Friday, March 21, 2014

This Letter Will Change Everything

In this episode the engagement party continues at Windermere, Liz debates telling Nikolas the truth and Julian meets up with his mystery partner!

Here's What Happened - 

Sam fills Silas in on the details of her past with Ric at the party. They decide to take some whiskey and discuss it in private. They head to the barn and Sam explains how she and Ric came to have sex back in the day. She also informs him that Ric is Sonny's half brother and they hate each other. Bringing up the past makes Sam feel remorse over her actions. Silas eases her by saying he can't judge, because he slept with Ava. Later they decide to return to the party.

Sonny and Alexis discuss a way for her to get the truth out of Julian about his relationship with Ric. Later Alexis saddles up to Julian and asks what he was discussing with Ric. Julian claims they were talking about Lucas. Alexis takes it a step further and "accidentally" spills a drink on him and his phone. She holds his phone for him while he tries to clean his shirt. Julian decides to take his phone with him to the men's room. After Alexis runs to tell Sonny that she saw a text message from someone asking Julian to meet them. She assumes this person must be somewhere on Spoon Island and decides to go searching.

Tracy tells Lucas how her confidence in Luke is booming. Nearby, Nikolas is shocked at Luke for referring to Britt as a hot piece of ass. Luke basically tells him to chill out and when Nik takes offense, Luke calls him, "Prince Prick!" It leads to an argument and Nikolas kicks Luke out. Tracy sees Luke walk out and decides to go looking for him. Later Nikolas finds Britt and says he wants to make a toast with her and Ben at his side. Britt says that she'll go get Ben from the nursery. 

Olivia tells Dante that Lulu also thinks Ben looks like her. Dante thinks it just wishful thinking on everyone's part. Dante goes on to say, "This sucks!" He thinks it's not fair that Lulu feels she needs to hide her feelings. Meanwhile upstairs, Lulu takes some private time with Ben. She wonders out loud how it is that he looks like her. Tracy walks in looking for Luke and asks what going on. Lulu tells her how hard it is for her that Britt is Ben's mom and she isn't. She says that maybe it's payback for the abortion she had years ago, but Tracy insists that's not true. Then Britt walks in and is shocked to see them. Tracy says they were looking for Luke and decided to check on Ben. Britt quickly takes Ben into her arms and takes him downs stairs to the party. 

Brad tells Britt he might not be able to live with their lie. Later Britt tells Dr. O about Brad's guilt. Meanwhile, Lucas and Brad take a private moment on the balcony. Brad confesses that Britt and he are partners in crime. Brad explains how he was the one who told Lulu that baby Connie wasn't really her child. Brad is about to confess about Lulu being Ben's mom when Dr. Obrecht interrupts them. She tells Lucas that Lulu is looking for him. Lucas gives Dr. Obrecht some attitude and then takes off looking for Lulu. 

Cameron introduces Ric to his girlfriend Emma, which upsets Spencer terribly and he runs off. Sonny notices and goes after him. Spencer tears up and tells Sonny that Cameron stole Emma from him. He explains how the acted when he learned the egg broke. Sonny tells Cameron that he might have pushed Emma away by being mean to Cameron. Then Emma and Cameron walk past them and Spencer decides he's not in a party mood. At the end, Sonny tells Nikolas that Spencer is a good kid.

Liz reads the letter Britt wrote to Lulu on the back of Cameron's origami heart and discovers the truth about Ben. Ric finds Liz alone reading and tells her about Emma choosing Cameron. Liz is distracted and tells him that the letter she's reading will change everything. Ric reads the letter while Liz rants about how awful Britt is. Ric suggests that Liz tell Lulu before Nikolas, so Liz takes off to find her. 

At the end, Alexis finds Ric talking with Cameron instead of Julian like she thought. Liz finds Lulu in Ben's nursery and tells her that there is something she needs to reveal. Once alone, Dr. Obrecht threatens Brad on the balcony. Down at the barn, Julian goes looking for the person who sent him a text and meets up with a creepy looking Luke!

End of Show!

I really think Luke is Anthony Z. I've heard this rumor around the web and it seems more and more plausible now. Plus Anthony was also married to Tracy and AZ was very rude to women. What do you think?

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  1. I have thought from the beginning of this part of the story that Anthony Z, did not die but has had plastic surgery to look like Luke. Trevor Lansing was his lawyer; Ric seems to be involved now. Anthony hated Sonny and loved Tracy. He was crude about women. The pieces all fit. He could have been exchanged for Luke at Miscavigne.

  2. I agree, we should find out soon.


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