Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I Believe You

Prison Blues!
Here's What Happened - 

Ned tells Tracy at the Q's that Luke threatened to kill him. Tracy foolishly thinks he misunderstood and insists she will marry Luke no matter what. In the foyer, Kiki and Morgan show up at the Q's before AJ's funeral. Morgan promises to protect her from Luke and denies his continued relationship with Ava. Later Ned gets to talking with Kiki about her problems with Luke. She tells him how Luke attached her and that Tracy thinks she's lying. Ned says, "I believe you" and tells Morgan and Kiki about Luke raping Laura back in the day. At the end, Ned says he wants to set a trap for Luke to force Tracy to open her eyes about him.

Ava orders a henchman to keep watch on Sabrina from her hotel room. After Carly stops by to question Ava about what really happened between her and AJ. Ava tells Carly to stay out of it or Sonny will end up in prison. Over at the Drake's, Emma tells Patrick and Sabrina that she's a happy about having a brother afterall. Later Patrick tells Sabrina that Carlos has been arrested. Sabrina doesn't believe that Carlos would kill AJ, but confides in Patrick she treated Carlos for a head wound the same day the first attempt was made on AJ's life.

Over at the PCPD, Carlos thinks about Ava's threat against Sabrina in his jail cell. Franco sits in a neighboring cell and wants to chat about their mutual enemy...Ava. Franco surmises that Ava put Carlos up to killing AJ. Later Carly shows up to visit Franco. They stage a fake argument and after Franco offers to help Carlos with his troubles. However, Carlos refuses to discuss his issues with Ava.

Nikolas panics about where Spencer is at Windermere. Then he gets a call that Spencer is at the Q's so he and Liz head over there. Meanwhile, Sonny walks in on Luke chatting with Spencer at the Quartermaine's. Spencer tells Sonny they were talking about him. Sonny apologizes for not getting back to Spencer and assumes this has to do with Emma. Then Nik and Liz arrive to pick Spencer up. Luke reminds Spencer to worry about Emma and not him. Then Nikolas takes him back to Windermere before Spencer can tell Sonny the truth. Later Ava shows up at the Quartermaine's and talks with Sonny. Liz joins them and says how AJ died too young and she hopes Carlos confesses soon so Monica and Michael can get some peace. 

Over at Windermere, Nikolas scolds Spencer for taking off without permission. Then Cameron comes in the room and tells Spencer that he's taking Emma to her dance recital. Spencer is happy to hear that and says they need to work together to save Emma. He orders Cameron to protect her and says he wants to come. However, Nik won't let Spencer come as punishment for skipping school and going to the Q's. Back at the Quartermaine's, Tracy comes to talk with Luke in private and he admits to threatening to kill Ned. He claims it was said in the heat of anger and he didn't mean it. Tracy agrees to forget about it and Luke vows that no one can stop them from getting married. At the end, Luke makes a phone call to an unknown person saying he needs help with a problem he's having.

End of Show!

The rape with Luke and Laura has been brought up so many times over the years, depending on the story it varies whether or not we're supposed to view it as a seduction or a rape. However if you watch the scenes below, it seems pretty obvious to me that it was written as a rape.

(Warning: Don't watch if this stuff upsets you)

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  1. All I can say is NOTHING BAD BETTER NOT HAPPEN TO LITTLE SPENCER!!!!! I will never watch GH again and nor will any of my friends (who are long, long, time GH watchers and fans). That little boy is amazing remembering all those lines and the astonished look on his face when would be Luke threatened little Emma. Someone needs to find out fast about Fake Luke and Spencer and Emma better stay safe or GH will be turned off of many TV's permanently!!! I hope Fake Luke knows not to mess around with Nikolas' son because Nik is still a Cassadine with a wicked temper as demonstrated with the Britt debacle. Not to mention he is Sonny's nephew and Laura's first grandchild. I hope Ned nails Fake Luke to the wall because he is a sleaze ball.

  2. Knock on wood, but I think Spencer will be okay and the identity of Not Luke will be revealed for May sweeps!


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