Friday, April 4, 2014

Hello Brita, it's Mutta!

Nikolas will save me!
In this episode Morgan sports a wolf-man hairdo, Nikolas comes to check on Liz and the Nakamora case takes a not so surprising turn!

Friday's Recap -

Sam, Nathan and Silas wait for Ava to incriminate herself at the Metro Court. They hope she'll show up looking for Nakamora and then Nathan will arrest her. Sam wants to pretend to be Nakamora to lure Ava in. Silas doesn't want her to be in harm's way, so he volunteers to be the bait instead. However, Silas gets called to the hospital so Sam ends up being the bait afterall. She gets into bed, while Nathan hides and they wait for Ava to arrive. 

Lucas chats with Felix outside of Kelly's about Brad. He tells Felix that he broke things off with Brad, because Brad helped Britt steal Dante and Lulu's embryo's. Felix thinks Brad was guilt ridden over his actions, but Lucas is less understanding. Meanwhile at GH, Brad looks at Lucas's topless selfie longingly. Then he tries calling Lucas, but Lucas ignores his call. At the end, Lucas listens to the message Brad left for him saying that he misses him.

Shawn thinks Jordan is playing games with him regarding working for the Jerome's at Kelly's. He's convinced she knew who they were and went to work for Ava on purpose. He accuses her of trying to start up her old mysterious ways, but Jordan says she's not that person anymore. Then she storms out of Kelly's.

Lulu goes to the PCPD and tells Dante and Nik that Liz seemed certain that Ben would be okay. She and Nikolas end up chatting alone for a minute and Nik says that he drove Liz into Ric's arms. Lulu tells him that Liz said Ric didn't spend the night. Nikolas says he heard someone at her place and wonders who it was, so he takes off to investigate. Later, Dante tells Lulu he got a warrant to put Britt on 24/7 surveillance. 

Dr. Obrecht calls Britt at GH and asks if she's ready to pick up Ben. Britt says she can't give Ben anything good living a life on the run. Dr. O assures her that she can provide for them and tells Britt she wants to give her a good life with Ben to make up for being a crappy mother to her. Britt says okay and tells her she'll be right over. After Dr. Obrecht hangs up, Liz tries to explain the hole's in Dr. O's plan to no avail. Then Nikolas comes knocking on the door again.. Dr. Obrecht decides to make her presence known and points her gun at him.

Back at the hospital, Brad tries to convince Britt to do the right thing. Britt says she wants Ben and has nothing left in Port Charles. She thanks Brad for being a good friend and he wishes her well. However, Britt decides to go to the PCPD to help Dante and Lulu instead. At the end, Felix finds Brad at the hospital and says he knows about the embryo lie. Felix gives Brad a knowing look and says some relationships aren't meant to work out.

Ava runs into Morgan on the street outside of her gallery and he can tell something is bothering her. They go inside to chat and Morgan asks what's going on. Then he notices the newspaper article about Nakamora. He asks her to tell him what's going on, but Ava says if he loves her he'll get out of her way. Then Ava takes off. She runs to the hospital and wants to speak with Silas. Back at the Metro Court, a woman in red enter's Nakamora's hotel room with the intention of injecting a lethal dose of drugs into him. However much to Sam and Nathan's surprise and it's turns out to be Madeline!

End of show!

Enjoy this interview of Sean Kanan (AJ) talking about exiting GH!
(Courtesy of Michael Fairman)

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