Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Who's Worse: AJ or Ric?

I'm innocent!
In this episode Liz gets a date for the ball, Dr. Obrecht taps into her emotions and Ava returns to Port Charles!

Here's What Happened - 

Liz and Nik run into each other at Kelly's. She sees the invitation to his engagement party and they discuss AJ's condition. Nik asks Liz if she will come to the engagement party, because he needs at least one musketeer in attendance. However, Liz says she can't come because it's awkward and she doesn't have a date. Suddenly Ric approaches them and offers to be Liz's date. Nikolas isn't happy to see Ric and doesn't like the idea of Liz going with Ric. Ric says it's Liz's decision and asks her if she's up for it. Liz says okay and agrees to bring Ric as her date. Nik says he doesn't know who's worse, AJ or Ric and then walks out. After Ric asks Liz if she only agreed to bring him to stick it to Nik. Liz says maybe and quickly heads back to GH to check on AJ. After Ric orders a coffee from Shawn and Shawn informs him that he works for Sonny. Shawn promises Ric he'll find out everything about him soon.

Britt tells Dr. O that she's marrying Nikolas at the hospital. Britt shows her the ring, but Dr. Obrecht isn't impressed. She warns Britt about the dangers of a broken heart if Nik learns that Lulu is Ben's bio mom. Britt responds by saying Nikolas can never know the truth or she'll lose him. Britt says being loved by Nik is the best thing ever and she's sorry that Dr. O never felt that from Faison. The mention of Faison sobers Dr. Obrecht and she tells Britt that she's afraid something bad happened to her father. Britt tells Obrecht that she still has her and begs her mother to keep Ben's secret. Dr. O has a moment of kindness and says she'll stay quiet. Then Dr. Obrecht says she knows she was a hard mother and cries about how amazing of a woman Britt is. She tells Britt she makes her proud. Britt impulsively hugs Dr. O and it makes her weep. Nikolas walks up to them and sees Dr. O in tears. Dr. Obrecht congratulates Nik and tells him that if he hurts Britt, he'll answer to her. Then Dr. O wishes them well and walks off. Nikolas is in shock and asks what happened. Britt answers that her mother had an emotional break through.

Alexis gets a visit from Julian at her house and he tells her he's been cleared in AJ's shooting. He brings her flowers and thanks her for believing in him. Alexis is touched, but tells him she has to deal with Molly. Julian decides to leave her in peace, but reminds her that they'd be great together on the way out. Later Sam stops by and talks about Silas with Alexis. Sam says she thinks Ava killed Mr. Nakamura and is setting Silas up. Alexis says that means Ava is innocent in shooting AJ, if she was in NYC framing Silas. Sam is shocked to hear AJ was shot. Then Alexis tells Sam that Ric is in town and Molly wants to move in with him.

Carlos waits for Ava at her apartment and startles her when she walks in. Carlos tells her that AJ is hanging on by a thread. Ava swears that she had nothing to do with what happened to him. Carlos informs her that Julian thinks she's responsible. Ava remarks that it's good Julian's in jail, but unfortunately for her Julian walks in at that moment. Julian hints at Ava's guilt, but she says she was NYC. She makes a hasty exit and once alone, Julian asks Carlos if he found out if Ava's guilty or not. Carlos responds that Ava claims to be innocent. At the end, Julian threatens Carlos that it would be better for him to stay loyal.

Over at GH, Michael waits at AJ's bedside with Kiki hoping he'll wake up. Kiki encourages Michael not to give up on AJ so Michael talks to him and holds AJ's hand. He asks for AJ to give him a sign that he can hear him and tells AJ that he loves him. Kiki goes to get coffee and runs into Silas in the hallway. Silas tells Kiki about what happened to Mr. Nakamura in NYC. It appears that someone is watching them from the Nurses's station. Silas tells Kiki he thinks Ava is behind all of this. Then Ava walks up to them. She assures Kiki that she was in NYC visiting her grandmother and not to cause trouble for Silas. At the end, Ava tells Silas she would never hurt him and only wanted him to love her again.

Meanwhile back at AJ's room, Sonny arrives to "support" Michael. Michael tells Sonny that AJ may not wake up. It's music to Sonny's ears, but he tells Michael that he's sorry. Sonny asks if it's true that AJ cleared Julian. Michael answers yes and wonders who really is responsible. Michael tells Sonny that it could be connected to the person who tried to kill AJ at the Q's. Later, Michael tells Sonny that he's grateful for his support and that he loves Sonny very much. Sonny gets choked up and leaves when Kiki returns. At the end, Ava finds Sonny in the hospital and asks what they'll do if AJ survives.

End of Show!

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