Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Good Luck Living With Your Guilt!

In this episode we finally see AJ's funeral, Carlos confesses to Franco and Not Luke continues his evil behavior!

Wednesday's Recap - 

Patrick, Sabrina and Mac take Emma to her dance recital at the Metro Court. Cameron and Nikolas arrive to join them with flowers for Emma. They all get talking about Carlos and Sabrina says she doesn't think he's guilty of killing AJ. Meanwhile, Spencer sneaks in to warn Emma about Luke. Emma tells Spencer that she made her choice with Cameron. Spencer says, "I beseech you!" to get her to listen, but she refuses. Later Nikolas catches Spencer there and takes him home with Cameron. At the end Sabrina, Patrick and Emma drive home together happy for a successful recital and the baby boy Sabrina's carrying.

Carly knowingly and Liz unknowingly make Sonny and Ava squirm over what happened to AJ in the Q's foyer. Ava makes an excuse to leave and after Carly and Sonny talk in private. Sonny warns her to keep quiet. Nearby, Monica grieves for AJ. Tracy and Michael are there to comfort her. Michael mentions that he asked Sonny to come for moral support. Monica is hesitate at first, but ultimately allows it for Michael's sake. 

Luke plots to quiet Spencer using Emma at the Q's. He calls an unknown person on the phone and tells them Emma is the key to keeping Spencer's mouth shut. Ava interrupts him and they get to talking about Kiki. Ava mentions that Kiki was upset earlier. Then Luke awkwardly hits on Ava. Ava makes a beeline to get out of there and later finds out that Franco is in jail with Carlos. Ava tracks down Carly and questions her about why Franco is in the slammer. Seeing that it rattles her, Carly teases Ava and says she wonders what they're talking about in there. 

Ned plots to trap Luke by using Kiki as bait in the Quartermaine living room. Morgan doesn't like the idea, but Kiki is up for it. Later Ned brings Tracy over to eavesdrops on a conversation Kiki has with Luke. Kiki tries to get Luke to spill the beans about his behavior, but he's on to her game and refuses to admit anything. The scene only validates Tracy more and she gloats to Ned about Luke's sincerity. At the end, Morgan and Kiki wonder how Luke figured out their plan. Kiki worries that Luke will come after her now. Morgan hugs her and promises to protect her. Right then, Ava walks up and sees their embrace. The sight upsets Ava and she storms off. 

Franco tries to pry details about Ava out of Carlos at the PCPD. Franco puts two and two together and realizes that Ava must be threatening someone Carlos cares about. Carlos finally admits that she threatened Sabrina. Franco pushes for more information and Carlos says Ava is in deep with Sonny. At the end, Carlos tells Franco that Ava sent him to kill AJ.

Later everyone gathers for AJ's funeral. We get a music montage of all their sadden and guilt ridden faces, while Monica places flowers on his coffin. After it's over, Michael talks about how he feels he failed AJ to Sonny. Sonny is clearly choking on guilt, but he hugs Michael anyway. Later Sonny manically goes into the Quartermaine crypt alone. Ghost AJ shows up to torment Sonny some more. He says goodbye and wishes Sonny luck living with what he did. Then Ava walks in and ghost AJ disappears. Nearby at the house, Luke overhears Nik tell Liz that Spencer crashed the dance recital. He also hears Nik say Emma is on her way home. Luke makes a phone call and at the end we see Patrick, Sabrina and Emma get into a car crash!

End of show!

Enjoy the full episode below or watch here ---> GH 04/23/14!

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