Thursday, March 6, 2014

Out of Control Prude

Don't give up, AJ!
Thursday's Recap -

Sonny worries about AJ surviving at his office. Morgan bursts in and asks if Sonny had anything to do with it. Sonny denies it, so Morgan takes off to find Michael. After Sonny makes a mysterious phone call asking for help.

Luke tells Tracy that he wasn't looking for Sonny at the Quartermaine's. Instead he actually bought a ring for her. Luke gets down on one knee and asks Tracy to marry him. After a lot of convincing, Tracy agrees. Luke promises her that this time she won't be sorry!

Shawn and TJ talk about Molly and Alexis's drama at Kelly's. After receiving a call from Sonny, Shawn heads over to his office. When he gets there, Sonny tells him what happened with AJ. Sonny asks Shawn to be his alibi, but Shawn says he can't because too many people saw him at Kelly's. Later, Sonny is most concerned about keeping this secret from Michael.

Alexis and Molly fight about Molly's recent behavior with TJ at their house. Molly calls Alexis an, "Out of control prude!" Molly tells Alexis that her and TJ and are ready for sex and truly love each other.

Anna questions Julian about AJ's shooting at her office. Julian says Anna should look at Ava. He insists he needs a lawyer so he calls Alexis. Later, Alexis arrives and Julian explains what he's being accused of. Alexis says she can't represent him, because of her relationship with Sonny. Instead, she recommends Ric be his lawyer.  

TJ heads over to Molly's place when he knows Alexis isn't there. They talk about their options and Molly suggests that she can live with Ric now, so they can see each other. Later Molly calls Ric and asks to move in with him.

At GH, AJ fights for his life while Michael begs for the doctors to save him. Morgan joins him and they share a brotherly hug. Morgan informs Michael that AJ was shot at Ava's place, but assures him that Ava and Sonny had nothing to do with it. Michael says he wasn't worried about Sonny being involved, because he trusts Sonny.

Nearby Ric asks Liz about her feelings toward AJ. Liz explains how her relationship with AJ evolved and that he was accused of killing Connie. Liz says she's not sure if she thinks AJ is guilty or not. At the end, the doctor's tell Michael, Liz, Morgan and Ric that AJ needs emergency surgery. Michael gets to speak with him briefly before they take him into the operating room. He asks AJ who shot him, but AJ is too weak to answer!

End of show!

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