Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Nurse From Hell

Brother & Sister?
Thursday's Recap - 

Silas impresses Sam with his kindness toward Danny at her place. They talk about losing Jason and Nina. Silas also wonders what would have happened if Nina had his child. Sam advises him to be grateful that this is over. (so are we!) At the end, they have sex in her bedroom and hope the future brings them happiness.

Dr. Obrecht and Madeline talk about how Nathan came to be. Madeline accuses Dr. O of being heartless. She claims Liesl nearly dumped him off at the orphanage when he was born to run off with Faison. Dr. O says she had no choice and then asks why Nathan is angry with her. Madeline says Silas is the reason. At the end, Dr. Obrecht wants to tell Nathan the truth, but Madeline insists she keep quiet. 

Sonny finds Ric waiting for him at his house. Ric says that Luke told him that Sonny wants him dead. Sonny says it's not what he thinks. Ric warns him that if he kills him, he'll have killed the wrong man. Then Ric storms out. After Sonny calls Luke and demands to see him asap.

Julian and Luke discuss their plans against Sonny at The Floating Rib. Luke tells Julian about pitting Ric against Sonny. Then they talk about their plans for ELQ. Luke is ready to take action so Julian says he'll rally the troops. At the end, Luke shows up at Sonny's place and Sonny asks what game he's playing.

Liz wonders if Nik is heartbroken over Britt at GH from her hospital bed. Nik tries to pretend that he's fine, but Liz thinks he's still in love with her. Later Ric storms in panicked over Liz being shot. Nikolas is annoyed by Ric's presence, but Liz tells him to go be with Spencer. Nik heads out, but isn't pleased to leave Ric with Liz.

Britt and Nathan share drinks at The Floating Rib. He tells her that he knows about her crimes against Dante and Lulu, but says she did they right thing in the end. Britt says she would have had everything if it wasn't for "the nurse from hell" meaning Elizabeth. Later, Nathan shares his background with Nina and Madeline's murderous actions. Britt says his mother sounds a lot like hers and Britt jokes about her dark childhood. At the end, they decide to go home together.

End of show!

Watch a clip of Britt & Nathan here --->> N & B Get Tipsy

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