Monday, April 21, 2014

Don't Hurt Uncle Sonny

Save me Carlos!
In this episode Sabrina and Patrick talk to Emma about the baby, Ava makes moves against Sabrina and Luke threatens Spencer.

Today's Recap - 

Ric comes to Windermere to check on Liz and isn't pleased to find her staying with Nikolas. Nik is quick to remind Ric that it's not his business where Liz goes. Ric wonders why she didn't ask him to help. Liz asks to speak with Ric alone. Nik steps out of the room and after Liz tells Ric that he needs to accept that she's staying put at Windermere. Ric says okay, but he's not giving up on her. At the end, a worried Nik tells Liz that Spencer is missing. 

Emma sets up Sabrina to come over to the house to take her to a dance recital. Patrick worries that Emma is afraid to be alone with him, because of his behavior since Robin left. He also tells Sabrina that he hasn't told Emma that her baby is his, not Carlos's baby. Then Emma walks in the room and they decide to tell her that Patrick is the father. At the end, Patrick asks if Emma is happy to have a little brother and she answers no. 

At the PCPD, Ava threatens to hurt Sabrina to Carlos over the phone. Carlos gets angry and can't believe that Ava would hurt the woman he loves. Ava tells him to make a decision. Then Dante comes in and takes the phone away. Later, Carlos refuses to talk to Diane so she walks out on him. At the end, Ava tells one of her henchman to keep an eye on Sabrina.

Nearby, Franco tells Diane that he doesn't need her legal help. Diane insists on knowing why not, but Franco refuses to explain his reasoning. Later, Dante wonders what Franco is up to. When Franco won't talk, Dante decides to put him in a cell. Diane suggests that Dante put Carlos and Franco in a cell together.

Michael comes to visit Sonny at his house before AJ's funeral. Michael asks Sonny to come with him, but Sonny says it's not a good idea. He explains that it would upset Monica if he were there. Michael leaves and after ghost AJ returns to berate Sonny about his lies. At the end, Sonny runs through everything in his head and is filled with guilt. 

Spencer warns Luke at the Q's that he knows about his plan to take Sonny down. They briefly talk about why Spencer was in the barn, namely Emma. He recounts everything he heard in the barn in particular about Luke's false intentions toward Tracy. It concerns Luke greatly and he tells Spencer that he'll hurt him if he says anything to Sonny. Spencer says if Luke tries to hurt him, Nikolas will come after him. Luke calls Nik an arrogant jerk, but Spencer says he's the best father ever. Luke decides that maybe Emma is the one he should hurt if Spencer doesn't keep quiet. At the end, Sonny walks in on them.

End of show!

Lots of kid cuteness today.

Have a great night!


  1. I love little Spencer. Critics have to remember he is a child but a child who knows he is some sort of royalty and at the moment doesn't know how to handle it. But he is a little boy with a good and loyal heart who truly loves his family and friends. I was amazed at how he repeated word for word the conversation Luke had with Julian. The writers better not let anything bad happen to little Spencer or this fan will tune out GH for good!!! They need to show Nik talking to Spencer about responsibility and good manners and telling Spencer that he expects it from him. But he is a cute kid who is precocious and loves his family and friends just like his Dad. Love the little romance with Emma and I really think that little Emma should wind up with Spencer not Cameron.

  2. Love Spencer and Uncle Sonny. They really have a chemistry. The writers need for Sonny to talk to Spencer about his Mom so that the child will know that she loved him. They make a cute team.


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