Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nice Night for a Party

Nice ass!
In today's show everyone starts to arrive at Windermere looking terrific for the engagement party. Plus Luke continues his pervy behavior and Liz reads Britt's letter!

Thursday's Recap - 

Britt gets Ben ready for the party and flashes on her lies to Lulu and Nik about Ben's real mother. Awhile later Nikolas come to check on them and is blown away by how beautiful she looks. Nearby, Spencer is all dressed up for the party at and greets Emma when she comes to the door by saying, "You look scrumptious!" Nikolas leaves them alone to enjoy some appetizers and then Emma tells Spencer about the egg breaking. Spencer gets very upset, which makes Emma feel bad.

Ric arrives to pick Elizabeth at her place for the engagement party and brings her a rose. Ric says, "Nice night for a party." Then he notices the origami heart that Cam made for Emma on the table. He notices the writing on the back and shows Liz. Cameron runs in and grabs it before they can read it. Then Ric suggests they take Cam with them. Ric also strongly hints at a reconciliation with Liz.

The Davis girls are all dressed up for Nikolas's party at their house. Julian comes to pick Alexis up, which surprises Sam. Later Silas and TJ arrive to take Molly and Sam to the party as well. All of them head off to get the launch to Windermere together and run into Liz, Ric and Cameron there. Everyone arrives at Windermere together and Nik is surprised that Alexis brought Julian as a date. When Ric, Liz and Cameron walk in, Cam runs to give Emma the origami heart. Emma likes it, but Spencer gets jealous and stomps Cameron's heart into a ball on the ground.

Dante and Lulu wait for the launch on the docks. Sonny and Olivia join them and everyone looks fabulous. A little later, Tracy and Luke also meet up with them on the docks. The launch finally arrives and they all get on board. Later when they arrive, Luke gushes to Britt about how beautiful she is. Then Britt takes Dante, Olivia and Sonny to see Ben. Olivia notes that Ben looks a bit like Lulu. At the end, Olivia and Lulu get to chatting and Lulu agrees that Ben looks like her.

Brad and Lucas arrive at Windermere for the party. Lucas mentions to Brad how upset Lulu has been since learning that Dante and Britt have a kid. The subject makes Brad uncomfortable, but then Dr. Obrecht walks up to them. Lucas quickly makes an excuse to leave them alone and goes to talk to Lulu. Meanwhile, Dr. O sternly warns Brad to keep his mouth shut about baby Ben. Later Dr. Obrecht warns Britt that she needs to keep an eye on Brad and his big mouth. Nearby, Julian and Lucas spend a little time together.

At the end, Emma doesn't like Spencer's rudeness and refuses to go to the party with him. She decides to hang out with Cameron instead. Silas notices tension between Sam and Ric so Sam tells him about them sleeping together in the past. Sonny and Alexis wonder about the relationship between Ric and Julian. Luke makes a toast with Nikolas in private and Nikolas thanks him for coming. Luke refers to Britt as a, "Hot piece of ass," which makes poor Nikolas nearly choke on his drink. Lulu sneaks upstairs to get a peak at baby Ben. Plus Liz finds Cameron's origami heart smashed up. She picks it up and finally starts to read the writing on the back.
End of show!

P.S. In case you missed yesterday's show, you can see it here ---> GH 03/19/14

Have a great night!

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  1. I didn't think Spencer acted like a brat like some are saying. He knew the value both monetarily and family heirloom wise of the egg and got upset when Emma said it was broken it is priceless and cannot be replaced. He was correct in saying that it was worth a lot of money because a Fabrege egg is worth millions especially one smuggled out of Russia during the Revolution. He is a child upset by being rejected and acted like what he is a child. Emma too acted like a child rejecting him and going with Cameron. I think Cam only likes Emma because Spencer is smitten with her. Personally I think that Emma and Spencer make a cute couple and Cameron needs to go play with Josslyn Jax.


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