Thursday, April 3, 2014's a Secret!

Nakamora, Nakamora, Nakamora...say that 3 times fast!
Thursday's Recap - 

Nathan and Julian work to ruse Ava into believing that Nakamora is alive at her art gallery. They stage a heated conversation about Nakamora, while Ava eavesdrops. Nathan says Nakamora is staying at the Metro Court. At the end, Ava is alone and looks terrified at the newspaper.

Sam and Silas discuss the phony news article, Nathan and Ava at Kelly's. They eat apple pie and Silas wonders if Julian can be trusted to help them. Later Nathan comes to tell them that he thinks they're plan to trick Ava worked.

Jordan tells TJ and Shawn at Kelly's that she's working for Ava Jerome. They give her some background on the Jerome's bad behavior, but Jordan still doesn't want to quit. Shawn thinks Jordan knew who the Jerome's were all along.

Nik learns that Britt is being released at the PCPD and berates her over it. She tries to tell him that she loves him, but he's not interested. Later Dante and Nik discuss their mutual anger and decide to work together to find Ben.

Lulu goes to see Liz at her house, while Dr. O hides with her gun ready. Lulu storms in and tells Liz that Diane got Britt released and rants about her fears over Ben. Liz tries to assure Lulu that everything will be fine by saying she knows that Ben is okay.

Britt goes to GH where Brad tries to console her over the Nik situation. They acknowledge that they both are each other's only friends in Port Charles. Brad asks what Britt will do if she finds Dr. Obrecht. Before she can answer, Britt gets a call at the Nurse's station from Dr. O.

Sonny wants to know if Carly will tell on him in Franco's hotel room. She wants to know how Ava fits into the situation. Sonny says Ava saw the whole thing, was being strangled by AJ and that he wanted to shoot AJ. They rip up AJ's character and finally Carly promises to keep his secret.

End of Show!

So Carly & Sonny = good and AJ = bad? Same old story...sigh!

Have a great night!

P.S. If you missed yesterday's show, you can get a link to watch it here ----> GH 04/02/014

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