Monday, April 7, 2014

That Bitch is My Mother

I made a mistake!
Today's Show - 

Ava tells Silas at GH that Nakamora is alive to warn him. She assumes that Silas tried to kill Nina, but they finally realize that they're both innocent of the crime. They make peace and Silas walks off. Then Ava runs into Morgan in the hospital. He's jealous of Ava's feelings for Silas. Ava says she'll always love Silas, but says she's also in love with Morgan.

Nathan and Sam are shocked to find Madeline holding a legal injection at the Metro Court. Sam calls Madeline a bitch and tells Nathan to arrest her. Nathan says, "That bitch is my mother!" Surprised, Sam accuses Madeline of trying to kill her own daughter. Then Silas bursts in and Sam tells him that Nathan is Madeline's son. At the end, Madeline says she wasn't trying to kill Nina; she meant to kill the baby she was carrying.

Ric goes to visit Julian at the gallery. Ric says that he's resigning as Julian's lawyer due to the heat it put on him from Sonny. Then Alexis walks in. Ric makes a hasty exit and after Julian wants to discuss their future together. Alexis wants to keep it from Molly, but says she wants to move forward with him slowly. Then they have sex on his desk. 

Luke and Tracy banter at Kelly's. She feels he's not upset enough over Ben's disappearance, but Luke claims he's operating outside the law to find Ben. After Luke tells Tracy he bought her artwork from Julian Jerome. Then he says he wants to work at ELQ so they can spend more time together. Tracy says she'll think about it. At the end, Ric walks into Kelly's and Luke warns him that Sonny wants to kill him.

Britt helps Dante & Lulu at the PCPD and tells them that Dr. O has Ben at Elizabeth's place. Meanwhile, Dr. Obrecht reveals her presence to Nik at Liz's house. She ends up holding both of them at gunpoint inside. They argue over Dr. O's outrageous plans. Dr. Obrecht is ready to shoot Liz, but then Britt knocks on the door while Dante hides in the bushes.

End of show!

Will this Nakamora nonsense ever end? When Nathan tried to cry I burst out laughing!

Have a great night!

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  1. It's unfortunate how bad his acting is, because Nathan is very cute. I was hoping he'd grow into the character more by now, but he's still very wooden.


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