Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ulterior Motive

Wanna keep a secret? Don't ever write it down!
Quick Recap - 

Alexis invites Julian to Nik's engagement party at her place. He wonders if she has an ulterior motive. Alexis says she'll take Ric instead. That quickly changes Julian's mind and he agrees to be her date. 

TJ tells his mother at Kelly's that he's not going home with her, because of Molly. Molly walks in and gets to meet Jordan. Shawn changes Jordan's mind and she decides to move to PC instead.

Luke corners Kiki at GH and rudely hits on her again. Tracy sees them talking and asks Luke what's going on. When their alone, Luke lies to Tracy and says Kiki has been hitting on him.

Patrick tells Morgan, Tracy. Monica and Michael at GH that AJ went into a coma during surgery. Monica and Michael are devastated. Monica accuses Patrick of messing up the surgery and Michael thinks he made a horrible mistake by authorizing it. 

Ava pushes for Sonny to finish AJ off at her art gallery. Morgan sees them talking. Ava covers and says they were discussing Ric's association with Julian. Then Morgan tells them that AJ's in a coma and it doesn't look good.

Britt tries to burn the fake letter she wrote to Lulu at Windermere, but Lulu interrupts her. Britt lies and says she was going to burn junk mail. At the end, she finally lights it up, tosses it into the fireplace and feels confident she can put all this behind her. 

Patrick tells Liz that he thinks AJ is in coma, because of him at the Nurse's station. Liz tries to assure him that's probably not the case, but Patrick thinks he's been distracted because of Robin.

Cameron uses Britt's office at GH to make an origami heart for Emma while he waits for Liz. He uses one of the Nurse's Ball flyers that Britt had tried to write her letter to Lulu on. At the end, he gives the finished heart to Liz and asks her to deliver it to Emma at the party.

End of show!

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