Tuesday, March 11, 2014

AJ's Awake...NOT!?!

I'm not happy about this!
Today's Show - 

Felix and Carly have a chat at GH about Brad. Felix reveals that Lucas ruined his relationship with Brad. Carly informs Felix that Lucas is her gay half brother. She advises Felix to talk to Brad and see if they can work things out. Felix agrees and thanks her for the advice. 

Lucas runs into Brad at Kelly's and they discuss Julian over coffee. Lucas says he doesn't want to get to know Julian now that he shot AJ. Then Brad tells Lucas that Felix dumped him officially, so Lucas asks if that means they have a chance now. At the end, Felix walks into Kelly's just as Lucas is trying to kiss Brad. Felix takes the high road, shakes Lucas's hand and decides to bail out gracefully, although he's visibly upset. 

Ric and Julian chat at the PCPD when Anna interrupts them. She reviews a scathing file on Ric and says she's not releasing Julian anytime soon. Anna tells Ric that if Julian can provide an alibi for the night AJ was shot maybe she'll let him out. 

Alexis is distraught over Molly wanting to live with Ric at their house. They get into an argument and Alexis forbids her from moving in with him. Molly screams, "You suck!" and runs to her room. After Ric shows up and tells Alexis that he'll defend Julian. At the end, Alexis finds that Molly slipped out of the house.

TJ and Shawn about talk about Molly moving in with Ric at Kelly's. Shawn tells TJ that Ric is bad news and not a good choice for Molly to live with. Then Shawn gets called away and leaves TJ to close up at Kelly's. Later, Molly shows up and surprises TJ when he's alone. 

Olivia and Sonny discuss AJ's situation in his office. Olivia says she doesn't feel sorry for AJ, because of what he did to Connie. Shawn shows up and tells them that Ric is representing Julian. Sonny isn't surprised and feels certain Ric is funding Julian's operation.

AJ opens his eyes during a visit with Monica. It gives her and Michael renewed hope. The nurses and doctors come in and tell Monica he's not out of the woods yet. Michael tries to talk to AJ and he manages to say that Julian didn't shoot him. Then poor AJ starts to flat-line. Carly and Anna arrive at AJ's hospital room. Kiki tells Anna that AJ said Julian didn't shoot him. 

At the end, Anna releases Julian afterall. Carly calls Sonny and tells him that AJ woke up and told Michael that Julian isn't the shooter. After speaking with the doctor's, Monica tells Michael that AJ had an aneurysm and is touch and go! 

End of Show!

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P.S. If you missed Monday's show, you can catch up here --> GH 03/10/2014

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