Monday, March 3, 2014

To the Moon & Back

I remember!
Today's Show - 

Sonny assures Michael that he doesn't know anything about the hit on AJ in his office. Michael tells Sonny that AJ remember's someone else might have killed Connie, but Sonny doesn't believe it. Then Shawn shows up and tells Sonny that he saw AJ go to Ava's place.

Victor tells Dr. Obrecht that he's leaving town with Robin at GH. He also shows her a file from the WSB on Faison. Victor promises her that he'll hand over the file if she comes away with him. However, Dr. O refuses. Victor asks for a kiss instead, then gives her the file and says goodbye.

Anna tells Duke she's suspicious of Robin's reasons for leaving town in her office. Dante interrupts and tells Anna that Sonny denies ordering a hit on AJ. After Anna and Duke get into a fight about his working relationship with Sonny. At the end, Dr. O comes to see Anna and says she knows what happened to Faison.

Emma and Patrick throw Robin a goodbye party at their house. Emma gives her a picture of the three of them together to take with her. Robin gives Emma a necklace with a telescope on it so they can always look at the same stars. She tells Emma that she loves her to the moon and back. Patrick and Robin try to say goodbye and at the end, Victor comes for Robin.

Silas goes to see Nina at the clinic where she's being cared for, but is denied access by the hospital administrator. Sam creates a distraction, they beat up some security guards and steal key cards to access the patient rooms. At the end, Silas manages to sneak into Nina's room.

AJ goes to Ava's apartment to confront her about murdering Connie. AJ puts the pieces together despite Ava's attempts to talk him down. Ava gets desperate and pulls a gun on him. AJ realizes it wasn't Sonny who tried to have him killed. Ava says some things you have to do yourself and cocks her gun.

End of show!

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