Friday, April 18, 2014

You Don't Deserve My Donuts!

In today's show Tracy foolishly defends Luke to Ned, Spencer is determined to help Sonny and Kiki has a scary encounter!

Here's What Happened - 

Spencer wants his driver to bring him to uncle Sonny's house so he can warn him about Luke at Windermere. Meanwhile, Olivia comes to Sonny's to get some of her things. Sonny tries to apologize for his outburst, but Olivia says she needs a break. Ghost AJ is there gloating about Sonny's suffering. Later Spencer pounds on the door. Inside Sonny is screaming at ghost AJ to go away and poor Spencer thinks he's talking to him. Spencer decides to try something else and leaves. At the end, ghost AJ torments Sonny about going to his funeral and wonders if the pressure will finally make Sonny crack.

Franco and Carly discuss Ava's possible role in AJ's death in his hotel room. Franco wants her to let it go, but Carly is determined and wants to go speak with Carlos. She gets annoyed with him for not respecting her instincts about Ava. They get into an argument and Carly storms out. Later Olivia goes to speak with Carly and tells her that something is wrong with Sonny. They go into Franco's room to talk and find that he's painted the whole room with his signature, CO77X. Both are furious with him and Olivia calls the police. Franco takes Carly aside and says he did this on purpose so Carly can speak with the police about Ava discreetly. It pleases her. Franco says he's on her side and she says she loves him. At the end, Dante comes to arrest Franco for vandalism.

Anna and Dante continue to try and get details out of Carlos about AJ's murder at the PCPD. They show him the DNA test results proving that he was at the Quartermaine's. Realizing that he's in trouble, Carlos debates talking. However, Diane walks in and stops him before he does damage to himself. Once alone, Carlos tells Diane that he did break into the Q's. Then Ava calls Diane's phone and asks to speak with Carlos privately. When Carlos gets on the phone Ava tells him to deny everything, but Carlos says he can't because of the DNA. Ava tells him he'll be very sorry if he reveals that she killed Connie and sent him to murder AJ. At the end, Carlos tells Ava she can't touch him in jail so she threatens Sabrina instead.

Luke goes to visit Kiki at her place while she's alone in her skivvies. He brings donuts and wants to know why she told Tracy about the pass he made. Luke says it was supposed to be their secret. Kiki replies that she's not going to let him get away with treating her like that. He thinks its just a game she's playing, because she's truly hot for him. Then Luke starts to manhandle Kiki in a rapey way. Shocked and scared, Kiki impulsively knees him in the groin and kicks him out. Luke yells, "You don't deserve my donuts!" on his way out the door. 

In Ava's hotel room, Morgan reads the newspaper headline about Carlos's arrest and wonders what Ava knows about it. Ava says she's on the outs with Julian. Then they get into a conversation about their relationship. They assure each other of their love, but then Kiki calls Morgan asking for help. Morgan takes off and when he arrives Kiki tells him what happened with Luke. Morgan advises her to report what Luke did and says he'll warn Luke at AJ's funeral to stay away from her.

At the Q's, Tracy and Ned discuss the newspaper headline about Carlos. Then Ned moves into a discussion about prenup's again. Tracy continues to believe Luke is on the up and up and tries to explain all the reasons why she believes he's sincere. Ned says Luke is playing her like a fiddle. He tries to convince her that she's being dumb, but then Luke walks in and overhears them. Luke quickly sweet talks Tracy and she asks Ned to respect her wishes. After Ned and Luke have a heated conversation and Luke warns Ned not to mess with him or he'll kill him. Ned is surprised by his extreme threat and leaves in a huff. At the end, Spencer shows up at the Q's and tells Luke he knows all about his evil plans toward his uncle Sonny!

End of show!

Wow NonLuke is crazy and pervy! Not sure how about Franco's scheme to have Carly speak with the police will work, but okay; it seems a bit extreme. Otherwise, good show today and Spencer was adorable as usual!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Luke is becoming beyond gross and Tracy looks like the world's biggest idiot!!!!!!!!


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