Thursday, April 17, 2014

Not My Cadbury Creme Eggs!

Over my dead body!
In this episode Ava comes to Sonny's rescue, Spencer has to share his chocolate and Luke dupes Tracy again!

Today's Show - 

Maxie asks Nathan to move out of her apartment. Nathan says that he's got a renter's agreement and Maxie should be the one to move out instead. Maxie says no way and babbles on about her new age ideas and attempts to start over. Levi eavesdrops and then walks in. He starts in again on how negative Nathan is. Nathan shares with them how he just learned about Dr. Obrecht being his mother and Britt being his sister. Maxie feels bad for Nathan and tells him to stay. Levi isn't pleased, but Maxie tells him they need the rent money. At the end, Nathan agrees to stay.

Lulu tells Laura about Rocco on the phone at her apartment when Britt knocks on her door. Britt drops off some medicine for Ben and Lulu promptly tells her that his new name is Rocco. Then Lulu tells Britt about Dr. O saying that she has another embryo of theirs. Britt says she doesn't know anything about it, but does remember there was another embryo. Britt says that Liz might be willing to drop the charges since she living with Nikolas now. Lulu snaps at her that her problems with Nik are her own fault. At the end, Britt tells Lulu she should help her Dr. O get released because there probably is a missing embryo out there. 

Spencer gives the staff attitude at Windermere for not finding evidence that Luke is after Sonny. Nikolas tells him that he thinks Spencer misunderstood what he heard in the stables. Then Liz and Cameron arrive for their extended stay. Spencer isn't happy to see Cameron and says he can stay at Windermere over his dead body. Nik insists that Spencer apologize so Spencer reluctantly shakes Cameron's hand. Nik also tells Spencer to share his Easter candy. Spencer replies, "Not my Cadbury cream eggs!" Later Liz tells Nikolas that it might not be in a good idea to move in. She thinks Nik and Spencer are both still in love with Britt. Nik tells Liz that he'd help out any friend like this and not to worry about it. 

Ava goes to Sonny's house at his behest to help him deal with his visions of AJ. Sonny tells Ava that she's the only one he can talk to about this. Ava brings up Carly, but Sonny says he can't talk to Carly because she will think he's going crazy. Ava tells him that the police are looking into Carlos for AJ's murder. Later they get uncomfortably close to kissing. At the end, Spencer leaves a message on Sonny's phone saying he must call him immediately.

Dante and Anna question Carlos at the PCPD about AJ's murder. Carlos insists that he had nothing to do with what happened to AJ. He also says the gun in question was stolen from him. Anna takes a water bottle that Carlos was drinking and runs a DNA test on it. While they wait for the test results, Dante tells Anna about what Dr. Obrecht told him. Anna tells him she will support him if he needs to release Dr. Obrecht.

Luke tells Tracy they should call off the wedding at ELQ. Tracy gets angry at him and insists that they discuss the situation. Luke says he knows he created her doubt and asks for the ring back. Then he says that if Tracy can't get Ned to back off they can't be together. Tracy says she doesn't want that and she does trust him. Luke tells her to prove it by taking the prenup off the table. Tracy thinks about it and says she'll drop it so they can stay together. At the end, Luke sits alone at ELQ and says out loud that Tracy is a sucker!

End of show!

My goodness Levi is awful! Let's hope he's not on long. He makes Nathan seem like a classically trained actor!

Have a great night!


  1. I really enjoy little Spencer. I know some are saying he is a brat but they have to remember he knows he is some sort of royalty and hears his father taking command and doing business. He is imitating what he thinks he sees. He has a very loving heart especially to his family and his friends. Give this little kid a break he is a very good little actor, cute and has personality. The writers need to pen the script so that they show Nikolas having a talk with Spencer on how to act and to remember his manners and then have Spencer follow through. You would see one helluva good little actor!!! Plus little Emma definitely belongs with Spencer not Cameron!!!!!

    1. I love the kids, especially Spencer! People can be mean, but I agree he's a gem. I'm a fan of anything Cassadine!!!!


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