Monday, April 28, 2014

Playing Hooky

Britt helps Patrick!
No official recap today. Here's the summary from ABC

Carlos makes a staggering confession to the PCPD, even after Ava warns him about the consequences. Michael suggests to Kiki that Ava may be more involved with AJ’s shooting than they suspected. Despite their big blowup, Olivia wants to try and work things out with Sonny. Anna is suspicious of Britt and encourages Nathan to watch her closely. Meanwhile, Britt provides an update for Patrick and Sabrina regarding their baby.

Enjoy the full episode below or watch here ---> GH 04/28/14

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  1. Glad they are showing a kind, human side to Britt. Hope Nathan finds evidence that Britt was not in any way involved in the accident and tells Anna. Also hope that Nathan tells Britt he is her brother so that she has someone on her side. Would love to see her character evolve into a kinder, less selfish person and eventually her and Nikolas get back together. Hopefully Lulu and Dante will curb the attitude because the both of them have done things that they shouldn't be proud of and they didn't have nutcase, evil, parents like Britt does.


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