Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hi Ned!

He just wants your money!
In today's show Sonny gets a surprise visitor, Carlos fears that the police are onto him and Ned comes home for AJ's funeral.

Here's What Happened - 

Carlos creeps on Michael at GH while he's reading AJ's death certificate in the elevator. Carlos makes idol chat with Michael about what happened to AJ, by saying he read about him in the newspapers. Michael mentions that the police are close to figuring out who tried to kill AJ at the Quartermaine's. That information makes Carlos nervous about getting caught.

Jordan and Shawn talk about her new job with the Jerome's at Kelly's. Shawn continues to be suspicious of her intentions. Then TJ walks up to them and tells Jordan she looks great for her first day. Jordan heads off for work and after TJ and Shawn talk alone. TJ wants to know if there is something he needs to know about his mother. Shawn tells him not to worry about it and sends him off to school. Then Duke shows up to chat with Shawn about the Jerome's. Duke and Shawn think they are selling drugs.

Julian gets a call from Luke while he's at the art gallery. Luke tells him that he's ready to get their plans against Sonny rolling. Then Ava storms in and rails at Julian for trying to frame her with the fake article on Nakamora. They argue that they both have tried to get rid of each other for various reasons. Then Jordan arrives to start her first day, but gets interrupted by Carlos. Carlos wants to talk to Ava in private. Carlos shares with Ava his fears about being caught for his attempt on AJ's life. Meanwhile, Julian uses the alone time with Jordan to assure her that he's no threat to TJ. Right then Luke walks in. He promptly flirts with Jordan and asks to pick up his painting for Tracy. At the end. Jordan tells Julian she knows about his drug operation and might be able to help. Ava tells Carlos that the gun he used could identify him.

Sonny gets a visit from ghost AJ at his place, who torments him about the shooting. Sonny screams for him to go away and then poof AJ's gone and Duke is standing there. Duke surmises that Sonny is feeling guilty about what he did to AJ. Duke offers to let Sonny bend his ear in confidence and he pledges his loyalty. Duke says, "Your secret is safe with me." Then Michael walks in and sees them talking. Duke makes a quick exit so Michael and Sonny can talk in private. Once alone, Michael confides in Sonny how much pain he's been in. He also tells Sonny that Anna might be close to fingering a suspect. Michael says he won't have peace until AJ's killer is caught then he takes off. At the end, AJ's ghost returns to torment Sonny some more.

Dante and Anna discuss the details in AJ's case at the PCPD. Anna brings in a suspect for them to interrogate who they believe sold the gun that was used to shoot AJ. The suspect is reluctant to talk, but Anna threatens to charge him with accessory to murder if he doesn't help. Hearing that makes the suspect say he might have information on the person who he sold the gun to. He thinks the person was in the mob and says he could recognize him if he saw him again. Anna brings him several books of pictures to look through. At the end, the suspect points out a picture of Carlos.

Tracy overhears Luke on the phone with Julian at ELQ. He tells her it's about her birthday painting. Tracy is surprised to see him at ELQ and wonders if being married and working together is too much togetherness. Luke tries to sell her on the value he can bring to the company and even suggests that he take down Edward's painting. Tracy says no way and Luke heads off. Later Tracy is alone and talks to Edward's painting about how she thinks Luke has changed. Then she gets a surprise visit from Ned. He's in town for AJ's funeral and he says that he can't believe their burying AJ again. Tracy mentions that Luke is coming to work at ELQ. Ned's jaw drops and he asks if she's lost her mind. Ned thinks it's obvious that Luke is after her money. Tracy doesn't believe it and says that Luke has changed. Ned implores her not to marry Luke or let him work at ELQ. At the end, Luke returns to ELQ and Ned asks him to sign a prenup!
End of show!

P.S. There are rumors flying that Sabrina is being recast. It could be just for her maternity leave or maybe TC wants out to raise her child. Or, god forbid, it's another new character! Who knows? Read Here ---> Recasting Sabrina?

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