Thursday, April 24, 2014

Freaky Kiki

Today's Show - 

Ava joins Sonny in the Quartermaine crypt. She's emotional over seeing Morgan hugging Kiki and says she's jealous of her own daughter. They get to talking about AJ again and Ava tells Sonny he needs to find a way to live with it. They banter over Sonny's guilty feelings. Ava tells him that she's done worst then him and she's still standing/living with it. She screams that they're the same and they end up making out in the crypt. It leads to full blown sex. 

Luke approaches Kiki and Morgan in the Q's foyer. He calls Kiki, "Freaky Kiki" and tells Morgan she's lying slut. Then Carly and Michael walk out of the living room. Luke pretends to care and offers Michael kind words about AJ. It sickens Morgan and he lashes out at Luke. Then he realizes it will only make things worse and pretends to apologize. After when they're alone, Carly asks what's really going on. Morgan tells her he's just having a bad day. Carly leaves and then Michael tells Morgan to go as well. After Morgan and Kiki notice that Ava's car is still parked at the Q's. Meanwhile, Luke calls Julian for an update on their drug scam.

Spencer worries about Emma at Windermere. Cameron asks why he thinks Emma is in danger. Spencer says he can't tell him, because uncle Luke threatened to hurt Emma if he did. Then Spencer pays Cameron to allow him to use his cell phone. He turns on the news and sees that Emma was in a crash. Spencer calls Luke and promises to keep his mouth shut if Luke doesn't hurt Emma again. 

Franco asks Carlos why Ava wanted AJ dead at the PCPD. Anna interrupts them before Carlos can answer. She tells Carlos she will charge him for AJ's murder if he doesn't talk to her. Then Anna gets call about an accident with Patrick and Sabrina so she takes off. After Carlos is convinced Ava arranged it and he demands the guard let him have a phone call. Later Carly arrives and Franco tells her that Ava ordered Carlos to kill AJ. At the end, Carlos leaves a message for Ava accusing her of causing Sabrina's accident. 

Patrick, Emma and Sabrina crash on the way home from Emma's dance recital. It knocks them all unconscious, but Patrick wakes up first. He revives Emma and calls for help. Sabrina wakes up a while later and says she's in a lot of pain. Britt happens to drive by and stops to help. Britt tells them that Sabrina's in labor. Shortly after Anna and Nathan arrive on the scene and Britt says they have to deliver the baby asap. News reporters arrive and Emma tells them someone ran them off the road. Meanwhile, Nathan does some investigating and tells Anna that it looks like someone hit them and drove off. Emma says, "Then Britt came!" At the end, Britt tells Sabrina she'll help her deliver her baby since Sabrina helped her deliver Ben/Rocco!

End of show!

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