Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hello Elizabeth

In this episode Luke continues to act oddly, Ava and Sonny partner up in crime and Liz gets a couple surprises at GH!

Today's Show - 

Anna leaves a message on Robert's phone from her office. She tells him that Dr. Obrecht found out what they really did to Faison. Nathan interrupts and tells her about Mr. Nakamura's death and the similarities to Silas's wife's overdose. Nathan mentions that Sam and Silas think Ava is responsible. Anna wonders if Nathan is blind to other suspects because of his determination to prove Silas is guilty. Nathan wonders if Anna is overly anxious to arrest a Jerome because of her history with their family. Then Anna gets a call that shots were fired at Ava's place so they take off to investigate.

In NYC, Silas and Sam have a drink at Ryan's pub and discuss the situation with Nina's disappearance. Silas assumes it means that Nina is dead. Sam is skeptical and asks why Nina's family would go to all that trouble to protect an empty room. Sam wonders if Nina might have been moved elsewhere. While they talk an unseen person watches them from the window. At the end, Sam promises Silas they'll get to the bottom of Nina's disappearance and the unseen person sneaks inside to get a closer look at them.

Julian has a chat on the docks with a mysterious person. He talks about Ava and says he needs to get back asap. Then Julian walks off to Ava's place. Meanwhile, Sonny shoots AJ in the chest at Ava's place. AJ falls to the floor unconscious and bleeding out quickly. Realizing what he did, Sonny says he failed Michael. Ava advises Sonny finish AJ off with another bullet. Sonny asks why she wants AJ dead so much. Ava replies that if AJ lives, they'll both end up in jail. Sonny says AJ will bleed out shortly and they need to be gone before the cops arrive. Ava takes the gun and wipes his fingers print off. She puts it next to AJ and tells Sonny that she'll have his back. Later, Julian arrives to find AJ laying on the floor and no one else there. He picks up the gun and right then Anna and Nathan burst in. They assume he shot AJ. Nathan calls an ambulance and they arrest Julian.

Ava and Sonny head over to the docks and talk about what happened. Ava says Sonny saved her life. Sonny asks why AJ was choking her. Ava says that AJ came over drunk asking for a job in Julian's organization in order to take Sonny down. Ava claims that when she refused AJ attacked her. Ava tells Sonny that AJ said to her, "I'll kill you like I did Connie," as he choked her. Ava also tells Sonny that Julian will be the person who ends up arrested for AJ's shooting. She tells him the gun was Julian's weapon and notes that now AJ and Julian will be neutralized at the same time. At the end, Ava says she's going back to NYC to work on her alibi. Sonny worries about the details, but Ava advises him to sit tight. Then she takes off.

Michael calls AJ's phone from the Quartermaine's and starts to worry about his whereabouts. Tracy approaches him and tells Michael that she hasn't seen AJ. Michael asks Tracy to recount the break in where AJ was attacked in the living room. Tracy suggests that Sonny is responsible, but Michael says Sonny wouldn't do that. Tracy worries that Luke got himself in trouble as well, because he was supposed to go talk to Sonny and she hasn't heard from him. Then Luke walks in very somber and says he was off talking with Sonny. Michael says that's not possible because he was just with Sonny. Luke corrects himself and says he was looking for Sonny, but didn't find him. Luke claims that he ended up getting a hair cut and a shave instead. Later when they're alone, Luke tells Tracy that he lied to her about where he was earlier.

At the hospital, Liz and Felix talk about Robin's departure. Ric walks up to the Nurses's station and says, "Hello Elizabeth." Liz is surprised to see him and explains to Felix that Ric's her ex-husband. He walks off to give them privacy and once alone, Ric tells Liz that she's as beautiful as ever. She asks why he's back in town. Ric says to see Molly and her. Ric asks if Liz would go to dinner with him while he's in town. He tries to sweet talk her, but before she can answer AJ arrives at the ER for treatment. She immediately calls Michael to tell him about AJ. Nearby, AJ's life hangs in the balance when he starts to crash.

End of show!

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