Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Egg White Omelette

In today's show Nathan tells Britt they're siblings, Jordan gets in deeper with Julian and Dr. Obrecht gets released from jail!

Here's What Happened - 

At Kelly's, Jordan compliments the chef on her delicious egg white omelette. Then TJ shows her his PCU acceptance letter, which delights her. Shawn makes a snarky comment about Jordan's job. Once alone, Jordan reminds Shawn to keep his mouth closed about her drug business. Later, TJ asks Shawn why he can't get along with Jordan. Shawn says that he's annoyed at her for working for the Jerome's. TJ asks him to try and be nicer for his sake. Shawn agrees and they hug.

Luke and Julian chat about the accident Patrick and Sabrina had at the art gallery. Then Julian delivers the drug money Jordan got to Luke. Luke refers to Jordan as a "steaming cup of hot chocolate" and questions Julian's thinking about involving her. Luke says Julian can't trust her. Julian says he's certain Jordan is on the level. Luke says he doesn't want her knowing about his involvement in the business. Then Jordan walks in and charms Luke with her knowledge of fine art. Later when they're alone, Jordan asks who does Julian's money laundering, but Julian won't tell her. At the end, Luke goes to Kelly's and tries to make Ric look like the mysterious person targeting Sonny to Shawn. However, Shawn doesn't seem to bite.

Nik and Liz discuss Britt's heroics delivering Sabrina's baby at Windermere. Then Lulu drops by with Ben/Rocco and informs them of his new name. Lulu brings up the situation with Dr. Obrecht having her embryos and asks if they'd consider dropping the charges. Nik feels like Dr. O found a way to hold them all hostage. Liz and Nik decide it's the right choice. Meanwhile, Dante talks to Scotty at the PCPD. Dante asks him to drop the charges against Dr. Obrecht. Scotty hates the idea and says no. Dante explains the situation with the stolen embryos. It reminds Scotty of his situation with Dominique and Lucy being Serena's surrogate mother. At the end, Lulu comes to the station. Scotty takes pity on them and they decide to release Dr. Obrecht. 

Lucy and Kevin discuss the amazing qualities of the GH community at the hospital. They share coffee and muffins and Lucy brings up her concerns about this year's Nurse's Ball. Later Kevin wonders why Lucy's been giving him so much extra attention lately. She flashes to her conversation with Scotty saying that she loves Kevin. Then she tells Kevin that it's because he's her number one priority. He's touched and they hug. Then Kevin tells her not bother bringing him breakfast anymore and just focus on the ball. 

Madeline and Dr. Obrecht continue their banter in the PCPD. Madeline craves an egg white omelette vs. the horrible jail food. Then Madeline breaks it to  Dr. O that she told Nathan she's his mother, because he nearly slept with Britt. Dr. O asks if Nathan wants to talk to her, but Madeline coldly says he wants nothing to do with her. Meanwhile. Britt gets a visit from Nathan at GH. He wants to discuss the car accident with her. Nathan says that he knows Britt didn't cause the crash. After he also tells her that she's his sister. Britt is shocked. Nathan explains how he learned about this and that Dr. Obrecht is his mother to. Britt asks where they go from here. They decide to figure it out as they go and say an awkward goodbye. At the end, Nathan goes to jail to talk to Madeline. He angrily scolds her for killing Nina and her unborn child. However, Madeline says that she didn't kill Nina afterall.

End of show!

It was a filler day. Ugh just when you thought the Nina stuff was we go again!

Have a great night!

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