Monday, March 17, 2014

Obsessed Little Puppy

Panic attacks aren't my bag, baby!
Today's Show - 

Michael holds AJ's hand and asks him to offer a sign of what to do at GH. Then Sonny walks in and Michael tells him about AJ giving him medical proxy power. Sonny says it's not fair that Michael has to make that choice, so Michael asks him what he thinks he should do. Sonny advises Michael to follow his gut instinct. Hearing that Michael steps out to make his decision. Sonny stays behind and makes scathing comments to a comatose AJ. He calls AJ scum and says he wants AJ to die. Sonny says he's the better father for Michael.

Molly and TJ want to take things to the bedroom at Alexis's house. However Alexis walks in and foils their plans. Molly gets defensive when Alexis starts to freak out. She tells Alexis she can't stop them and they'll have sex sooner or later. Alexis gives in and says they can go to Molly's room to have sex if they want to. Molly and TJ feel it's a little too weird and TJ makes a quick exit. After, Molly realizes Alexis purposely pretended to condone them having sex to turn them off. Alexis tells her if having sex with TJ is what Molly wants, she won't stop her. However, she does warn Molly about the danger of TJ's connection to the mob via Shawn. 

Shawn gets a surprise visitor at Kelly's. She turns out to be TJ's mother and she wants to take him home. She tells Shawn that he put TJ in the middle of a mob war. Shawn snaps at her and reminds her about the reason she asked him to take TJ in the first place. We don't learn what her secret is, but she blames Shawn for getting her husband Tommy killed. Shawn is sorry for what happened, but wonders if TJ is really better off with her. Then TJ walks in and sees his mother. They hug as Shawn looks on with disapproval. 

Sam tells Silas in his office at GH that she thinks Nathan has a secret. Silas says Nathan is an obsessed little puppy. Then he tells Sam about his visit from Madeline and the papers she brought for him to sign regarding releasing Nina's money. Silas grows frustrated with them constantly worrying about Nathan and Nina. He tells Sam that he just wants her and they start making out. Silas locks his office door and they have sex on his desk.

Donna Mills (Madeline) goes to see Nathan at his apartment. He's pleasantly shocked to see her and she says, "Is that anyway to greet your mother?" They talk about Nina and Madeline expresses her confusion about Nathan choosing to be a cop. Nathan says he wants to get justice for Nina and Silas has no idea he's Nina's brother, James Reeve. Madeline applies some pressure on him to get the job done and says she'll be staying at the Metro Court for the time being. At the end, Madeline gives Nathan a picture of Nina and they vow to make Silas pay.

Patrick breaks Robin's picture in anger in his office at GH. Liz walks in and they get to talking about Robin's choice to leave Port Charles. Patrick starts to break down and tells Liz about breaking Emma's Faberge egg. He feels like he can't handle everything on his own. Liz says she knows how it feels to be left alone and offers to listen any time he needs her. Later, Michael comes to speak with Patrick. He tells Patrick and Liz that he wants to try surgery for AJ. After, Liz asks Patrick if he truly ready to perform surgery. Patrick gets annoyed and answers that he is. At the end, Michael tells Sonny that he wants to have the surgery for AJ. Michael is emotionally torn and prays it's the right thing to do. 

End of show!

I liked TJ's mom, what did you think?

P.S. It looks like AJ (Sean Kanan) is off GH for real. Read about it here; looks bitter on both sides --> AJ OUT !!!!! 

In my opinion, I don't blame SK. The relish story was beyond silly, they never really developed his love with Liz and then he nearly disappeared from our screens for the entire fall. Connie's murder was dropped for months and really was Ava all along, like we all didn't know that right!?! 

So do I think Frank & Ron have improved GH since the days of Guza...absolutely! However, their trick seems to be starting strong and then dragging things along until fans don't even care if we get to the finish line. Shall we count the list of returned favorites whose character's left smelling like shit? Let me see...there was Brenda, Frisco, Robin and now AJ. 

Don't get me wrong. On a whole, I think GH is much improved from where it was in 2012. I just wish plots were wrapped up in a reasonable time frame and that there were fewer newbies on the canvas. Why aren't Mac and Felicia on more? We see so little of Duke and Anna; will anyone care if they break up? Why do we need Carlos at all? And don't even get me started on how awful of a character Silas is and how dumb it was to make Todd become Franco. I know that Prospect Place started this, but seriously why did we need Franco back? I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think the vampire stuff would have been more fun then this Silas/Nina/Nathan nonsense. Yes Nathan is a hottie, but his acting...not so good!

Okay enough venting!!!

Have a great night!


  1. OMG, so true! Don't forget about Robert getting the short shaft and awful nonsense with Heather Webber!!!!

  2. I wished they could have done more with A.J. too. Yes Ron's storylines are not great but I would never Guza back either.


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