Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Freeze Obrecht!

Put the gun down!
In today's show Madeline comes clean about her crimes, Liz takes a bullet and Maxie returns to Port Charles!

Here's What Happened - 

Madeline admits to Silas, Sam and Nathan at the Metro Court that she wanted to kill Nina's baby, not her. She says she was the one who told Nina about Silas's affair with Ava. Silas realizes that Madeline didn't want the baby, because she didn't want Nina to stay with him because of it. He also puts it together that Nakamora was Nina's pharmacist, who Madeline used to manipulate her daughter. Madeline pleads with Nathan to understand, but he decides to arrest his mother instead. Later, Silas and Sam sit alone in the hotel room. Silas talks about his guilt over what happened to Nina and the baby he never knew.

Carly and Franco discuss the pain Michael is in over AJ's death in his hotel room. Franco feels that she's been avoiding him in. Carly tries to explain that she had to deal with a problem with Sonny. Franco wants her to trust him enough to share the secret she's keeping. Carly says she does trust him, but she can't tell him about this. Franco says that sucks and guesses that the secret is that Sonny shot AJ. At the end, Carly confirms it to him.

Sonny and Olivia pick up food at The Floating Rib for Dante and Lulu. Olivia notices that Sonny is depressed and asks what's wrong. Sonny flashes to his conversation with Carly about keeping secrets from Michael. He tells Olivia that he feels awful over the pain Michael is in. Olivia is more preoccupied over Dante's situation with Ben, but says the person responsible for hurting Michael is the one who shot AJ. Olivia says that she feels like a hypocrite for bad mouthing AJ to Michael all the time. Then she tells Sonny that the promise he made to Michael about not hurting AJ means everything and Michael will need him now more then ever.

Anna stops Lulu from going to Liz's place and getting in Dante's way at the PCPD. Lulu tells Anna that staying put is killing her and it goes against her Spencer nature to do nothing. Anna recounts how helpless she felt when Robin went missing as a child and says she understands. Lulu cries while Anna comforts her by saying Ben will be okay. Later, Nathan brings Madeline to the police station and tells Anna to book her.

Britt knocks on Liz's door and waits for Dr. O to open up. Dante and the police wait in shadows to make their move. Inside, Dr. Obrecht orders Liz to get Ben and tells Nik to open the door. Britt is shocked to see Nik and comes inside at Obrecht's behest. Not realizing that Britt is trying to help, Nik rips into her for stealing Ben again. Then Liz comes down the stairs with Ben. Dr. O has Nik show Britt a bag she packed for her to survive on the run and cries over not knowing when she'll see Britt again. Then Britt takes Ben in her arms and Dante bursts in. Britt tells Dr. O that it's over and tells her to put the gun down. Obrecht pretends to put it down, but then goes to aim again. Nik impulsively grabs her arm and the gun goes off. Liz gets shot near her heart. Britt and Nik try to help her control the bleeding while they wait for the ambulance.

At the end, Dante brings Ben to the PCPD and Lulu's overjoyed to see them. Dr. Obrecht and Madeline recognize each other in their neighboring jail cells. Anna calls Olivia with good news about Ben. Elizabeth passes out from blood loss. Nathan goes back to his apartment feeling depressed and he's pleasantly surprised to find Maxie there!

End of show!

Suspenseful episode today!

Have a great night!


  1. Thought that Tyler, Becky and Kelly as well as Dr. O did a great job in todays episode. Tyler should really submit for an Emmy next yr. GH is really becoming interesting.

  2. I agree, Tyler is much more invested in the character since his break. I guess he was as burned out from Guza as the fans were.

    GH still needs work, in my opinion, but I always enjoy Britt, Nik and Dr. Obrecht. Plus Becky did sell that bullet wound.


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