Monday, April 14, 2014

Forget Britt

I'm a fruit cake!
Today's Show - 

Lulu and Dante enjoy some family bliss with baby Rocco at their apartment. Dante bursts their happy bubble when he says that Dr. Obrecht claims there was another baby created with their embryo's. Dante wants to release her long enough to find out the truth.

Levi advises Britt to have faith in Nikolas at Maxie's place. Then he annoyingly advises Nathan to forgive his mother, which nearly makes Nathan punch him. Maxie intervene's and later explains to Levi that Britt's baby is really Dante and Lulu's kid. All Levi can think about is how negative Nathan is and tells Maxie that she should kick Nathan out. 

Liesl and Madeline continue to bicker in jail about Nathan/James. Both women think they have a ticket out of jail. Then a guard arrives to take Dr. O to speak with Dante and she runs into Nathan on the way. He blows past her and goes to speak with Madeline. At the end, Madeline tells Nathan that Britt is his sister and Dr. Obrecht is his real mommy.

Nik goes to visit Liz at GH. She tells him that she's being released soon and needs a ride home. Instead Nikolas wants to bring her to Windermere to recover. Liz worries that he's just using her to get over Britt. Nik answers, "Forget Britt, I have!" Liz says okay and Britt happens to hear. Later Nikolas and Britt argue in front of Liz. At the end, Britt remarks how fast Liz is moving in and says her side of Nik's bed isn't even cold yet.

Patrick and Sabrina discuss AJ's death at the hospital. He's guilt ridden and worried about his career. Carlos interrupts them and picks a fight with Patrick about Sabrina. She tells Carlos that she's okay and doesn't need his help. Later Patrick tells Sabrina that he's looking forward to being a father again. 

Michael storms into the PCPD and demands that Anna explain why they haven't found AJ's killer. She calms him down by telling him that they have a lead on the gun used in AJ's shooting. Later Michael leaves and Dr. O comes to talk to Dante and Lulu in the interrogation room. At the end, Michael gets AJ's death certificate at the hospital and Carlos tries to read over his shoulder.

End of show!

Patrick's been gone so long that he's grown a full beard! Weird episode. Carlos was randomly inserted and Levi...I don't even have words for how bad he is.

Have a great night!

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  1. Yes Levi is outstandingly awful and so not needed! With so many plots and character's twisting in the wind right now....why do we need another newbie??


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