more was whittled down to just a few final contenders who will compete for the coveted National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Emmy award statuettes during the event that will be taking place on Sunday, June 22. Read on for the official list of nominees in the major categories!







EILEEN DAVIDSON, as Kristen DiMera

“B&Bl”, CBS

HEATHER TOM, as Katie Logan
“B&B”, CBS

ARIANNE ZUCKER, as Nicole Walker


PETER BERGMAN, as Jack Abbott
“Y&R”, CBS

DOUG DAVIDSON, as Paul Williams
“Y&R”, CBS

CHRISTIAN LEBLANC, as Michael Baldwin
“Y&R”, CBS

JASON THOMPSON, as Patrick Drake
“General Hospital”, ABC

BILLY MILLER, as Billy Abbott
“Y&R”, CBS


MELISSA CLAIRE EGAN, as Chelsea Newman
“Y&R”, CBS

JANE ELLIOT, as Tracy Quartermaine

AMELIA HEINLE, as Victoria Newman
“Y&R”, CBS

“Y&R”, CBS

KELLY SULLIVAN, as Connie Falconeri


BRADFORD ANDERSON, as Damien Spinelli

STEVE BURTON, as Dylan McAvoy
“Y&R”, CBS

SCOTT CLIFTON, as Liam Spencer
“B&B”, CBS

ERIC MARTSOLF, as Brady Black

DOMINIC ZAMPROGNA, as Dante Falconeri



LINSEY GODFREY, as Caroline Spencer
“B&B”, CBS

HUNTER KING, as Summer Newman
“Y&R”, CBS

KIM MATULA, as Hope Logan
“B&B”, CBS

KELLEY MISSAL, as Danielle Manning


BRYAN CRAIG, as Morgan Corinthos

CHAD DUELL, as Michael Corinthos

MAX EHRICH, as Fenmore Baldwin
“Y&R”, CBS


DANIEL POLO, as Jamie Vernon
“Y&R”, CBS

Are you pleased with the nominees? It seems like GH was snubbed badly!!!!!