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In this episode Dante and Lulu finally get their family in tact, we meet a new friend of Maxie's plus we learn two new secrets about Dr. Obrecht!

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Carly admits to Franco that Sonny shot AJ in his hotel room. Franco is ready to call the police on Sonny, but Carly demands that he keep it a secret. Franco says she can trust him and promises to keep quiet. After Carly tells him about Ava's involvement and that AJ said Sonny shot him because of Ava. Franco says maybe AJ was confused, but Carly wonders if there is something that Sonny doesn't know about Ava.

Olivia wants Sonny to be happy about Ben coming home at The Floating Rib. Sonny says that he is happy, but thinks they should give Dante and Lulu some space. Olivia decides to go see them anyway and Sonny stays behind to talk with Ava. Sonny tells Ava that Carly knows that he shot AJ. Sonny also says that AJ told Carly it was because of her. Ava worries that Carly will blow the whistle, but Sonny assures her that Carly will keep the secret for him.

Liz is rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment. Nik thanks Britt for her help and asks her to go. Britt tries to apologize again to no avail and tells Nik that she still loves him. Later when Nik is alone, the doctor tells him that Liz will be okay. Nik goes to see her and asks Liz to forgive him for the things he said. Liz replies that of course she forgives him and they hold hands.

Dante reunites Lulu with Ben at the PCPD. Lulu finally takes Ben in her arms and they share a family hug. Later Dante tells Lulu that Liz was shot, but will be okay. Then Britt walks in and asks to say goodbye to Ben. They grudgingly allow it and Britt tries to explain to Ben why she won't be around anymore. At the end, Britt walks out in tears and Dante and Lulu are ready to be a family.

Nathan finds that Maxie has returned from her Eat, Pray, Love journey at their apartment. They're interrupted by a new Aussie friend of Maxie's named Levi, who steps out in a towel. He's very "new age" and quickly gets under Nathan's skin. He advises Nathan to make peace with his mother and forgive her. Annoyed, Nathan storms out. After Maxie reveals that Levi took her to the Philippines so she could forgive herself for what she did to Dante and Lulu. At the end, they make out.

Dr. Obrecht and Madeline aren't happy to see each other in their jail cells. It turns out that Madeline is Dr. O's older sister. Dr. O says that Madeline, originally Marta, forgot where she can from. Madeline argues that she just wanted to make a better life for herself. They talk about the crimes that lead them to jail. Later Nathan shows up and demands to know why his father disinherited them. Madeline won't tell him so he disowns her and walks out. After seeing Nathan, Dr. Obrecht cries to Madeline, "That's him, isn't it?" Dr. O says that "James" is her son. Meanwhile, Britt and Nathan run into each other at The Floating Rib!

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Read about Levi here ---> Zachary Garred

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  1. Tyler deserves a emmy nomination for best actor or best supporting actor. When will GH finally recognize what a great actor he is??????? He has been doing an amazing job. Starting to like Emme (aka Lulu) she is doing a good job.

  2. Go Nik!!!!! Tyler did a great job. Emmy nom needed for this one!!!!!


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