Friday, April 25, 2014

Twisted Sex Blues

If Ava were a possessed demon, wouldn't she look something like this? hee hee
Friday's Recap - 

Carly and Franco continue their discussion about Ava's misdeeds at the PCPD. Franco tells her that Carlos thinks Ava caused Sabrina's car crash. Carly wants to tell Anna so they devise a plan to get Franco released from jail. He asks Carly to drop the charges Olivia brought up against him and she does. At the end, they find Anna and Carly says she has something to tell her. 

Britt and Patrick help Sabrina deliver her baby on the roadside after the car crash. After the baby is born, Sabrina passes out, Patrick takes the baby and everyone heads to the GH. Meanwhile, Emma tells Nathan and Anna that Britt appeared like, "Magic" after the accident. Later Nathan questions Britt about the crash and she fiercely denies causing the accident. At the end, Nathan finds Sabrina's phone while investigating. 

Carlos leaves a vengeful message on Ava's phone about causing Sabrina's car accident. He says he'll kill her if anything happens to Sabrina or her baby. After Carlos tries frantically to reach Sabrina on her phone, but it's been left on the road near the crash site. Later Anna takes Emma to the police station and Carlos begs her for information on Sabrina. Anna tells him that Sabrina and the baby aren't in great shape and were taken to the hospital. 

Epiphany tells Felix that he can do better then Brad at GH. Then Lucy joins them to discuss plans for the upcoming Nurse's Ball. She asks Felix to strip for money and he agrees. Lucy asks if Sabrina will be performing and then Patrick, Sabrina and baby rush into the ER. Felix gets Sabrina settled in a hospital room while Epiphany and Patrick take the baby to the prenatal unit. The upsetting situation makes Lucy remember her own past baby woes. Meanwhile, Sabrina is panicked that something is wrong with the baby. At the end, Epiphany walks into her hospital room and Sabrina demands she tell her the baby's condition. 

Ava and Sonny continue their weird crypt sex. After they both feel guilty for betraying Morgan and Olivia and agree to keep it quiet. However, Morgan hears noises coming from the crypt and opens the door. He immediately knows what's up and angrily accuses them of having sex. Morgan pressures Sonny to admit it so Sonny screams that it's true. Morgan freaks out, berates them both and storms off. Later Sonny and Ava part ways and she finally listens to her voice message. At the end, Ava comes to see Carlos in jail.  

Olivia thinks of Sonny longingly at the Metro Court. Duke interrupts her to ask if she's seen Anna and they end up having a chat about Sonny. Olivia asks if Sonny has told Duke anything about what's bothering him so much. Duke flashes to Sonny's admission of killing AJ, but tells Olivia he has no idea. Then Duke asks if Olivia is going to let her worries about Sonny come between them. Olivia says she thinks they can work through this, because they love each other. At the end, Morgan comes to see Olivia. However, before he can tell her anything Sonny walks in!

End of show!

I liked this episode, even though Sabrina's baby was nothing more then a towel!

Enjoy the full episode below or watch here ---> GH 04/25/14!

Have a great weekend!

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