Tuesday, March 18, 2014

You Look Like You've Seen a Ghost!

Are you sure Britt's the right woman?
In this episode Ric lends a hand to Elizabeth, Britt is overcome with feelings of guilt and Nikolas gets a surprise visitor at Windermere!

Here's What Happened - 

Liz and Felix discuss Nik and Britt's engagement party at the Nurse's station. Brad walks up to them and says hi. Felix is cold to him so Brad slinks off. Liz asks what happened between them. Felix tells her about Brad sleeping with another guy and says he realizes that he pushed Brad away for months. It reminds Liz of her situation with Nikolas. Later, Liz gets a call from Cameron's school telling her that he's missing. 

Britt has bad dreams at Windermere about Lulu knowing she is Ben's mother. Nik asks her what's wrong. Britt replies that she's nervous about their party so Nikolas shows her a dress that he had delivered for her to wear. Britt is delighted, thanks him and then leaves for work. After Nik sees Emily's ghost in his bedroom. Emily wears her wedding dress and tells him that she came to visit before the party. Emily asks if he loves Britt. Nikolas says that he does and Emily wonders where that leaves Liz. Nikolas says that Liz made her choice. Emily asks if he's certain that he's marrying the right woman. Nikolas admits that he still loves Liz, but says it's in the past now. Emily asks if the same is true with her. Nik answers that it's not possible and says her love was the best thing that ever happened to him. However, he goes on to say that he loves Britt and she's his future. Nikolas gets choked up and promises Emily he'll take care of himself. Then Emily kisses him goodbye and fades away.

Over at the hospital, Brad and Britt get to talking about her big party. Britt says she doesn't deserve any of it. They go into one of the exam rooms to talk privately and Brad sees a flyer for the Nurse's Ball. Britt says that last year's ball is when her life started to spiral. She shares her guilt over keeping Ben from Lulu and wonders about telling Nikolas the truth. Brad thinks it's an awful idea and could get them both arrested. He offers another suggestion and tells Britt to write down all her feelings in an attempt to forgive herself. Britt decides to pen a letter to Lulu, that she never plans to show her, explaining what happened with the embryos.

Lulu overhears a couple at Kelly's talking about having a baby and gets choked up. Then Lucas comes to meet her and they discuss Julian. Lucas says he wants to have Julian meet Brad. Later Lulu shares her dreams about Ben being her son with Lucas. She tells him that she feels so close to Ben, but knows it's not healthy. At the end, Lucas goes to the hospital to ask Brad out for dinner. Brad suggests they go to Britt's engagement party together instead.

Ric and Julian discuss their "partnership" at Ava's art gallery. Ava sees them and Ric introduces himself to her. Julian informs Ava that he wants Ric to replace Diane as their attorney for the gallery. Ava is suspicious and thinks Julian chose Ric because he's Sonny's brother. Ric decides to leave and once alone, Ava asks Julian if Ric is bank rolling him. Julian asks why she thinks he has a backer and reminds her about snooping on his computer. Ava says she deserves to know the truth, but Julian says he answers to no one. Meanwhile, Ric heads over to Kelly's and finds Cameron sitting alone on the bench outside. Ric calls Liz to tell her where Cam is and then takes Cameron inside to eat fries. Cameron tells Ric that he's upset about Emma liking Spencer and not him. Then Liz walks in and sees them together. Ric tells Cam that you have to fight for the people you love, which is a clear attempt to send a message to Elizabeth.

Alexis gets a visit from Sonny at her place. He tells Alexis about Michael's medical problems with AJ. Alexis senses something else is bothering him and asks if there is anything else Sonny wants to tell her. Sonny says there isn't, reminds her that he has an alibi for the night AJ was shot and changes the subject. He mentions his suspicions about Ric funding Julian's operation. Alexis doesn't buy it, but Sonny thinks she might be blind because of her feelings for Julian. Alexis swears that's not the case. Sonny suggests that she exploit Julian's feelings for her to learn if Ric is working with him. He also suggests that she take Julian to Nikolas's party. Alexis decides to try it and calls Julian.  End of Show!

Tyler (Nik) seemed genuinely teary at the end with Natalia (Emily). I wonder if those scenes hit home, because of their past real life romance. Maybe just wishful thinking on my part...I was a Nik & Emily fan!

Enjoy the preview for tomorrow below!

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  1. I think in this episode Tyler Christopher really knocked it out of the park. His performance was great, haven't seen anything like this since the BJ heart episode way back when. TPTB don't realize what a great actor Tyler is they need to wake up and give this man some meaty scenes to play because he is good. He needs lead actor material, I mean he has been on television series and also in a movie produced by Steven Spielberg what does that say about his acting abilities? He is definitely underused by GH. They need to polish this jem up and put him on display a little more. GREAT PERFORMANCE TYLER!!!!!!!


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