Friday, March 28, 2014

Sonny Shot Me!

What did you say?
In this episode Nathan tries to think, Sam and Nikolas have a cousin pow wow and poor AJ starts to flat line again!

Today's Recap - 

Sonny and Olivia argue at his house. Olivia thinks Sonny isn't focusing hard enough on Dante and Ben compared to the attention he's giving Michael. She blames the AJ situation, but they quickly make peace and Sonny says he's going to the hospital to check on Michael. Later, Sonny runs into Monica at the hospital and she lays into him. Monica says if she didn't know better, she'd think Sonny was the one who shot AJ. Then Monica orders Sonny to leave the hospital.

Sam goes to visit Nikolas at Windermere and he tells her about Lulu being Ben's real mom. He also says that he called off his engagement to Britt. Nik thinks he made a fool of himself and he feels badly for the way he treated Elizabeth. Sam advises him to apologize to Liz. Then they talk about the Nina Clay situation and Nik advises Sam to be careful with Silas.

Ava tells Silas at the hospital that she's making progress with Kiki. Ava also insists that she had nothing to do with what happened to Nina. Then Nathan walks up to them. He tells Silas that he found a patient who can confirm Silas was speaking with him at the time of Nina's overdose. Ava excuses herself and Silas insists that Nathan look deeper into Ava's background. Nathan finally admits that there could be another suspect. Later Sam walks up to them and says she has an idea of how to bring Ava down.

Britt answers her cell phone from the interrogation room at the PCPD when Dr. Obrecht calls. Dante listens in anxiously. Britt tries to get her mother to reveal her whereabouts. Right then Lulu bursts in screaming about her son and Dr. O hears her. She tells Britt she will talk to her when she's truly alone and hangs up. After Britt tries to apologize to Lulu, but Lulu isn't interested and berates her. 

At Liz's place, we see that Dr. Obrecht is there with a gun pointed at her. Cameron and Aiden are at school, so Dr. O makes Liz take care of Ben. Dr. Obrecht tells Liz that until Britt is released, she's not going anywhere. At the end, Nikolas comes knocking on Liz's door.

Kiki finds Michael in the hospital chapel stewing in guilt over AJ's condition. Michael recounts the ugly history between Carly, Sonny and AJ and he says that if AJ dies it will be his fault. Then they talk about the possible reasons for AJ being at Ava's place when he was shot. Michael starts to get suspicious of Ava.

AJ wakes up in his hospital room with Carly standing over him. He mumbles that he has to tell her something. Carly ignores him and goes for help, but AJ implores her to listen first. Carly says okay and he finally manages to whisper, "Sonny shot me." AJ continues to say that Sonny shot him, because of Ava. Nearby Sonny finds Ava in the hospital hallway and they discuss AJ again. Ava says the best thing for everyone would be if AJ never wakes up from his coma. At the end, Monica and Michael come to AJ's room and see Carly trying to talk to him. She tells them that he woke up, but then AJ starts to flat line again. 

End of show!

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